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Looming Government Shutdown

Updated on January 26, 2012

Now that they are messing with your money, will you pay more attention to the political arena where decisions over your life are made everyday? Enuendo77

When are we going to take control of our destiny, and realize that a government that constantly promotes policies to help achieve privatization of essential government services and jobs, holds no obligation to follow up on promises made to us? They constantly say one thing and do another, and no one blows the whistle ( those that do are scrutinized). They are not any more qualified to run our society than any one else with a brain, we give these people way too much authority over us and our future. Why cannot we see through the smoke and mirrors, and get a glimpse at what we are really dealing with, "corporate imperialist". We are currently facing a fiscal crisis of potentially enormous proportion, "government shutdown" looms upon us as republicans and democrats face off in another distraction battle over deficit policies, planned parent hood, and Obama care.

The issue has became less about the deficit, and more about policies that have nothing to do with funds being spent. As a result of the government shutdown, 800,000 civilian government employees, and military soldiers on the front lines could go without pay (fighting for their country really pays off). National parks and museums are going to be closed down, and are said to take a financial loss of $32.000.000 a day. If you have any plans to take a trip in or out the country you may want to stay put, and people in other countries may be stuck since passport transactions are a government service. Most of the governments employees will be sent on a prolonged furlough, and military will still be expected to conduct activities, both with the chance of non compensation and no plans by the government to reimburse them.

The slave built capital that so many fight and die for.
The slave built capital that so many fight and die for. | Source

The Past Repeating Itself

Under the Clinton administration in December 1995 we suffered a government shutdown that barely stirred an echo amongst the American people. The first one lasted for a week in December and ended in the middle of the month and the second one started at the end of December and went a few weeks into the new year. National parks were shut down and government non essential services halted, it lasted 20 seven days and reaction of the public was unfelt. Much of the same spewed rhetoric is being circulated, euphemisms, blank responses, and finger pointing saturate the media as we are spun in a whirl wind of confusion once again. Are we going to learn from our passed mistakes this time, or are we going to leave it up to our elected puppeteers once again?

Our capability to govern ourselves

We do not need to be obedient to a bunch of bureaucrats on capital hill ready to shut government down over women abortions. We are fully capable of running a more efficient political system, with ordinary people that can splinter off into smaller districts so it can involve more of the population. Democrats and Republicans pointing the finger back and forth is really getting old, especially when they both answer for the same masters (global elite, global banker family's, and clandestine imperialist). First we need to come out of the subordinate mind set and realize that the wealthy puppets, and their masters have no concern for the average citizen or their quality of life. Their only concern is profits, bottom lines, and control over the planet.

Secondly,realize you are expendable to them. Understand that the average person is just a number or statistic to them, and your opinion is no more valued than your vote is. If we could take control of our own political system, and appoint our own local, state, and national officials (instead of an illusion that we do) and committees that come from the common constituents whom they make policies for, the quality of life on this planet would drastically change. We should not have to be told how to act, dress, or live, that should be acculturated in you by your environment.

You're going to start seeing lots of this.
You're going to start seeing lots of this. | Source

Will We Ever Learn

Throughout the last two thousand years people have aloud tyrannical governments to wage war against the masses, steer them towards subordination, and eventually to ultimate destruction of their way of life. The same pattern has emerged time after time. A not so great empire is built, it sustains itself off the exploitation of other nations, it brainwashes the people under the veil of so called"entertainment" to the point of stupification, it relishes in the rhetoric of patriotism. and the dehumanization of foreigners. The empire usually last for a few years,( compared to original kingdoms of Africa and Arabia, contemporary kingdoms put only a dent in time and were influenced by the originals) then they suffer a great fall, do to indulgence and most of their achievements disappear,

It seems as though we will inevitably see our country's collapse due to neglect from its constituents, and a resource draining government. In a poll on January by CNN news, the American public was told to list the top 15 important issues concerning the people this year. Abortions were at the bottom coming in a fourteenth, now the congress and senate are planning to shut down over it. People need to understand that this a very vile distraction, the American people were paying too close attention to international political policies and towards the war being conducted without the peoples clarity on the issue.What better way to get the people back on course than to hit their pockets? Government shutdown. These are the activities of a country preparing to mold with globalization. Let's see if they shutdown in the next couple of weeks.


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