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Does Freedom of the Press Still Exist?

Updated on July 9, 2011

The Hatred of Competition in the Media

The question on the original title is of course redundant. Anyone who's been awake the past ten years will realize that the traditional press and TV media is under complete control of corporate interests and is ruled from a narrow perspective, by the wishes of the world's wealthiest men. If freedom of the press truly existed journalists would be allowed to do their actual jobs, which is reporting the truth, without the fear of losing their paychecks. Sadly that isn't the case.

My fear now is that I can see lukewarm strategies being done by the corporate media to suppress the alternative media. This is a very real battle that takes place right here at Hubpages. Hubpages certainly isn't immune to the influence of these media giants, and I wouldn't be surprised if the behaviour and opinions that mainstream media groups have towards Hubpages; have guided some of the staff's executive decisions.

A bitter taste that's still left in my mouth is the day Google announced they would give it's engine users the option to disable Hubpages. While I consider such motivations biased in nature, I'll be the last to tell people they can or can't look at Hubpages. While distasteful, I would be content to simply let that situation go if it were not for the second implemented policy by Google.

The second policy involved putting all Hubpages content at the very back end of their search engine data. That's the equivalent of punishing someone because despite all odds, they made it to the top. That's essentially punishing success. Now I'm angry. . .

The third and final policy was the real kicker though. Not only were all my articles shoved to the bottom of the heap, but now I'm being told that I shall never recuperate back to the very top of the listing. Instead, I must give way in favour of "professional writers." Now I'm beyond angry, I'm furious!

I will ask but a simple question, if they were truly such professional writers over at Forbes, C.N.N, The Economist, The C.A.T.O Institute, etc, then what should they have to fear from my little amateurish blog? If they truly were the better writers, then surely with their vast resources and famed brand name, they should be able to beat out my articles in the search engine? Yet some of my articles in a few key subject matters beat out the big boys; and I guess that upsets them a bit too much. Sorry, that wasn't my intent. Honestly, I post on Hubpages to merely pass the time. I would like to take a moment to apologize for doing so well, it won't happen again, really I promise. Seriously, I was as surprised as you were when I saw some of my articles hit the top 3 for some notoriously common keywords. Now you no longer have to worry about me, your jobs are well protected, after all I have my wonderful - my face starts to smirk- day job to look forward to. . .

I will go on to say that this comes as no surprise to me and it's a further testament of the world we now live in. The media barons are simultaneously so greedy and paranoid; that just a tiny little Hubpages poster can't even get a bread crump off his own hard earned labour. Apparently, I had no idea I was such a threat to their vast empires by beating them out on a few keywords that drew maybe a few hundred viewers. However, I've been told by a few enlightened people of the right-wing political persuasion that this is capitalism; and that whining about it makes me a communist.

Yes, I understand, I must know my place. . . However, I must ask, for so called "champions of capitalism," the media barons certainly hate competition. Why is that?

-Donovan D. Westhaver


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    • GNelson profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      It is all about control, power and making money. If you don't believe the hype, you are a socialist or a communist or some other bad thing and all of this in the land of the free. The freedom of ideas is way more important than a free market because the only thing free in a free market is the free pass we give polluters, executives who lie to congress, and corporations that commit fraud.


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