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Does Taking From The Rich Applies To Liberals Too

Updated on April 10, 2011

Does Taking From The Rich Applies To Rich Liberals Too?

A couple weeks ago, I was looking on what was trending on my computer and saw a picture of a luxurious yacht anchored off the coast of one of those beautiful Caribbean islands – the yacht, reportedly worth some $200 million, was said to be owned by the famous director, Steven Spielberg. Now, I do not fault Mr. Spielberg for enjoying his luxuries and if I come off being envious, it is envy not of the malignant kind. Mr. Spielberg is an avowed Liberal, but he is allowed to enjoy and flaunt his wealth, but not Wall Street bankers. Bankers have been the boogie-man for the Democrats for along time now, but you will not hear the media or the union mouthpieces berating the wealthy Hollywood crowd.

How many rich entertainers and athletes have you seen visiting the White-House… making untold millions, yet the biased media and the Obama administration only want to apply the socialistic remedy of robbing the bankers, but not those who make just as much loot or more. I am certain that the bankers, who work on Wall Street, signed contracts affording them their salaries, no different from the Liberal personalities you see on TV. These hypocrites, who verbally crucify the bankers, have their lawyers and agents present every time their respective contracts are up for renewal; in addition, they all live in August surroundings and their children attend the best schools. With all the bad ratings over on CNN and MSNBC, does anyone believe that those personalities give back any of their salaries for such atrocious ratings?

The Liberal hypocrisy is not only apparent during their discussions about the takings from rich bankers – it is present too when they discussed challenges faced by family members of Conservatives. Governor Sarah Palin has been their punching bag in this respect, yet I am certain that these media types have children who have the same challenges like the governor. To repeat, it is like hearing them pointing their fingers at you for your emaciated skeletons secured in your closet, while their skeletons are fresh and rotting and riding shotgun on their person.

Every time you see Michael Moore, David Letterman or any of the Liberal personalities running around blaming rich bankers – ask them to first give their monies to assist America in her time of need. While you are at it, tell Nancy Pelosi to sell her vineyard, reportedly worth some $25 million, and give the proceeds to the poor or Senator Kerry, who married into the Heinz’s Ketchup fortune, should give a whole chunk of his fortune to the poor too or Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose husband has made millions of dollars from contracting with the Army, too, should adhere to the socialistic principles her Democratic party so often want to force on the so called rich Wall Street bankers.


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