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Donald Trump Isn't a Geopolitical Theorist

Updated on November 29, 2017

In the geopolitical world any rogue nation that wants to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump has to develop their arsenal of nuclear weapons as a deterrent to invasion. However, how many times does Donald Trump and his administration have to convey that they have no intention in invading North Korea? A political philosopher is not like a scientist where facts are established with harmony towards human behavior. The reason why is that human behavior relies on its own cognitive instinct to protect themselves from an adverse threat.

That adverse threat can be perceived as a will in determining who they are and why they exist. If that is the case, a capable nuclear arsenal not only becomes national will, but also fortitude in establishing some degree of dominance in the region that they believe is rightfully theirs. Sanctions are also based on a certain behavior modification where a nation has to change their stance in order to subscribe to international order.

However, when dealing with masculinity between two miscreant leaders, the requirement of modifying behavior is circumvented by the will of other nations watching and interpreting their own political philosophy in how America reacts towards North Korea. That means Japan can not capitulate to American dominance in the Korean Peninsula or the Asia Pacific region because their informal policy notes that if America can not protect Japan then Japan has to take care of itself.

If China can not persuade North Korea to deter their nuclear capabilities then the region itself becomes more volatile, therefore signifying the fact that China can not allow America to attack North Korea. On the other hand, Russia is solidifying their position in the Asia Pacific region and therefore many countries will look towards Vladimir Putin to enforce their economic destiny. That economic destiny will rely on the force of Europe gaining a foothold in the economic growth of the Asia Pacific region.

Russia does play a key role in the format of strategic thinking enabling their capability of gathering the sequences of events that will unfold when the US decides to pull the trigger. Trump continues to pontificate that he will take care of North Korea. Indeed, Trump stated that he has his generals by his side, but what are these generals exactly thinking? What are their behavior modifications rather than the scientific facts that rely on concrete proof in determining human behavior?

Trump fears himself as a corresponding effort in the decisions that he must make in order to keep America safe. Remember, a populist leader often identifies with himself as a core value of speaking for the people that they believe they need to protect. Trump will build a political construct as a way to antagonize the middle class with platitudes in order to achieve the plentitudes in the survival of the American dream.

The supremacy of the will of the people relies on the commonality between the powerful against the powerless. The political imagery of this conflict is based on the appeal to be threatened. The juxtaposition is that both countries feel threatened. That means North Korea’s conventional wisdom and imagery of who they are is now reflected upon the Americans who are being threatened with their lives. Trump may find diplomacy with China and Russia as a channel to get himself out of this malaise that has impinged America’s psychic for the past 30 years.

The truth is that the corner has narrowed. The provocations were met by the US generals and they knew exactly what they were doing. The United States’ and South Korea’s joint-military exercises displayed their festivities of strength that allowed North Korea to view America’s might. However, Kim Jong-un’s strength rested on provocation when the military festivities prompted Trump to feel relaxed and tranquil that North Korea will never fire another ballistic missile. The US generals knew when they decided to terminate their military exercises that North Korea’s behavior modification will take over and solidify their strength as a rogue nation for every nation to watch. The US generals are familiar with the Egyptian Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Mongols. They understand that they have to expand continuously as these empires did as an economic force that determines the will and order of the world. That in itself becomes the end game in the decision of what Donald Trump has to do to sanctify the American military’s honor upon the expansion and their efforts in economic growth. If Socrates can not live with respect to human expansion then he must take the poison as the Athenians reluctantly gave to him. Trump’s populism is driven by the media elites. Political parties are often traumatized by populist leaders because the party’s mode and identification becomes the leader itself. Trump’s external enemy is the media and the way they oppress him rather than the swamp that elected him.

Steve Bannon’s Leninist doctrine has inoculated itself as a theory of the disenfranchised who are angry and hungry and are making America great by resisting corporate imperative profits from lower wage countries. Steve Bannon loves to make money, but his personal worth is based on the proletariat and Leninists’ interpretation of Marxist theories in giving the working class some slice of the economic pie. Trump’s slice of the economic pie is making America safe. If Trump is to make America safe he may follow the generals’ interpretation of the Conquistador.

I’d like to thank Michael Ambrozewicz for his contributions to this article.


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