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Does the U.S Presidential Election Hide Any Secrets?

Updated on July 28, 2016

So, you may ask yourself, what the heck could he be getting at, to want to assume that something could be going on with the U.S elections? Well, I'll give you my personal feelings as words on the matter. Now we've got a businessman, who doesn't seem to know much about politics (or does he), but yet the U.S seems to be blinded by his erratic ways of dispensing policies, that seem more, and more, in my view (and you'll forgive me for saying this) to be quite jailish (if that's even a word lol), instead of giving the average Americans freedom, and who continues to struggle raising campaign funds to possibly beat out his rival. Then there's a former secretary of state who fully knows the ins and outs of politics, because of the role that she played under the current administration, now she somehow finds herself under fire for a batch of confidential e-mails being used on her personal computer server, and still she manages to find the time to defend her husband who was also a former president himself, when he comes under fire for what I view as less criminal offenses.

Now, there's much talk about who is thought of as to be getting the presidential seat, come November. But many things have been happening on a massive scale in America and by extension the wider world at an everyday pace, and for 2016, it is said time, and time again, that this year is the beginning of the end (this is a figuratively spoken term, and does not mean the end of the world, as no one on the planet knows when the end hour, minute, or second really is), and that things far worst would be witnessed by mankind the world over. I believe this to be true, as we've never seen greater turmoil, chaos and hate before. Yes, it has always existed, but the scale and magnitude, and don't let me forget... the pace, the pace at which everything is happening at, is beyond all comprehension. From since 2011, police shootings of unarmed citizens (for lack of a better word, simply because all citizens are being targeted in a systematic way... secretly) seem to be a permanent fixture in what is termed "The Rule Of Law". And changes to every sector both public and private paints the very picture that things in America and the wider world by extension, will inevitably, never be the same.

And finally, the president who seems to have more secrets about himself, than Houdini could pull off in a lifetime. The final White House Correspondents Dinner, saw more jokes than usual, being said than a comedy central skit could last. But to a few watching all things White House, very closely, these jokes seemed anything but. From referring to his say as the final one, or the White House being in existence at all, to officially saying that he and his wife would be staying in Washington for an additional two years, makes one really wonder about what really is going on. And lets not forget, that this police vs citizens feud, is more than likely to spark a civil uprising. One can only wonder if the president will use this tactic to stay in office for perhaps a third term as he hinted all night on April, 30th, 2016, jokingly I might add.

Some are saying in order for there to be a new president, just keep blowing up the republican nominee, and the democratic will most surely have that seat. But on the other hand, the president might be showing his hand, and what it can really do now that these events have been set in place. You know it's quite funny to know this, but everything seems to be going in correspondents to what the good book of ancient past has already spoken about. And whether we want to admit or not, it would evidently seem that everything in this world has a very close connection to the spiritual.

I for one, can't wait to actually see what is going to happen later on this year, going into next year, as a real difficult journey starts for mankind according to the good book, and today's modern watchmen.


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