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Donald Trump And Warren Buffett.

Updated on December 17, 2015

Two Billionaires, Two Different Positions.

Billionaire Warren Buffett has never helped a single less affluent person in his entire life.
He would not endorse Donald Trump, purposely because it would hurt his business relationships with Arabs and other Muslims. Not that Trump attacked any religion in his numerous speeches on the campaign trail; he neither has made derogatory remarks about any RACE.

The real reason was that he, Buffett, has so much skeletal remains in his cupboard, Trump would reveal them, just as he would reveal the graft, corruption and bribery in Washington D.C. and straighten things out in the country.

Trump has done nothing wrong, except to prevent all kinds of people entering the U.S. illegally; and also deporting illegal aliens, several millions of them, who were hurting the economy and social programs designed to help THE LESS AFFLUENT Americans.

He has elaborated on his plans to fight ISIS, from the very beginning of his campaign to be president, and sworn to protect the American people, with a military strength unmatched on earth.

The same policies were now reverberating, and being repeated by his rivals in the 2015 presidential race; with everyone of those candidates saying that they did not want Trump, the originator of those policies, to be the Republican Party's nominee. While the party leaders were targeting some candidates, like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, to represent the party in the 2015 presidential general election.

The choice between Trump and those people should be easy, considering his background and expertise, which the other people did not have. What the country needed was strong leadership to compete in the world economy and markets that would ensure safety, both for the present generation and posterity. Trump has all the qualities and qualifications pointing to a meaningful leadership; and to bypass him for the nomination of his party would be a big mistake. Good grief.

He has amassed the biggest following with his fiery rhetoric, and invigorated the spirits of citizens, who were not even interested in politics; and he has been the front-runner of the party's presidential field for more than seven months or more. He has accrued more poll numbers than any of them; and remember, those poll numbers were from all sections of American society. The National poll has made him # 1.

He has only pointed out the mistakes of the present U.S. administration that must not be repeated, citing trade and political agreements that were hurting or would hurt the economy (as he spoke); and he has promised to change things around for the betterment of America.

None of his opponents has been able to match a solitary policy that Trump has proposed to "Make America Great Again"; something that other countries loathe, despise and envy.

If Buffett was not supporting him (Trump), so what? America should not be as common as other countries, or nobody would be attracted to come and visit and even decide to stay. It was (and is) rich in culture and art, with all sorts of Sports, like Baseball, Basketball and numerous activities and programs second to none in the world.

It has a strong military personnel guarding the high seas, and ensuring that peace existed among all nations.

That was the America Trump was envisaging for America, and for the future prosperity of all Americans; and not Gold and Silver to make just one person the "Oracle Of Omaha". (owurakwasip).



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