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Donald J Trump Says Iran Disrespects America.

Updated on January 19, 2016
Trump's Campaign Rolls On.
Trump's Campaign Rolls On. | Source
Iranian Flag.
Iranian Flag. | Source

Trumps At It Again.

Donald J Trump in a recent address said the handling by the Obama administration of the American sailors and their capture by Revolutionary Guards in Iranian territorial waters shows Iran has absolutely no resepct for the US at all.

He said John Kerry did not have a clue when it came to Iran and negotiations and said if he was in power now he would certainly have done things differently when negotiating with the Iranians over the fate of the 10 sailors.

To illustrate his point that Iran has no respect for the Americans he highlighted the image of the 10 American navy people including one woman on their knees with their hands behind their backs with Revolutionary Guards holding them at gun point.

As we all know Trump speaks plainly and that has attracted admirers as well as critics and he has said he will have no time for the values of political correctness and has made statements controversially to some about women, Muslims and Mexicans.

He said in his speech that under him the US would be a safer place with securer borders and he said he predicted years ago that when the US/UK went into Iraq under the leaderships of Bush and Blair that nothing good would come from it and this has led to the rise of Iran which he accused of taking over the Middle East. He also commented on the lifting of the sanctions which he said will make Iran more powerful. Fellow right winger Benjamin Netanyahu has also warned of Iran's growing power but thats nothing new he has been on about that for years now trying to be a Middle East Churchill with Iran being cast as Nazi Germany.

A retired Lt Col. Ralph Peters commented on one of the news networks that the Iranians had delibretly set out to lure the American sailors into its waters but what Iran would gain from that he did not elaborate on.

Trump in saying he predicted the disaster that would arise when Iraq was invaded in 2003 has something in common with the current left wing leader of the Labour party here in the UK Jeremy Corbyn also known to be like Trump a maverick though obviously from the other end of the political spectrum to Trump also says he predicted the troubles that would come from invading Iraq.

It seems in this time of austerity and politicians saying one thing and doing another people like Trump and Corbyn their time has come in the fact they speak plainly but whether that will lead Trump to the Oval Office and Corbyn to the door of No 10 remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in the UK a debate was held in a side room in Parliament to discuss whether Trump could be banned from visiting the UK and while some particular left wing and Muslim MPs said he should be banned from coming as half a million people signed up to a campaign on the Parliamentary website saying Trump should not come to the UK because of his statement of temporarily stopping Muslims entering the US others said he had the right under freedom of speech to say what he likes and one Conservative MP even went as far as to say that some of his constituents might even agree with Trump's statement.

The official line of the UK government is however that they have no plans to stop Trump coming to the UK in whatever capacity whether he be private citizen or as President.

Cameron Has No Plans To Ban Trump.
Cameron Has No Plans To Ban Trump. | Source


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    • profile image

      Commonsensethink 2 years ago

      Hi Nick. There was a brilliant op-ed piece (I cannot remember the author, now - sorry for that) on a few weeks ago that the Republican Party, when awarded the Presidency and control of both Houses of Congress by the American electorate later this year (as well could happen), would be faced with a delightful choice.

      Do you oppose Iran (the traditional bogeyman) or ISIS (the new model bogeyman)?

      One of the more important things that has recently brought the USA and Iran together is their common loathing of, and struggle against, ISIS. ISIS are, as you will be aware, locking horns against Assad (Iran's ally) in Syria. Iran has some boots on the ground fighting ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, and their Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, has also people fighting alongside Assad.

      And given that the result of Bush and Blair's (unwarranted) invasion of Iraq was a democratically elected pro-Iranian Shia government in Baghdad .....

      The genie is out of the bottle. You want to start turning the Iranians into THE enemy again, you better find some way of persuading yourself that ISIS are not a problem. Persuading those living in Europe, where we have had more problems with Sunni movements like Al Qaeda and ISIS than we are ever likely to get with Iranian Shia "terrorists", that will not be easy, and NATO unity risks being shattered as a result.

      Then there are other countries like the US's favourite allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia (the latter is a grotesque medieval police state, and with allies like that ....). Both are furious about how well Iran is being treated, so maybe they have to become fully fledged supporters of ISIS as well?

      Or you turn your head away, reimpose sanctions on Iran, do nothing else, and ask yourself in 2 years time why ISIS are on the march again not merely in Syria and Iraq (unless the Russians get really serious and send in ground troops), but across large swathes of North Africa .....

      The one thing that the Republicans will have have to learn will be that it is far easier to be opposed to something than to be for something. Given the complexities on the ground across the Middle East, there are no good choices, only less bad ones.

      And the principal objectives for the region for next few years - ending the war in Syria and hence eventually resolving the refugee crisis, resolving the Palestinian - Israeli dispute for once and for all, preventing radical Islam from spreading its roots, and getting other troublespots like Yemen sorted out - none of these are going to be resolved until some serious diplomacy takes place with the realisation that the best solution may not be the totally polemically satisfactory one, but rather one that sees compromise as essential.

      Chances of ISIS ever compromising? Less than zero. Iran? Well they cannot be totally trusted either and need constant monitoring, but they are far less of an external threat outside the region, and as long as they are kept under constant watch ....

      Maybe the Republicans will latch onto that fact as well. Once the elections are over and they have to get real. Maybe staying out of power would have certain advantages - someone else gets stuck with resolving the irresolvable.