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Adulthood, finances and the economy

Updated on March 31, 2013

Just Turned 18 - Girl expresses her new found Adulthood

Social Orders of the Day!

This is displayed by most societies having to develop some sort of pecking order or caste system where specific gender roles made the difference in the past.

This also included some religious conformity's, national origins, and a great deal of race issues many people were forced to deal with as differing groups of people tended to blend over time.

The obvious differences in people appeared to be the reasons behind many of the classifications that followed these caste systems that developed.

Adulthood remained the key element behind the passing on of these rights of responsibilities, and became eventual reason for establishment of governing powers outside of the family controls.

Adulthood definitely takes a toll on people today

Becoming an adult today can actually be a very difficult task, and notice I stated task. Many years ago adulthood came with a host of well known responsibilities, that were all based on real world experiences.

Today these responsibilities have somewhat been altered in it's level of intensity, and direction of what's expected of an average adult living in a civilized social environment.

These responsibilities dealt with the fact that adulthood is something not to be taken lightly in any way, shape, or form. This is mostly true because becoming an adult entails the fact that many major factors of decision making is tied into the fabric of all civilized societies.

Many lives have been interwoven into situational complexities that involve outside forces, such as schooling, laws, government, church, and regulations that define the rules of a given system people have grown to depend on.

In the ancient times this was also true, which is where all formalities we know of today have derived from including customs, morals, traditions of culture. Many societies were regulated by defining factors, and the most important being the positional authority factor that played a dominant role in power & control amongst a great deal of civilizations.

Ben Franklin's Stress & Strains


Financial Strain - Hardships

Today the dealing of finances can become very complex of an issue if not dealt with in a very responsible manner.

The true reason for such a difficult task of finance having a drastic effect on people today is a matter that deals with how money is attained, and how it gets spent.

In order to address this dilemma of sorts, a person needs to take a look at the trends of where money is being steered towards, and I mean the vast majority of a societies economic structure.

For instance today the majority of money that's being spent is currently being transacted on the web or internet, due to the fact of accessibility.

A huge amount of the global economic structure has shifted towards the usage of advanced forms of technology, computers, mobile technologies, and experimental instrumentation's such as robotics for all purposes.

This has definitely changed the factor in how people are going to transact currency overall, making for a quicker way to spend it all, especially the fact that many forms of spending is being done on borrowed money such as credit cards, mortgages, loans & a host of many other forms of money lending.

Don't get pressure cooked


Status is a Social Pressure Cooker of sorts

Attaining status in life has always been considered a high achievement in many people's travels and experiences as a whole in their lives. When I mention the word status, I mean a particular position in life where many people have either felt a sort of high level attained or an imagined role that people have aimed high to achieve. Becoming a certain status conscious character of society in the midst of a climate that extends an exuberant level of super high visually effective looks, or appeal has a way of making status have importance to many.

There are many social pressures that the average person may be subjected too or be forced to experience daily dealing with being themselves or others being status conscious. People in general seem to be somewhat worried about what position they're currently in no matter where they stand in their lives. As for becoming an adult, this is something that many young people are definitely aware of more then any other moment in their active or passive lives. Looking into one's future ahead to see if the present experience has any sort of resemblance of what's expected of oneself in terms of goals attained or status achieved builds added pressures.

The affects that magazines, movies, media, radio, television, and now the internet have had on the human psyche are astonishing when it comes to people reaching further for status they desire to possess. Hollywood is a good starting point to speak on as an example as status being the focal point of it's existence. Fame & fortune is the key element behind a place like Hollywood, where all the actors, actresses, have all received their levels of high scale positioning in society.

Realistic economic pressure's today leaves homes broken


Do we have to much convenience?

The unfortunate reality that exists is that people today are stuck in a vicious cycle that has been perpetuated by their own self determination to have more convenience, and less responsibilities.

This hasn't been all due to themselves alone, but has been a sort of trend that has occurred due to the advances in technologies, just look at the fact that many people don't even have to walk anywhere if they choose not to.

We have vehicles that take us literally anywhere we like to go, so this convenience has made many of us somewhat dependent on it all, the things we gain in mechanical advances posses a slight disadvantage to us all.

The Broken Families

Many families today have suffered tremendously due to the difficult down turns of the economy, but even before that has occurred. Many youth have been caught up in the single parent world wind sort to speak, where many families have been literally torn apart before they got the chance to even begin.

Single parent homes have been a huge trend that has been an end result of many youth of today making unwise decisions, leading them to poor relations with the opposite sex. Now there's no need to hide the truth about what's been going on socially, or economically all around the globe, because the facts are everywhere that families are struggling. The truth to it all is it takes a great deal of money & responsible decisive moves to deal with adult decisions and their consequences today.

How a person handles themselves when attempting to start a family or when trying to hold one together is what matter's most now, but things have grown increasingly harder with the unemployment rate climbing to an all time high. This additional pressure has been preventing many families from even fulfilling some of the basic requirements, like housing, clothing, provisions for food & drink, forget about the payment of utility bills. These truths are even more prevalent amongst those who live in the major cities, or townships existing in the United States of America, where people have always dreamed to have a house with a white picked fence, but can't manage to make it a reality or maintain the reality they had.

Did You Know?

Does Technology have a hold on us all? I Wonder

Great books

Dis-advantages of Modern Technology

Most of us have lost the true inner strength of our natural leg's, in my humble opinion to be a strong adult definitely requires a strong stance, meaning your legs should be strong enough, to hold you up for more than 2 hours at a time, in a rigid position.

This is not something to be taken lightly, standing for long periods of time, walking, or running is a huge part of adult life. Many people simply have the slightest clue as to what they're missing these days with all the advanced forms of technology floating around us all.

Many people have grown so out of shape that they can barely walk the length of one city block. From becoming over weight to getting morbidly obeast for adults and children today. Many people are in deep trouble these days, this also includes eating all the wrong food's besides the technology that people have been addicted too.

This is not to say that all technology has a disadvantage to people, but if the user of such technology doesn't understand some basic principles of it's misuse and abuse they will suffer some sort of loss associated with this form of ignorance. Adulthood today requires a vast in depth knowledge and understanding of the many uses of things that are man made and naturally occurring in nature, this also requires a delicate balance, which is mostly over looked even by the most advanced scientific, and mathematical minds of this century.

Be on the look out

If you fall into this category of a life issue, you should think about getting into an activity or work out program that can help counter act the effects of not exercising at all. Walking, jogging, stretching, dancing, playing sports, keeping yourself in motion, and working in a busy environment that requires physical activity & or leg movement can help.

Do some research to discover the truth behind what you are actually eating these days, don't just go to the convenience store and buy food to eat, or go to the fast food restaurants, because little do you know many people are contracting cancer and many other ailments related to eating processed foods.

Look at the Food labels, if the label has a laundry list of chemicals you cannot pronounce you know the chances are it's a slow killer, that will have your organs inflamed over time.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease- or gastric reflux disease has become a norm for many people today, and is also another proof of this growing epidemic.

Health Conditions - Watch your Stomach

Health is the number one factor that is very difficult for people to manage these days, especially adults who have experienced a great deal more in life. Major diseases due to poor nutrition, abusive habits, and lack of exercise have lead many young and old adults to a disastrous condition.

Eating the wrong foods is definitely one of the causes to poor nutrition, and many people have the slightest clue as to whats healthy to eat, and what's not. I myself was victim of a bad nutritional plan until I met my partner who knew of a better alternative to eating inorganic genetically modified products & those poisoned with pesticides or herbicides.

Today I eat about 80% organic foods, which has lead to my health improving overall, and many adults like me still lack the knowledge of the damage or consuming processed foods is having on them.

Exercise is the next big thing that needs to be stressed, because far to many people who have reached adulthood, usually do as an over weight youth. This makes it terribly hard for the person to even develop a normally active adult life, and put's them in the threat condition health wise of heart disease, and other health risks associated with poor exercise.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      At the time when I wrote this life was definitely tough for everyone, as it still is today. I just figured why not express all the difficulties in one hub for us adults in today's world.

      Contrast and comparison from the historical times was a little twist to it I threw in, but it surely was a tough hub for me to write.

      Thanks Rahul for paying it forward yet another time, man your intense bro, I owe you some visits too, see you soon

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 

      6 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      Its difficult accomplishing victory over all the problems mentioned here!

      A great hub and brilliant insight on the ascent of Adulthood and the consequences that follow!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Marie for the much needed feedback, hopefully other people can see this reality as well, it is getting harder & harder to handle adult life & situations these days, due too much added pressure from outside sources.

    • mariefontaine profile image


      6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I've been saying for about the past 20 years that being a responsible adult really sucks...(in those exact words)... and I still say it...quite often... listing just about everything you've detailed here... especially money... I freakin' HATE money.


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