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Donald Trump Can Be President

Updated on March 14, 2016

Trump For President

Donald Trump

I remember as a child who watched the WWF regularly, Trump was a household name. He was the man that Vince McMahan went to when he wanted to make an extra $50 million off of the loyal fans that were dedicated to the cheesy drama. Trump did not have to get involved with the circus, but he chose to do it. He chose to get out in front of the audience and actually interact with the millions in the crowd and watching on pay per view TV. You can say it was all about the money all that you want. The reality of the situation is that there is something about this man that isn't afraid to interact or socialize with anyone. He isn't afraid to make a fool out of himself.

What you guys all see as childish or irrational behavior is actually an over confident man that knows how to connect with every class of people. He got the opportunity to shave his "rivals" head in front of millions of people. Did you really think Donald was going to lose on his own turf? But the point is he participated...he interacted...and he didn't have to. He was already getting paid.

I guess somewhere down the road people began to take Trump for granted. His outspoken nature and his willingness to be silly made people think he wasn't serious about anything. I am sure with all that real estate dealing, he left some room for seriousness. He had to, It's a very serious business. It takes intelligence, patience, and endurance just to be a regular real estate agent. But he is not a regular real estate agent, he is a real estate mogul. He created his own dynasty because he is smart and knows what he is doing even though he appears to be a spoiled loud mouth. But seriously, isn't freedom of speech allowed? Is it no longer "politically correct" to express your own opinion or have a decisive change of mind?

I have changed my mind on many things that at one time I felt so "passionately" about. Circumstances and situations make you see things in a different light. They change you and when its done altering your perception, you may not be the same person you used to be. You may not stand for the same things you once did. Whether it be immigration, politics, or abortion. Personal and business situations make you see things differently.

I believe that Trump has what it takes to make the country great again. I honestly don't think if he didn't know he could make it happen he wouldn't put himself "out there" to accept failure. The reality is that he can do it and he will do it. Donald Trump may be your next president and is well on his way to achieving a new role in his very successful career.


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