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Do we have the right to question the way things are done?

Updated on April 28, 2014

We are human beings and as such we have been given intelligence to evaluate our surroundings and the way things are done and possibly the way we have done things now and in the past. It is a characteristic of human nature but it is a right that is slowly being jeopardized and in some places this right does not even exist.

In our country individuals and organizations raise questions about the actions of others even the actions or inactions of government decisions across the board especially federal and state governments. Criticisms of government decisions are looked upon as being against individuals rather than policies. This right is a matter of our freedom. Ronald Reagan stated this principle in the words shown below:

“Freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things.”

Many times as individuals and as part of organizations we see things that are being done or decisions that have been made which that conflict with the principles embodied in our Constitution. Organizations who want to succeed will look for individuals who can bring new ideas or techniques to improve their organization, products or service. Without being open to innovative ideas companies would become stagnant and possibly would cease to exist.

In relation to government actions, inactions or decisions our right to question is being attacked not only from the government but also the media. Ideas are sometimes unpopular or are ahead of their time. There is a familiar phrase which is often stated such as if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It is a phrase sometimes remarked by individuals who do not like change and like the way things have been. Change is part of life and individuals need to understand and accept change or they will be lost in the past.

Freedom to question situations and actions is a characteristic of human nature and this characteristic is one aspect no one can change. You cannot regulate human nature especially the freedom we cherish to question the actions of others and sometimes governments. The reaction to individuals asking hard questions is sometimes frowned upon or even ignored but the questions will keep coming until we get the answers we deserve.

Political leaders often get questioned by reporters about decisions they have made or the scandals in which they are involved. Individuals in the public eye need to accept the fact their actions and decisions will always be questioned by someone and sometimes that someone will be somebody they may not necessarily like.

The media or at least some of the media utilize this freedom and ask questions of industry leaders, political leaders and anyone who is serving in a capacity to represent the people. Sometimes individuals are appointed or hired but they are not immune to questions by reporters or the public on decisions made either by the laws generated or the regulations/rules to support them.

Questioning politicians on the way they have done things as our elected official is voiced through our election process. Politicians who cannot explain their actions to those they represent will see the response from voters come election time. Our votes are the ultimate response to our opinion of our elected official’s actions/decisions. If we like the actions and decisions our elected officials have made then we need to support them in their reelection bid. There are many fine elected officials who are making and have made the right decisions for our country and state we just need more of them. Many questions are often asked which are either ignored or responded to in such a way as to not answer the question presented. We need to hold our elected officials accountable for the decisions and actions they have made/taken. Sometimes voter response has seen a shift in the political party in charge of one or both of the legislative branches not only at the federal government level but also the state.

We as voters all have a responsibility to inform our elected officials how we feel about their actions. As voters in the United States make their decisions in the primaries and in the general election they need to voice their opinion through their votes about the path their government has been taking both at the state and federal level. We can make a difference but only if we exercise our right to vote.


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