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We don't need to carry care and anxiety

Updated on October 18, 2014

Were we created to worry?

Most of my life I have found myself worrying about things that I could not change and in looking back over my life I have found that most of the things that I would worry about never turned out as bad as I would invision. The bible says in Philippians chapter number four that we are not to have any care about anything, this simply means that we are not to be anxious or worry about what has not happened yet. It is statistically proven that stress causes many physical problems and alot of the stress that may come from worry can be avoided if we would pray about the problems that worry us. Philippians says that we should through prayer let our request be made known unto God. Many people may feel as though prayer and religion in general is a weak persons way of escape, but nothing could be further from the truth because you cannot argue with a man or a women with an experience. Personally I have experienced answered prayer and I know the peace that comes as a result of casting all of my care on Jesus (1Peter 5:7).

What are some biblical and practical solutions for stress and anxiety?

What is my responsibility?

With the shape that our economy is in is no wonder why we see people on the edge. The news is full of troubling events that do not seem to offer a glimmer of hope for the listener...and people in general have lost confidence in the political world...and they are hoping that someone will come forward and offer a solution for the nations troubles. Unemployment is on the rise and families are being torn apart...and for a person standing on the outside looking in at all of seems the only thing that one can do..." is worry". In the bible in the book of Matthew Chapter number six ...Jesus says to take no thought for your life; what you are going to eat,drink,and put on. These all deal with life's necessities and Jesus says to take no thought (worry). How can this be done? the major solution is this, he says...your heavenly father knows that you have need of all of these things! Knowing this does not negate one's responsibility...but it gives a hope and confidence that a loving God is there to help in the time of need. The bible says that God is a very present help in the time of trouble,and knowing this gives one peace which is the complete opposite of worry and anxiety. How we think about a thing will either bring peace or stress; so the bible tells us what to think on...things that are lovely,true,honest,pure,of good report (Philippians 4) because when it comes to can only be effective if responsibility is carried out with a peacful heart instead of a troubled heart. Jesus also said in John 14:1 to "let not your heart be troubled" many people are troubled and stressed out also because they are afraid. Fear causes stress and anxiety...but for a person who has a disciplined mind, they simply do what needs to be done while confronting the fear.

Products on the effects and cure of anxiety

Causes relating to worry

Let us pass over unto the other side

Life is all about the other side...and one reason stress and anxiety is so prevalent is because people can't see how they are going to get there. The other side includes things such am I going to pay for my child's college tuition?...or how are we going to pay next months bill?..What can I do to stop these divorce proceedings? will I have enough to live on when I retire? All of these reasonable questions must be answered...but when there is no present solution...we worry. We worry because we take total responsibility for things we have no control over. Jesus said which of you by taking thought (worrying) can add one cubit unto his stature? If I'm 5'9" and want to be 6'...there is no need for me to worry about something that I cannot do anything about. People were meant to handle people problems and to leave the God problems for him to work out. Trying to fix God problems will always bring stress and anxiety because we are not omnipotent (all powerful)...omnipresent (everywhere at once)...or omniscience (all knowing), only God fits this category. Jesus was the one to initiate the statement in Mark 4:35...let us pass over to the other side because it was going to be him that would end up rebuking the storm that tried to hinder them from getting there. The principle here is... what Jesus starts...he is responsible for finishing. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, Philippians 1:6 says he that hath begun a good work in you...shall also perform it (complete it) until the day of Jesus Christ. When we start anything without first acknowledging him in it (Proverbs 3:6)...then we must carry the complete load because he is not obligated to help us since we did not ask for his help in the beginning. If we start something on our own and then ask his help...if what we have started is not his perfect will for our life...then he is not obligated to help. 1 John 5:14-15 declares... and this is the confidence that we have in him...that if we ask anything according to HIS WILL he hears us...and if we know that he hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. Many people worry and stress out because they ask God for something...but they do not know if he heard them. Notice the text says (if we know that he hears us). Knowing that he hears you when you pray is key to stopping worry in its tracks.

Keys to knowing that he hears you when you pray:

1. don't willfully sin because sin automatically brings guilt and condemnation and guilt and condemnation remove confidence.

2. know what God says in his word (the bible) about what you are asking for...his word is his will.

3. Don't allow your present circumstance to dictate your outcome...we walk by faith and NOT BY SIGHT.

Not preparing for storms

Practically speaking always have a plan in place for emergencies

No one wants to spend most of the time thinking about the possibility of problems...but a plan should be put in place to stop stress and worry because problems do and will happen. A person with a plan in place can rest a lot more easily than a person without a plan. Unexpected storms will come against you and your house because they come against everyone's house whether you are rich or poor...storms will come, no matter your ethnic background or culture...storms will come, educated or uneducated...storms will come, so stop worrying by preparing in advance. Insurance policies are protection against automobile accidents... and for homes in case of fire, tornado's, robbery, etc. These policies take away a lot of the stress and anxiety from an already stressful situation. It is advised to have 3-6 months of cash on hand in case of an emergency. Jesus spoke peace to the storm because it will be peace through the word of God that will help us make it to the other side.

Wrong Thinking

As a man thinketh in his heart so he is

Many people are preconditioned to always think the worst about any situation they may face. This almost always leads to stress. The way a person has dealt with past issues... the past issues themselves... environment... self perception... refusal to take a leadership role...all of these characteristics play a major role in the way a person thinks when they are confronted with negative issues. Wrong thinking is also thinking and making decisions with our emotions at the helm leading the way. Such thinking may keep one in a cycle of stress and anxiety because emotions cannot be trusted...they may fluctuate up and down causing instability and indecisiveness making it hard to make decisions. When decisions are not made...nothing gets done, leading to worry.

Wrong Perception

Seeing is not always believing

Have you ever saw something that you were totally convinced of, only to find out later that you were completely wrong? at that moment your emotions ran high... and you may have begun to stress out because you truly believed that what you had seen was accurate. Joseph was faced with this type of issue when he finds out that his espoused wife is pregnant with child and he knows that he is not the father. This was a stressful period in his life because at that time a woman could be stoned for committing adultery. He thought to put her away privately to spare her life and rid himself of her...but the bible said that while he thought on these things...wrong perception creates a domino effect and causes wrong thinking and then wrong decision making. Truth is the only true foundation that issues can be built upon...and it was this truth that was revealed to Joseph, for while he thought on those things the angel of the Lord revealed the truth. He says Joseph...fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. The truth of Gods word is the only thing that can set an otherwise stressful and worried heart free because it aligns ones focus and perception to see things the way that they really are!

What are other helpful tips on worry?

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