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Does Trumps Business Status Mean Good Economic Management?

Updated on June 2, 2016

With a ruthless personality, it's no surprise Donald Trump knows when to lock down deals in the business world, which may now be showing with graduates being advised to pay their Trump University fees with credit cards - this is before they have an income to pay back the debt. Is this the sign of an individual who understand balance within economics or someone who just knows how to take people's money?

As I mentioned in this previous article it takes more than being a good business man to balance world economics, let alone someone who stomps his feet all the time to get attention for himself - maybe just another ploy to boost his business status in case he doesn't make the White House.


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 19 months ago from > California

      Just remember, reports indicate Trump has Many MORE Business Failures & SCAMs perpetrated against AMERICANs including OUR Senior Citizens than Successes, and ALL his Shady Dealings, Cons & Lies are beginning to SURFACE and it's nothing less than ASTONISHING ~ Reports also indicate he inherited a Fortune from his father and who really knows where that money came from ~ His "MAIN Negotiator" who he said he would appoint to OVERSEE OUR National Trade is Carl Icahn who was recently Slapped with an S&P Downgrade to "Junk Status" which means he is a Disaster at Business & DEAL Making ~ Everyone understands that the Trump Candidacy is a Bad Joke but Democrats still must "Turn OUT the VOTE" in November ~