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Dolezal Proves That Race Is Physical

Updated on June 28, 2015
How she was allowed to pretend she was black is a mystery.
How she was allowed to pretend she was black is a mystery.

Rachel Dolezal is an anomaly. She is a middle aged woman, a very white woman, who since her 20's, somehow, brainwashed herself into thinking she really was a black woman in a white skinned body. She obviously has some psychological and delusional issues that she's denial about. She divorced from her white parents and pretends they are not her parents, even though her brothers differ, who are black adopted kids. To play the Oscar winning role, she darkened her skin, created a black frizzy hairstyle, said she was black when asked on applications and obtained student loans based on this deception. She even said an elderly black couple were her parents. At age 37, this white woman went to extraordinary lengths to deceive others and amazingly rose to be the leader of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington. She did a lot of good things for the black people there.

The delusional part is that most white people think the NAACP is meant for only black people. That it was created by and for black people. The truth is that it was created in 1909 by a groups of 60 people. Of those 60, only 7 were black! The rest were white men and women. The highest award the organization gives for performance is the Spingarn Medal. This medal is named after Joel Spingarn, a white, Jewish, man!

The ironic thing is that Dolezal never needed to pretend she was black when she was white to be president of a local NAACP chapter. The current leader of the Arizona chapter is white also. Maybe had she known the history of the NAACP before she pretended to be black, she would never had done such a stupid thing. The evidence is so clear. Up until age 18, she was just a normal white, teenager, and did not think she was black. Here white parents indicate her heritage is all Czech, Swedish, and German. There is no black blood in her. Rachael thinks she is the Caitlyn Jenner of race because she is black because she feels black. What kind of psychological brainwashing occurred during her college years? Why doesn't this happen to blacks wanting to be white? She even sued the all black college, Howard University, in 2002, on racial discrimination because she was white!

OMG. LOL. In 2000, researchers determined that after mapping genetic codes of five major races across the world, there are no differences between them and declared that race has no scientific basis and it is not real. While from a science point of view this may be true, from a cultural and real life perspective, it is not true. That skin color does matter to some. There are physical traits that are different. So race is a chimera, the closer you look at a person from another race, the differences are less genetically.

Rachael is an embarrassment. A fool. But, so are many others for buying into her charade, her masquerade. And there were many black people who had been fooled as she climbed the ladder in the NAACP. I am sure that many had a funny feeling that she was not black, yet failed to confront it because of political correctness. Failed to investigate her background, which is a major failure in itself. Of course, maybe it did not matter to the NAACP because chapters do have white leaders. Yet, it remains a great fraud and she gained from pretending to be black. Have you ever seen a black person pretend they are black? Impossible. A white pretending they are black is an easier transition. Look at Halle Berry or Rihanna. Neither are white, but could pull of being Spanish descent. But a European descent white person has a near impossible task being a black.

The amazing thing is that Dolezal pulled it off for years.


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    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 2 years ago

      I disagree. I think she did it so she could get a minority scholarship. She went through college under the assumption she was black. There are a lot of advantages to being black these days. You have more protection. More flexibility on what you can and can not say. The police would benefit from being black. Young women love the black men these days. You have more job security. White skin makes you an easy target and a scapegoat.

      Black skin would have protected hulk hogan, darren wilson, george Zimmerman, hank williams jr and probably the Roanoke news crew. There is nothing wrong with a white person wanting to be black. You don't have to change your personality.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      I agree.

    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      I read about her. She is a nut case