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Dominic Raab: "We Cannot Stay in Lockdown Forever"!

Updated on June 1, 2020

There will be those of us who are champing, at the bit, to be free of lockdown. Whether you are a furloughed worker, an old person, someone who has been unable to visit friends/relatives, etc, lockdown is being lifted whether you like it or not. Indeed, many people have been flocking to the beaches in the south of England and other places, since we have had this rather bright weather, in the UK. It is typical in the UK, whenever we get sunny weather, for everyone to live life to the max. Out comes the annoying music, there are barbeques galore, people shouting and screaming, cars driving 100 miles an hour, and general flocking to green spaces, beaches, and not forgetting the sound of lawnmowers. The UK is starved of the sun during the winter months, and then suddenly, as soon as a period of sunny weather comes, the UK, comes alive.

COVID or no COVID, people have been ignoring the keep your distance rules, since we have had this period of hot weather. Especially now from Monday, as the lockdown becomes freer. But, a caution here, COVID-19, has not gone away, in my own area of Blackpool for example, there is a high case of infections. Across the UK the death toll is nearly 40,000 and still spreading, even though, the death and infection rate, has fallen.

Foreign Minister and Boris' deputy, Dominic Raab told Sky's Sophie Ridge, that the UK "cannot stay in lockdown, forever". Mr Raab acknowledged lifting lockdown in the age of Coronavirus, was, "precarious", but the UK must transition from lockdown to something approaching normality, of course, with caution.

Shops will be able to open, probably from 15 June, followed by bars, cafes, restaurants, etc, will no doubt, be following suit, in July. As I said, above, many will no doubt, be happy at that, but others will be worried, especially those returning to work.

It seems between health and wealth, wealth has won because, in such a capitalistic system that we live in, people need their health, but sadly, health doesn't pay the bills. Those who own businesses big or small, those who donate, to the Tory party, etc, want the wheels of industry turning again. It is understandable why business owners want that (especially) those with small businesses, but, at the same time what about the health and safety of their workers? During the crisis, we had the scandal of NHS and care workers, not being supplied with the right PPE, so will these companies wanting to get back to work, ensure the safety of their workers, with PPE?

SAGE, the scientific body, who has been advising the government, on lockdown has reservations on lifting the lockdown (at least some of them do, like, Professor Van-Tam). Van-Tam and others have said, there are risks to lifting the lockdown, so, people, must still observe, social distancing.

It would appear, with death and infection rates falling, the general public has been observing social distancing, in the main. However, some members of the public have been flouting the rules, also, Dominic Cummings, Boris' chief aide, and one Labour whip, who has had the decency, (unlike Cummings), to step down.

Politically speaking, of course, Boris is going down in the polls of popularity (if they are to be believed). It seems Boris, for one reason, or another has been dropping in popularity, before the advent of COVID-19. There are perhaps, many factors contributing to this, first that the government could have acted faster, so we would have been better prepared for the virus. Second, the advent of new Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, who has forensically taken apart Boris, at Prime Minister's Question Time. Thirdly, the Dominic Cummings debacle, flouting the rules of lockdown.

So with the lifting of lockdown and COVID-19, still a clear and present danger, what does the future hold? I for one, would not venture, to say.


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