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Domestic Violence advocate, Melissa Dohme is on cloud nine following a surprise proposal

Updated on May 31, 2017
Melissa Dohme and Cameron Hill.
Melissa Dohme and Cameron Hill. | Source

Those tears of happiness were nearly 3-years in the making following the January 24, 2012 attack that left Dohme lying broken, bloody, and fighting for her life. See, Dohme’s ex-boyfriend stabbed Melissa 32 times before leaving her on the side of the road to die. Not one EMT thought Melissa was going to survive the attack, except Clear-water fire-fighter / paramedic, Cameron Hill. Cameron assured Melissa that he knew in his gut he would see her again, and he did. In October of 2012, Melissa set out on a mission to meet and formally thank the people that were involved in saving her life. The following week Cameron Hill invited Melissa and her mother for a dinner at the county fire-station, and although hesitant about the situation Melissa thought Hill was the kind of man she could see spending her life with.

2 and a half years later, Melissa and Cameron are still together, and now the amazing duo are set to be married, that is since Melissa said yes to the surprise marriage proposal Cameron put together and executed during the traditional first-pitch before the beginning of the New York Yankees/ Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball game. Dohme said; “I was as giddy as a girl with her first crush”. Cameron met Melissa on the baseball field Monday, May 11, 2015 and proudly handed her a baseball with a single question printed on it “will you marry me?, Melissa replied “yes” and hugged her new fiancé and then proceeded to throw the first pitch of the game.

Melissa was a mere 20-years-old when Robert Lee Burton attempted to take her life in the 300 block of Glenwood Avenue in Clearwater, leaving her to die across the street from the home she shared with her family. Since the incident, Melissa has been through many surgeries that include facial reconstruction, and continues to recover from the nerve damage she suffered to the one side of her face. Melissa would like to heal before she and Cameron get married, which is said to be planned for sometime in 2016. Since the attack, Burton has been sentenced to life in prison, and Melissa has become an active domestic violence advocate, helping other victims of domestic violence and speaking out against partner violence.

Using what she has learned about love, life, and healthy relationships to move forward, heal, grow and continue on the path of happiness. The amazing part of this story is that Cameron has stood by Melissa’s side since the day she met him, although it took 10 months for her to formally meet the man that helped save her life, all in all, it was a match made in heaven. A story that can truly renew the faith of any domestic violence victim that has reservations against trusting people, dating people, or entertaining the possibility of trusting another with your entire life after being shattered and broken. Thank you, Melissa and Cameron for being such an amazing inspiration to domestic violence victims; such as myself and those around the world.


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