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Does the Zodiac Sign Controversy Confirm The End of the World in 2012?

Updated on August 4, 2017

Separating fact from fiction

I was talking to a guest at home yesterday, when he suddenly exclaimed, "Its confirmed! The world will end in 2012"

"Why?", I Said. I had earlier done some research on the 2012 phenomenon, and we had discarded the theory after half a day's worth of digging around for information.

"The Zodiac signs are changing, aren't they?".

I laughed at first, then thought for a while about this, and decided to write a hub to do some myth busting about the 2012 phenomenon.

Here are the most common myths i've heard about the 2012 phenomenon.

Myth #1: The Mayan calendar's last date signifies the end of the world

The Mayan calendar is a calendar which is pretty much like the calendars we use today. There's nothing different about them, except that it uses a different number system for this calculation. What do you do when you get a new year? Get a new calendar right? Thats exactly what you need to do with the Mayan calendar. It simply signifies the start of a new Mayan year equivalent, if you will.

Myth #2: The earth is going to swing around when the poles invert

Ok, the bad news is that the poles of the earth are indeed shifting, however, this is only the magnetic pole shift. But that doesn't mean that the earth is going to rotate upside down unlike popular belief. In fact, the sun's poles inverted sometime last year...did you notice anything at all?

Myth #3: Solar flares will wipe out the earth

This one is easy. The predicted strength of solar flares in 2012 doesn't even come close to the the world record for the most intense solar flares.

Myth #4: Zodiac sign controversy

So, the constellations changed shapes....isn't that actually cool? Why should it be frightening...especially when this is known to occur in every 3000 year window.

If you do your research based on the facts preseented here, you'll begin to see why the Zodiac sign controversy has nothing to with the 2012 phenomenon, and that the 2012 phenomenon is merely just the time period measured by a Mayan calendar. Make sure you're referring to NASA sites and such though, so that you get accurate information. we can forget about all this, sport our new zodiac signs proudly on the web and go worry about asteroids hitting the earth...which is a more likely cause for the end the world!


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