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Do you need help to get permission for a stay in the Netherlands?

Updated on September 3, 2017

Help Venezuelans!

As many of you know, terrible things are happening in Venezuela. There are countries that are being destroyed by bombs and violence. There are also countries that are being destroyed by wrong influences like their president.
Just look at Venezuela. For months or years they are confronted with money crisis, food shortage and a high shortage of medication, which means that inhabitants with serious complaints can't be treated.

Residents can't even use food or beverages A lot of Venezuelans have crossed the border to get medication and food. The neighboring countries, Curacao and Brazil, are seen as countries to escape to. Adults, but especially children die as a result of malnutrition.

Venezuelans have been signing up for the asylum seekers center in Spain. This year, there were six more ASZ applications than in 2015.

Venezuelans identify themselves with Spain because the people there also speak Spanish. But there are also residents in the Netherlands thanks to a residence permit.

However, no one pays a lot of attention to this problem. The question we should ask is: What could the Dutch government do to help improve this situation? Since The Netherlands is already involved because of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Here are some tips, that Venezolanen can use, to get permission to stay in the asylum in the Netherlands. You can always ask your friends or family members to help you.

Step 1
You must report to the Vreemdelingenpolitie (Aliens Police) in Ter Apel. Officers of the Aliens Police will record your personal details such as your name, date of birth and nationality.
Be sure that you have all the documents that identificates you and your family (like a pasport or ID card). They need to see everything, even your certificates.

Step 2
You will be tested for a serious disease, called Tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis is a serious disease that is common in many parts of the world, possibly in the country you come from as well. People can infect others, by coughing or sneezing, for instance. For this reason, you will be tested for this illness when you first register.

Step 3
During the registration interview, the IND will also ask you questions about your identity and origin. Be prepared for everything.

Step 4
The Dutch government will provide you with accommodation, meals and medical care from the moment you have registered with the Aliens Police.

Step 5
You can rest from your journey to the Netherlands while you are with your family or your foster family. You can also prepare for the asylum procedure. The staff from the Dutch Council for Refugees at the reception centre will have a conversation with you to explain the asylum procedure and the medical report to you.

Step 6
The nurse will ask you a number of questions during the medical examination. Don't worry about not understanding everything, you are in a another country. An interpreter will be there to translate everything said between you and the nurse.

Step 7
A lawyer will assist you during your asylum procedure. This lawyer works independently with the Dutch government.

Step 8
After you have reported to the Aliens Police, it takes at least three weeks before you have your first interview with the IND. The IND will send the invitation for this first interview to the place where you are staying. And they will let you know of you got permission to stay in the Netherlands

Step 9
If you decide to withdraw your application, it is advisable to first contact IND directly, or your lawyer.

If you come to the Netherlands in an airplane you can report to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee registers your personal details. And they will bring you to the Schiphol Registration Centre. Here you will sign your application for the asylum. And you will hear when and where your asylum procedure starts.

The Costs of the application is for free.
And when you didn't get the permission, you can repeat your application via

You could be staying temporary.
Check for more information at:


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