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Do you think the USA Government should Pay for all Children Born under Pro Life Laws?

Updated on October 4, 2015

They Governor a Womb then they Pay for What Comes Out of It

Ho many Pro Life people do you know who are willing to pay for the social, educational and medical programs necessary to sustain quality and quantity of life for those Pro Life Babies??  Government regulates then government owes.
Ho many Pro Life people do you know who are willing to pay for the social, educational and medical programs necessary to sustain quality and quantity of life for those Pro Life Babies?? Government regulates then government owes.

Pro Life

While the government continues to increase pressures on Women and Obstetricians to follow Pro-Life. Laws, the USA assumes financial responsibility for all children born under these laws. They are obligated not only for welfare service but also for healthcare and education to all of these select individuals born under this system of government. And while I can appreciate those tax payers that aren’t willing to share their wealth in the form of redistribution they have to accept that is exactly what is going to happen since they were Pro Life to begin with. As a governing body the USA can’t be Pro Life and have absolutely no social programs, services, or funding to support the babies once they are born. It is the greatest hypocrisy of our time.

George Bush is buying all the liability of Pro Life Policies.

Subsides Pro Life Families Now George!!

And yet no one seems to be able to say to the USA government if you are going to be Pro-Life then you will need to fund all children born to the Pro-Life legislation you have put forward. It is that personal responsibility law makers should take. Perhaps the government should be financially responsible for all families who have to live with Pro Life legislation. And that is where it is at. To be a Pro Life family is to be a family that under normal circumstances would have sought to terminate a pregnancy because of financial hardships but choose not to because of government assurance their family would be financially provided for if they carried the baby to term. And this is regardless of how the child comes out. All of the funding for children seems to go to well babies and not babies who have medical complexities or disabilities. Why would anyone carry a child to term that might have a disability when they and their children will be complete out cast in society even though there is legislation that supports their very existence? I think government needs to have the monetary policies to fund their convictions.

Subsides Now and Look Forward to the Next President.

And we to look forward to our next leader and send a strong message that every child deserves high quality healthcare, education and quality of life. Especially those that the government required the parents to carry under Pro Life Laws. You make them Mr. President and you pay for them. All children born under pro life and their families need to be subsided now. You can change policies in the future but it will not mitigate government’s responsibility to these families for the last deacde or now. A generation of unfunded babies need to be this country's top priority just to maintain it's credibility.


Bush 3.0
Bush 3.0

History of Jeb In Florida

It is interesting to hear Jeb regale his Governor days. It is as if he does not know what living under his tyranny was like??? JEB was completely Pro Life but ripped off every last single dime of social programs, educational funding, (remember No Child Left was piloted in Florida as all horrible programs are) and healthcare to those Pro Life babies many of which were of Hispanic descent.

JEB couldn't create jobs and was so busy sucking up to the corporations, lobbyists and the military industrial complex that he did not have time to actually do what was needed for the State of Florida. He was too busy pushing his brother's conservative Christian Pro Life position down the throats of the women of Florida. And if you had a child with special needs he ignored your child especially if it was a Pro Life baby. JEB has, as every Bush does, acted only in his own best interest and not in those for which he was suppose to serve in public office. He has taken aim at women in particular and Hispanic women even more so.

Now he will be able to drag one or two out of the closet to claim he has helped their children and he has but only their children while their is an ocean of disabled, medically complex children in the state of Florida who have been ignored by Jeb. Those children's families have been destroyed as 85% of families are when there are no social, educational, or medical supports. The Mother's are left to live in poverty and JEB is really happy about that because like his brother and Father, besides Barbra Bush they do not care about women's issues nor for the Pro Life Babies they fight so hard for except to establish themselves as Christian conservatives. Their behavior is not conservative nor is it Christian. By ignoring this population they are spending a tremendous amount of money in damning them to live in residential homes instead of including them in society.

JEB running for president is not about, you, me or those Pro Life Babies but about him, his wallet and his legacy. But he can't run on his successes in Florida because he did not have any and he left a social disaster putting his family's needs before yours. That is not even going into what he has done to women.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me...fool me a third time and I am just an idiot. I think everyone already knows and this is unnecessary to point out but this was a hub written back in 2011 that had a broken link. Standards have changed so I updated it a little bit. I really do not need to do much. People understand about the Bush Family and the Clinton Family!!!


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Women in the state of Florida have been forced to carry fetus and required to take medication which they woldn't have if there had not been state interference. In those cases I believe the state to be liable.

      FDA regulates Drugs and Food and there is obviously a problem with autism growing completely out of control. Governemnt controls and funds FDA or therefore the lack of...government liabiltiy. You can't be governemnt without assuimg the responsibility especially when it comes to situation where the govrnment is making decisions reagrding families and children. Government is finacially responsible for every single law they implement and the consequences there of for all the people. FDA gives pharmacuetical companies premission to sell the drugs that harm fetuses. Look at how many medicatios have been legal only to have t be pulled off the mark because they are actually harmful to people. Government is the regulator agency they are responsible.

      And we can learn from failing studies but we need leadership that acknowledges that. We can't all all successful studies it doesn't exist. By nature studies are studies and therefore they do fail the majority of the time.

      We need better stewards of the people in Washington, DC.

      Sadly I don't think will happen.

      Happy 4th.


    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      7 years ago

      First, no women have been forced to carry children while being required to take medication that harm fetus in the state of Florida and Florida bares all of those finacial responsibilities.

      Second, I doubt any parent wants their baby to be born with special needs and I can't imagine any parent having children just to get the government to pay for them. Parenting is a really hard job.

      Third, the money was stolen from the disabled children before 9/11 so we can't blame any terrorists for that. These policies were made ot discriminate against disabled children BEFORE 9/11 back in 1999. No Child Left Behind was authored well before 9/11 and that rests solely on the Bush adminsitrations shoulders.

      Fourth, I can imagine why a prfessor would be working for the governemnt claiming to be mentally ill and taking Lithium that isn't actually mentally ill and bi polar?

      Fifth, I didn't say the Bushes intentionally had peopel testify to Congress but it wouldn't surprise me at all. If they didn't know they were having a certifibly mentally ill person running grants for millions and millions of dollars defraud tax payers than they should have. It was a disability she calimed. Itw as part of her life story of how she was menatlly ill and then reading cured her menatl illness and reading doesn't cure mental illness!!!

      Yes, we have educably mental handicapped fighting in our wars. It is really sad for me to report this but they have been placed in combat roles. Educably mentally handicapped means they have an IQ less than 75 points and it is going on. Just as we have criminals serving in the military. I didn't say everyone was Forrest Gump, I said soem fo our military is educably menatl handicapped other wse formerly known as menatlly retarded. Forrest Gump is a happy brilliant side of mental retardation. Some of our educably menatl handicap are no where near functioning to the level of Forrest Gump because they are schooled in segreated classrooms in which they are only contained. Forrest Gump is you remember read and went to college. If only we had Forrest Gump in the Military.

      Elitest in Washington only seek to control everyone else and each other and not themselves.

      President Bush was big on higher mentally ill people. To the point I believe his menatl health was called into question by Nancy Pelosi and I believe she won that argument adn hence she was given the Speaker of the House job and the jet.

      Really it is ture check the No Child Left Behind Law. Check to see if one it disciriminates against funding for the more severely disabled children which intentionally leaves children behind and then check to see if it was ever funded and the answer is no. They oculdn't fund it because the data behind it was corrupt and it was discriminatory.

      I will not go so far as to say the Bushes highered a mentally ill woman to fake science to fulfill thier agenda. I will just go so far to say they had a mentally ill woman wasting millions and millins of dollars on research for No Child Left Behind that lied to Congress and made false statements abot the validity of the program and it was the Bushes responsibiltiy to only higher people who were capable fo doing the required research and resulting out the studies properly. They should have been better stweards of the people's monies or your tax dollars and highed more competent people. The failure to higher competent people resulst in billions and billions of wasteful research each year. And the result is it weakens our country.

      We can learn from studies that fail. ou just have to have leaders who are bright enough to understand that.

      All My Best,


    • profile image


      7 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      Wow, a lot of food for thought. The case you brought up concerning the Bi-polar mother is horrifying yet it is also rather extreme.

      Sadly some pregnant mothers have tragically harmed themselves or their other children do to the stress and being Bipolar. I feel the drug company bears the responsibility of the childs care.

      Also, if a child is born with special needs the parents could claim that the Government should pay since the Pro-life legeslation forced them to have the child. Even though the parents might have really wanted the baby and are trying to get the government to pay for it.

      If all the money went to the war than Alquata is to blame. Our government cannot allow terroists to bomb our cities and kill civilians.

      Are you sure the professor was mentally ill? Maybe he was just an idiot. And are you sure the bushes knew this? Do you honestly believe president bush seeks out mental cases to justify his policies?!

      I find it interesting your idea that our military is filled with retarded people. So every foot soldier is Forrest Gump?

      Anyway I do agree that the government is too intrusive. The problem is both parties are filled with arrogent people, many of whom have never worked for a living and have no idea how the majority of the people they are suppost to represent really live. Nor do they care.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for the questions. They are good ones. The pro life agenda use to be just a prof life agenda with education before women got pregnant but once woman were pregnant the decisions were between her obsterician and herself. In Florida which Jeb was governor long before Goerge was president pro life wasn't just an agenda it was legislated. Woman were forced to carry children regardless of the outcome to their health and to that of the child.

      Let me give you an example. A woman who was married and was bi polar was forced to take her lithium or her first child would be taken from her while she was pregnant with her second child. No one figured out until after her first trimester the damage that the lithium (a heavy metal ) would do to her fetus. Upon finding out it was recommedn she go to Kansas at 22 weeks for an abortion but the state refeused to pay for it because it was pr life. She had a c-section as it was too dangerous to her and her baby to deliver and her child was born without the bak of her head, blind and horribly disabled. Now tell me the state isn't responsible for for 1) Forcing the woamn to take medication that was harmful to her baby. 2) Putting pro life agenda ahead of fetal care and women's health 3) failed to provide the social services necessary for the woman to carry the baby safely to term without destorying the family 4) Liable for every single cost of that baby since the parent would have never taken the medication while pregnant to begin with.

      Politicans in Florida have interrupted the relationship between Obsetricians and women for far too long.

      No not every child is born under pro life legislation. Only those that pregnancies would hve been otherwised terminated but the state insisted those women carried the babies to term and made partial birth abortion illegal.

      Yes, I did the research on No Child Left Behind and i still have all the data and it was never funded. All the mney that was suppose to go to education actually went for war. And by the way, No Child Left Behind not only lacked the science to be a valid argument but was author by a professor who was menatlly ill and lied to congress and the Bushes knew. Bushes favorite trick is to hve certifiably insane people testify to Congress about fake programs so they ca re-route monies. And No Child Left Behind specifically left disabled children behind, specifically. ad those are the same disabled people who are fighting wars in the middle east and Africa. Reatard peopl who joined the military without the benefit of an education to fight for a country that disregards them.

      Think about how intrusive both parties have been into private lives and the fall from that needs to be owned by the government.

      Thnk about it. I wouldn't have made this argumnet lightly. I am open to your opinions. I have allowed all kinds of comments on my Hubs. I only censor in severe cases.

      All My Best,


    • profile image


      7 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I am confused. You seem to be saying if the Government sides with the pro-life adjenda than the govn bears the responsibility of taking care of those pro-life babies.

      #1, Isn't it the responsability of the government to look after the welfare of all its citisens. Idealy that is the governments job.

      #2, isn't every child born a pro-life baby?

      #3, As far as education goes, remember President Bush's No Child Left Behind program? It was in all the papers and on every news channel.

      An interesting hub, I need to think it over some and form my own opinion.

    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      7 years ago

      The case lies in the legal definitions and the leaglity of government interference into pro-life and pro-choice. For the government to force an agenda one way is to assume liability. Any time the government legislates the lives of private citizens they assume the liabilty.

      Thanks for having the courage to respond. Not many people have responded but it is a well read article.

      I'm checking our stuff out too today. You wrtie well and I value your opinion.

      Thank you.


    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      You make a strong case that few could successfully argue against. Well done.

    • profile image 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      You are right .


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