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Do you believe that Obama has so far carelessly spent our tax money?

Updated on March 18, 2012
 Barack Obama is welcomed by President George W. Bush
Barack Obama is welcomed by President George W. Bush

This administration did not create this six foot hole that we're now in.

How do you climb up from a six foot hole?

Well, you tell your friends who are above ground to pass down to you a few rocks and sands to fill the hole until it reaches ground level. Lately many of us have been complaining that this administration spent so much money that it makes George W. Bush looks like Bill Gates. Meanwhile, we have forgotten that it was Bush administration that dug the six foot hole that President Obama has finds himself in.

We are quick to judge him without considering that it took Bush eight years to dig that hole. And now some of us expect president Obama to fill it up in just a few years. Those who have such expectation are not only unrealistic about the state of the economy, but also hope that Obama fails.

If the sands and rocks that were dug out under the Bush administration had been laid above ground, it would have been very easy for the Obama’s administration to fill it back without having to borrow or asking FR to print money. But I regret to say that was not the situation that they were left with. Under the Bush administration, they were many occurrences that had contributed to capital flights.

Which mean our tax monies were used in countries that were way beyond our borders. Monies that we would never see again, so whether or not it was for a good cause is not important right now, what’s important to know is that we were left in a hole that must be refill before we can begin to see progress.

We should reflect back on some key issues before placing judgment on any administration. For example, according to the Iraq war cost us $662,847 billion in counting. And other site like the has a more in dept detail on the Iraq war spending. Then we had the Gulf war which cost the US $15 billion dollar said Plus we had the Katrina which cost us $ 2.5 billion. Then we had the Afghanistan war which according to timesonline cost us $3 trillion dollars.

It is possible that some of us may be able to dispute that the total cost of all these events are not accurate, but no one can dispute that the total cost of all these events didn’t pay for the six foot hole that president Obama has found himself in. As a matter of fact, if someone were to tally all this up they can definitely see how the six foot hole may had been created.

Executive order closing the Guantánamo Bay prison.
Executive order closing the Guantánamo Bay prison.

We should not fart higher than our noses can smell.

If we’re going to criticize this administration for borrowing money from China or for having the FR print money, we can’t do that without providing them with an alternative. Criticism are valid only when an alternative is available. To criticize people's task without suggesting to them how they could have done their job differently makes our criticism less credible.

What else could this administration have done to stimulate the economy without having to print or borrow money from China? How much money was left in the US treasury if they were any left at all? How could they have done all that they’re doing without having the FED print money?

These are the questions that we must answer before criticizing. Those who have the capability to answer these questions, and inform this administration on a different path that is better than the one they have chosen, than whoever that one is has the right to criticize the administration.

They are major differences between this administration and the previous one. That is to say, the sands and rocks that are being used to fill this six foot hole, most of which are not being used to fund wars. Unlike the previous administration, most of our money was spent in wars and foreign aid to countries that did not quiet benefit from it.

With this administration, at least our money plus what was borrowed and printed are being re-invested right here in America. If you look at the transparency board on Obama’s site, it is all there, visible for our eye to see. This administration has so far used our money to stimulate the economy through careful spending that is carefully monitored. This practice can help maintained better spending habit, and jobs that cannot be outsourced.

We should be realistic about the state of the economy. Critic only when criticism is necessary, we can’t expect huge progress until we’re above ground level. As of now, we are still trying to fill in that six foot hole that we have found ourselves in. So for us to say that president Obama is spending carelessly would be a false accusation.

He has only been in office for 100 days and so far the economy has showed sign of improvement. We should applaud him for what he has done, and criticize him only when he can be held fully accountable for actions that have nothing to do with the previous administration.

We should not fart higher than our noses can smell, because apparently we’re not in any position to do that. We can’t continue to fight wars when our citizens are left jobless. When we do that, we're farting higher than our noses can smell. It shows that we don’t have our priority straight. We should try as soon as possible to end that war in Iraq, and pass responsibility to the Iraqi government while focusing our attention on domestic energy needs that we can depend on.

World Police
World Police

We’re not the police of the world.

May be it is time that the American government can realize that we’re not the police of the world. We can’t continue goring around dictating what must be in other countries. It is not in our interest to do that, because every time we do, we lose money that we don’t have. However, when its involved human rights violation, it's necessary, or self defense against foreign countries - like the 9/11 attack provoked by the Al – Qaeda group. Otherwise, we have no reason to engage ourselves in issues that doesn’t concern us.

Some would argue that the Iraq war had to do with our dependency on oil. If that’s the case, we urgently must lessen our addiction to oil. Thus, an alternative to oil is exactly what we need to redirect our interest to serve what makes our country works. Spending money in Iraq to help protect oil reservoirs does not contributes to our economy if we must buy this oil while spending to protect it. It seems as though we losing at both ends, no matter how one looks at it we lose out through capital flight. This cannot be smart governing, we need a change, a change that required us to get our energy source right here in our country. That way, we don’t lose money through capital flight. The less money we lose through capital flight the less we have to worry about Federal Reserve printing money.


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    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 4 years ago from usa

      Coolbreezing 3

      Round 1 new taxes, round 2 spending cuts, all deficit neutral? Obama broken promises. President lied? PAY-GO LAW All told, the fiscal cliff law designed, $600 billion tax on the rich, to reduce the deficit, added $74 billion in spending through changes in the tax law.

      Congress just added $70 billion worth of new loopholes.

      The House passed their 2012 budget in Feb as require by House rules.

      Where are the jobs? Check this site.

      AP, US Government deficits 2013

      Breaking down the budget by agency(truth)

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 5 years ago from usa

      Coolbreezing 3

      Today,12/06/12, the 2012 elections are over and the people voted for President Obama. Sounds increditable since Obama has the worst economic record in the history of the US. After 4 years of his leadership the country is facing a '' fiscal cliff'' and a depression if Congress ( the Senate and the HOUSE ) don't act before Jan. 02, 2013.Today, after threatening the Republicans to bow down to his demands, Obama's spokesman said that the President approves the country going off the cliff. If the President wants to increase REVENUE, LET’S GET THE 23 MILLION BACK TO WORK. Jobs jobs, when will they come?

      Check these links , maybe it will help to get by the propaganda of the Obama administration and the media.

      1. COBURN REPORT 9 million ways to balance the budget CUT WASTE


      3. 2/13/10 The President lied?

      4. Ryan and Van Hollen Debate Medicare Proposals 6/3/11 '' THE TRUTH ''




      There are at least 24 new taxes


      9.March 23, 2010 President Barack Obama is applauded after signing the health care bill


      Renewable energy money still going abroad, despite criticism from Congress

      THERE IS MORE . to be continued. Contact your Federal Representatives in Washington and try to get the stimulus money to work for Americans. The President is out sourcing , why hasn’t the media reported?

    • weholdthesetruths profile image

      weholdthesetruths 7 years ago from Western Flyover Country

      The situation we have is not "Bush's fault". Bush had nothing, really, to do with it. This is a result of GENERATIONS of mis-education, political indoctrinations, and an educational system that teaches leftist political dogma, rather than reality. The cost of our federal and state government today, is not much different than the cost of winning WWII. It consumes as much of what we produce now, as the world war did back then.

      If you add together the Federal and state debts, the promised entitlements (not including the former Obamacare law, thank God it's gone, struck down in court), the spending of our state and federal governments on "normal" stuff, and add it all together for the next 40 years, and you then add up ALL of the paychecks for EVERY WORKING PERSON in the US the two amounts are about equal. CONGRESS AND THE STATES have already spent EVERY DOLLAR EVERYONE OF EVERYONE'S PAYCHECKS FOR THE NEXT 40 YEARS. Unless you live your life by believing in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Clause, you realize that there's absolutely NO WAY this is going to continue.

      We abandoned the Constitution in the 30's, to satisfy the political empire building aspirations of FDR. Then, the voters accepted the preposterous insanity of "We can fix poverty, if we just spend a few billion", and then it just kept on going downhill. Labor unions sold the workers on the idea that companies will be endlessly profitable and you can get raises every years and massive retirement benefits, paid for by future workers. When that didn't work out, they're now organizing government employees to do the same wonderful blackmail of the taxpayers, expecting to have unlimited future wealth, bellieving the taxpayers will never revolt.

      The voters and public at large accepted endless numbers of purely insane ideas, that no rational person would ever hang his hat on, because the benefits sounded great, and it was always "someone else" (the rich) who were going to pay the bill. And then they sold the voters on the idea that no risk was ever acceptable, and that you needed to be defended from such horrendous miscarriages of justice like getting burned because the coffee at McDonald's was too hot, and you are too stupid to know it, thus, you must have the government control coffee temperatures for you.

      All the while, the same people who told you all this stuff, have basically all but destroyed our industrial base, our currency, and our future. And, they're telling us, that we must do MUCH MUCH more of what they want, or calamity will happen.

      These same people are the ones telling you it's Bush's fault for Obama's decisions. It's Reagan and Bush's fault for the economic situation. And that Sarah Palin, who would never fall for any of thier immense stupidity, is too dumb to be president.

      AT this moment, about 15 local farmers, mechanics, plumbers, loggers, nurses and a couple teachers thrown in for the entertainment, would have a quality of intellectual acumen that would outperform every congressman and pundit in the Beltway combined, by a factor of a mere trillion or two to one.

      If we had just had all our major decisions made by a monkey throwing darts, our nation would be better off by factors almost incalculable.

      If you're blaming Bush, claiming Palin's too dumb to be president, and believe the Tea Party is just racists... Then you STILL are the problem, and nothign can be fixed until you wake up, or are marginalized. Reality and truth is so far from you, that I doubt you can even grasp it. Welcome to the twilight zone.

    • profile image

      panther 7 years ago

      why do you want peoples opinionit is never worth a darn any waywe are screwed any way we turn what does the goverment care about the lower class people any way as long as they get rich an we get poorerwe could die for all the rich care show me one that truely care,s

    • D_D_Brown profile image

      Daniel Brown 7 years ago from Evansville

      Trickle down economics seldom if ever works. The upper class gets richer and the middle to lower classes have to rely on more public aid. Give me 750 billion dollars and see how I can spend it.

    • profile image

      Smilin Jack 7 years ago

      As long as you keep blaming Bush, people are not going to believe what you say...give it's game over.

    • profile image

      Trucker 8 years ago

      I find it quite funny how they keep coming back to blaming Bush for the economies problems when in fact under Bush our economy had been the best it's been in over 40 year's, unemployment was at it's highest since the 80's and it's truly amazing how they forget how everything started to tank when the dempcrat's took over both the house and senate in the last 2 year's of the Bush administration, meanwhile along come's this Messiah they call Obama he speak's softly, intelligently and genuine telling everyone he's going to be different, he's the one who will turn everything around and the way he is going to do it is to spend trillion's to get our economy up and running again meanwhile it's been almost 11 month's and unemployment is at an all time high, he has outspent every president this nation has ever had and what have we got to show for all the spending? Nothing but more debt so much debt that our children's children and beyond will be paying for it, He alighn's himself with the worst of the worst, tax cheat's, socialist and racist revrend's, He took million's from AIG, He took hundred's of thousands from unions and he's taken million's from other not so favorable sources during his campaign, So I guess my question to all his faithful out there how is that hope and change working for you anyway? Well get ready because it can only get worse from here and if you dont think that's possible just take a look at how he's falling in the poll's lately, not doing very well, hopefully the people of this country will vote Obama and all the rest of these socialist democrat's and some republican's out of office because American's and our country cant survive two term's from this administration.

    • profile image

      Dve 8 years ago

      If you think about it? If they would have gave evey one in the United Sates $15,000 each! This wold have paid off everyones debt on the average! Everyone in the US on average was $10,000 in debt from this with credit cards etc... This would have paid off those debts and left $5,000 to spend on the average for each person! yet Obama has borrowed 7 trillion! And only created 150,000 jobs withit? WTF! And the money is almost gone! Thats facts my brothers! facts! Its has dont nothing but about crash this country! Now where did all that moeny go? He should have been able to create over 3 million jobs with that money! and he is still going at his out rageous spending on the tax payers expense! He is the worst president this country has ever seen! He has put each person in the US in tens of thousands of dollars more in debt! Adn a risk of China calling in there note on us! face it! I actually think we have been sold out by these crooks in office! If not, then where is all the money? They should be held accountable for every cent! We are being stolen from or we have the stupidest people on earth running this country! Either way he needs to be removed from office before he causes more harm to the USA before it becomes the US Obama Nation!

    • profile image

      Dave 8 years ago

      Do you all realize how much money was borrowed? How much that would give each person in the US? My god! Obama has put this country in 6 times the amount of debt in 6 months than all presidents combined! who in the hell trys to spend there way out of debt? If he would have gave each person in the us a part of that money equaly then it may have got most people ut of the debt they were in to start spending again! Now you above said it matters of how many were at these tea parties? Well most people dont have the money to get down the street let alone over 100 miles in gas to waiste on the average! Think of the hundereds of thousands in every city that didnt have the day of, time or money to make it there? The fact is there are millions of people pissed of at Obama while the media keeps people busy with the Obama date nights! they never publish how many in these forums and places like Yahoo Buzz that are fed up and ready for civil war to over throw the government. yet you hear about Obama walking on water by the press or he is s rock star status? please! We the people have been robbed! Literaly! He has about destroyed this country in 6 months!7 trillion dollars and going! Fast! We are doomed with this president if he is not stopped!

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 8 years ago from New York, New York

      If you’re addressing this to me “saying that Obama has been president and therefore he has fixed the economy is false logic”, you would be wrong, because they is no way an hell you’ll caught me saying something senseless and unreasonable as what you have stated above. Times and times again I’ve demonstrated how the economy could improve through economic strategies that can work. All you’ll have to do, is read my articles. I suppose you must have addressed this statement to someone else, but not me.

    • profile image

      Darrin 8 years ago

      Since when is a website URL named "z facts" or "" considered a ligitimate source for information? and besides how is spending hundreds of billiions of dollars to save business that would otherwise fail a good investment of money? Why should the public have to pay with the forgone investment of that money into something more worthwhile like education? In addition, the economy works in cycles (you can look up econ 101 for the source), so its natural that it will start to improve once investors and consumers become more confident in the economic stability...saying that obama has been president and therefore he has fixed the economy is false logic (logic 101?). But its ok...i'm sure you voted for him and you therefore think obama is the best thing this country has ever seen...

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 8 years ago from New York, New York

      I'm not sure you right on that bud - Now if you want to talk about light, you need to tune in to WBAI - 99.5 FM. Where people comes to be educated - real news - no advertisements - which mean no string attach - they tell it like it is. The real deal and they've been throwing down for years.

    • marinealways24 profile image

      marinealways24 8 years ago

      MSNBC and CNN are close to the same. If you want the entire view, watch FNC, you will "see the light".

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 8 years ago from New York, New York

      Where are you heading with this preliminary mindset? Blacks, whites, greens at tea parties, who cares. All that matters are the numbers. If the tea party cannot gather a million people, their voice doesn’t mean much.

      I know people are upset because of this lasting recession. Money is hard to come by – I for one have been hurt by this recession. But you won’t find me blaming it on this current administration that has not yet a year in office. Tax cut for the rich - they make enough - they shouldn’t be that greedy, it’s time that they learn how to share.

      And let’s get one thing straight – I do not watch MSNBC – not that there's anything wrong with them but my cup of tea is CNN. I prefer them for my own personal reason – if it wasn’t for their commercial, you could have mistaken them with WBAI – well, they not that close but compare with other networks they close enough.

    • marinealways24 profile image

      marinealways24 8 years ago

      I do appreciate your honesty. It was not only "white" people at those tea parties. This is what you hear on MSNBC. "Black" people were also at the tea parties, people are tired of giving their paychecks in taxes. Do you not understand why people are mad? We just borrowed "trillions" of dollars, we got a "$13" a week tax cut. Is this not ridiculous? Thank You.

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 8 years ago from New York, New York

      Ok point taking - you right I didn't bather to read it. I looked it over and you right it was 800 separate tea parties - so it says. But 800 separate tea party or not - what matters is how many people were at this protest.  And from me looking at the pictures and video on that site, it didn't look much to me - so I didn't bather-  If you don't have the numbers so what different does it make.  I guest you can give me some tea now. 

    • marinealways24 profile image

      marinealways24 8 years ago

      Ok, I give up, I believe there can be something learned from everyone. In saying that, I have learned that you are an idiot. It was not 800 people idiot, it was 800 seperate tea parties. You are a follower mind, follower minds do not understand logic or reason. I guarantee you didn't read the links I posted. You refuse information in your true stupidity. How can you argue anything in which you do not research.

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 8 years ago from New York, New York

      Veritas, common my friend – you know better than that. What could he have done as a senator that is above his scale without the help of his senate members? You can’t include the time he was in the senate with his position as a commander in chief.  He was not part of the team that plays the game. He was sitting on the bench watching the game. He had no power to intervene, the only power he had was to call out the bad players. Now he is no longer a bench player.

      He is now the Capitan of his team, him and his team decides how the game should be played.  He now has more power to make a different than when he was a senator. And as you can see, he recently announced that he will close the loop hole that currently exists within the system.  A loop hole if close would decrease capital flight, bringing more money back into the economy.  They say action speaks louder than word – and so far the president has done nothing but acting appropriately to make economic decision that works best for the country.  No one is saying that he hasn’t make any mistake but at least they have not been in vain.   


      Marine are you telling me that you consider a group of 800 tea bag members a real opposition?  I’m sorry to say my friend but that’s not enough – a real opposition in the millions. However, what our country is on the verge for is real change – yes that right – tea bag represent an opposition to the president politics and that’s good because that’s what real democracy call for.  They are no democracy without opposition and the president welcomes that. 

    • marinealways24 profile image

      marinealways24 8 years ago

      Anyhow, what gives you the idea that Obama didn't bring the country together?

      The information is right in front of you. I wished that he succeeded, but he is not. I believed he would bring the country closer, he has not. Just because you hoped someone would succeed does not mean you have to fail with them. Our country is on the verge of true chaos.

    • profile image

      issues veritas 8 years ago


      Questioning my user name is a tactic. A bad one.

      Nothing that I said needed backing, it is a fact.

      Obama was in the Senate for two years prior to and including the election. The Congress was controlled by the Democrats. It has been six months since he won the election. That is two and a half years, how long do we wait to see something work from him or the Democratic Controlled Congress.

      You need links to this, are you serious?

      It is evident that you are not in the US, so why are you involved?

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 8 years ago from New York, New York

      Hi! Issue veritas supposable your name veritas implies that you speak the truth but unfortunately you did not provide us with any links that support your position. This is not to say that they are no truth in what you're saying but without a quarter back your statement has no backing. But nonetheless, we appreciate your opinion - hopefully you provide us with some links that support your details. I must ask you though, what happen with all that money that the government invested in AIG   -- does the government has a stake in the company or perhaps to your estimation it implies a losing proposition. 

      Hello MARINE - my best friend was a marine now his in the Army. They say you're not a complete soldier until you join the Army is that true? Anyhow, what gives you the idea that Obama didn't bring the country together? If he in fact did do the opposite as you claim than explain to me why is it that his approval rating continued to increase on the pole?

       I will not argue that we can all get alone in this country but I will tell you that we closer than before. Just look at his administration and tell me what you see - you see Blacks, Asian, Whites, disable, Gay and Lesbians. They are all parts of Obama’s administration – and you talking about not bring the country together. If you really know this country than you would understand that no matter how hard you try you can’t never bring some people together. AS a matter of fact some of us wish that he fails.

      Obama did the best he could but we are now faced with global economy - if the world refuses to buy some of our products - they are nothing that the president can do about it.  He has at least changed the way some foreign countries sees us.  That will bring a little comfort to our economy.  If you can say that he fails to think before he speaks, you obviously are making false accusation, than I can say you yourself are not thinking, because while you’re saying that, most are saying the opposite

    • marinealways24 profile image

      marinealways24 8 years ago

      Hello breezing, you have some valid points with a majority being false. I respect your perspective none the less, in that I thank you.

      Obama was supposed to bring our country together, he has done the complete oppisite in just 100 days.

      He has called for $5 billion to be invested in Pakistan recently. This is "our" tax money he is giving to a country in which would not let us deploy troops to fight terrorism.

      He claims to be saving companies, yet the companies he claims to be saving are still going bankrupt.

      He is bailing out companies to have them in government control.

      He has every speech planned and every interview planned. He fails to think when speaking.

      I have hope that he and us succeed, the hope is fastly turning to hype.

    • profile image

      issues veritas 8 years ago

      Your mixing hundreds of billions with trillions.

      With five years for the billions and 6 months for the trillions.

      The first 750 billion of the bailout recovery was with little to no return.

      The AIG with 160 billion and then they give bonuses and then we give them another 30 billion.

      The alternative would have been to put some thought into how the economy collapsed and use some reverse engineering to undo it.

      The same political fools the Congress that got us into to this mess, were supposed to be the brilliant masters to get us out of this mess.


      The other thing that the President and Congress could do is instead increasing the size of government and its monetary burden, they should have made severe and deep cuts, just like they want from the private sector.