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Donald Trump; His Answer To The Unknown.

Updated on October 21, 2016

As An American Citizen, He Has The Right.

Why are the Democrats fretting over the result of an election that is still to take place, particularly with President Obama and his wife, Michelle, lambasting Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the Nov. 8th, 2016 election, who says that he will wait until the result comes out before he expresses his opinion on it.

That seems to be the natural stance on any issue, when the outcome of it is unknown. As he has said, he would accept the result of the general election or not, at the appropriate time, but not before.

Issues after issues that the country was facing, like protecting America by building a wall at its Southern border, to deter Terrorists and Drug dealers, were argued about at the last debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate, who opposed the wall NOW, when she approved of it several years back as Senator.

Or the U.S. Supreme Court justices, who would be replaced after they were gone, by Justices that would honor and respect the U.S. Constitution, instead of making their own laws over those of Congress, to legally neutralize the feelings of the American people.

Or how the Economy would be made to grow to combat Unemployment; and also to stop the outsourcing of jobs to other countries, instead of keeping manufacturing companies in the country; and the raising of incomes for a better life for American workers and their families...and a lot more.

All were discussed by the two candidates at the last debate, to convince the electorate of where they stood on the issues, but none of those was attacked as such by the Democrats, or were being spoken about by the President and his wife, except the result of the said election, because Donald Trump was "keeping Democracy in suspense" by his waiting?

He, Trump, has often said that the election was rigged, perhaps, due to the U.S. media and pollsters attacking him unnecessarily, and the poll numbers coming out unevenly, respectively, to say the least, to indicate that they knew something that the public or the rest of the American people did not know about. Anyone could be suspicious of what was going on with the media and the polls.

Would it, or could it, be the result of the election they were forecasting, and if so, how? In that case the "rigged" notion could be true; and if that was so, Americans would not accept it.

Everybody knew that everything and anything political could be fixed or rigged; and Mr. Trump's answer to the moderator, Chris Wallace, on the debate night was right, that he would wait for the result and then decide to comment on it, rather than putting himself in trap that his opponents have figured out (set) for him.

Any attack on him on that score by anybody was unusual and therefore unwelcome.



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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      23 months ago

      Agreed, 100%, Ericdierker. I appreciate your encouragement. America deserves a better government; not the repeat of the Obama administration, which has done very poorly for the people of the country. Have a great day, buddy.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      23 months ago

      Agreed, 100%, Ericdierker. I appreciate your encouragement. America deserves a better government; not the repeat of the Obama administration, which has done very poorly for the people of the country. Have a great day, buddy.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      23 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I am plenty old enough to remember the hanging chads. And it was so close in time to my schooling that I learned about Dewey Wins!! Of course one has to see how things turn out before declaring that a future event will be appropriate. I just had to role my eyes at the pundits. What bull#@&$.


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