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Domestic Predators

Updated on July 13, 2015

We've all read recent cases of domestic abuse where a gal subjected herself to months of abuse and ended up dead. These mothers usually have a child or MORE and all of this could have been prevented. Several people are to blame in these instances.
First, you have the abuser who, 9 times out of 10 is a Momma's Boy who is old enough to vote but doens't really want such responsibility ..or any for that matter.

Alot of these guys come from single mothers who try to over compensate for the marriage going to hell by removing tough love from the daily regimen.
You can easily identify such mothers when they are at their son's school, threatening legal action because their son got a bad grade, or because he was penalized in any way for not performing to expectaion.
These boys end up expecting the same devotion out of their girlfriends. They want that undying love, unconditional defense and they want to be enabled 100% to do everything they want, from the female interest in their life.

Add to the mix all the gals out there who wouldnt give a good guy a second look no matter how good their personality, no matter how good their financial prospects....These girl's taste in men, for some reason, leans towards guys would rather beat them than love them.

When the gal has kids in the picture, the new bad boy entering her life sees the kids as competition for her attention.
Why not? Boyfriend's mother always put him first so boyfriend is very territorial when their new girlfriend puts her kids first and not him.

Since the Momma's boy has no emotional connection to these kids, the little ones are open targets for their rage when they want his attention during a video game session or if Mom prioritizes the kids before abusive, immature boyfriend.
When Momma lets this boyfriend babysit while she goes to work (because he wont work) he finally has his time, with no boundaries, to exercise justice on these lil kids who have DARED to come before him in their mothers eyes.
Get the problem yet?

Mom gets home from work and discovers that one or more of her kids have had an accident, crappy boyfriend pretends to be emotional and they call the cops. When the medial folks do their evaluation, they come to the conclusion that there was no accident.

Mothers out there!..When your instinct to protect and nuture your kid past the age of 18 is no different than when they were 3, there is a good chance you are teaching them that they have the responsibility of a 3 year old with all the perks of being adult.
Someone down the road is going to pay.

Gals...when your boyfriends mother has cut them off and will no longer financially or emotionally assist your boyfriend any longer that is a strong signal that your boyfriend has been abusive to his mother and is a lost cause.

Girls these days dont see that. They try to be the difference maker! They think they can change him but he will not change.
Mom has already corrupted him to the point she has lost control...YOU wont do any better. Move on....keep your kids away from them.


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