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Donald Trump Isn't Trying To Make America Great...He's Trying To Destroy It!

Updated on June 1, 2017

It's the only thing that makes sense of Trump's behavior

By behavior, I don't mean his general over-the-top look-at-me behavior. I refer to the things he's done since taking over the job of President. Every move he makes is to destroy this country. Just look at the people he's appointed to his cabinet? Most are enemies of the departments they now represent, sent in to personally destroy each department.

Look at his appointment of Ben Carson to head Housing and Urban Development. The man has no experience in this area and no basic understanding. If the man had had to pass a psych exam to prove his mental fitness, I very much doubt he'd be able to pass it. I understand the man was supposed to be a brain surgeon, but the man we've seen is someone I wouldn't trust to change a tire, let alone operate on someone's brain. Maybe at one time this man was a brain surgeon, but something seems to have happened to the man's mind since then. He seems like the lights are on and no one's at home. And this is who Trump put in charge of this department. Carson's latest declaration is that poverty is just a state of mind. Yeah, you struggle to pay your rent and don't have enough money to put food on the table and that's just all in your mind. The only sense it makes to put this man in charge of a department he has no idea how to run or even any kind of understanding of it is he was put in charge to destroy it.

And that's but one example of the incompetents he's put in charge of each section of government. We have Betsy De Vos the anti-education Secretary of Education. Let's not forget about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions a known racist he's made Attorney General who lied in his confirmation hearing about having ties to Russia and has that same vacant look in his eyes that Ben Carson does. Then there was his hiring of Michael Flynn, who we now know he knew was under investigation for ties to Russia, and he hired him anyway. Just another one of his dodgy hires, but then pretty much every single person he's hired for a position is dodgy that it can't be passed off as just a coincidence unless you're one of the Republicans in Congress trying to cover for Trump and act like this is the normal actions of someone who wants to do best for this country and make it great.

Unless you're living under a rock, you know Trump is being investigated for his own ties to Russia and what part they played in his election to leader of a country he seems out to destroy. Trump has got the stench of Russia on him so deeply you can smell the borscht a mile away coming off of him. We now know his son-in-law set-up a secret communication channel with Russia that the they're trying to pass off as normal, too. So Trump is surrounded by people with Russian connections and Trump himself spilled top secret information to some of his Russian comrades, he even called up his Russian buddies to tell about firing former FBI director James Comey. That information he spilled resulted, no doubt, in the death of the undercover agent he ratted out. Why hasn't he been brought up on charges for that? Answer: The House Republicans.

The utter arrogance of Trump is he thinks he can get away with anything and no one will stop him, and unfortunately, he's right. If a Democratic President had done a tenth of the things Trump has done the House Republicans would be conducting a witch hunt against said President, but with Trump they do nothing and let him continue to destroy this country piece-by-piece. Look at the witch hunt they conducted against Bill Clinton because he had consensual oral sex? It's become as blatantly obvious that Trump is Putin's Comrade X as Trump and the House Republicans have a mutually beneficial parasitic relationship. They let him destroy this country if he'll sign whatever bill that also helps destroy this country. It's a win-win for Trump and the House Republicans, while it's a lose-lose for this country and it's citizens who aren't in the 1% rich that Trump represents. They fought having him investigated by an independent council until the Democrats held a press conference and slut-shamed them into doing the right thing. They've shown unless they are forced to do something about Trump, they won't do anything.

The Republicans have even broken the rules to help get Trump's supreme court pick appointed. Now he's urging them to break the rules again to put his Deathcare bill...sorry his so-called Trumpcare bill passed, which will take healthcare away from millions of people, as well as his tax cut that will benefit the rich 1% of this country. Trump has also complained that the Constitution of the United States is too restraining and he wants it changed. The Constitution is what our country is based on and every other President had no problem following the rules it lays out, but then those men were dedicated to doing what was best for our country, not being a dedicated to destroying our country like Trump is. I'm sure he'll want the same rules bent to pass his inhumane budget that benefits the rich and takes everything he can from the poor.

Of course, destroying our country from inside it wasn't enough for him, so he went on his first trip out of the country and did even more damage to our country and our standing in the world. His latest foul move is to pull out of the Paris Climate Pact, which puts not just our country but our world in danger, is expected to be announced today. But if he agreed to something like that, the rich people in our country, who have damaged our country to the point it's affecting our weather, might have to clean up their acts. And Trump is all about the rich 1% and everyone else in this country can just curl up and die as far as he's concerned.

In just a few months this man has damaged our country to a level once thought unimaginable. His wife's refusal to live in the White House and his weekly vacations to Florida have eaten up millions of dollars in tax payers money. His appointment as President has caused racists to start acting out and the rise of hate crimes is unprecedented, something our so-called president has failed to address. He's too busy playing golf and trying to take healthcare from millions.

Trump is under investigation for colluding with Russia to fix the election, so why hasn't his powers to govern been frozen until he's been cleared, which seems very unlikely at this point. The answer is the House Republicans won't do it. They're content to let him destroy our country as it fits right into their own plans. This isn't a matter of party loyalty as the media are trying to sell it as, it's collusion in the destruction of this country.

Neither Trump nor the elected Republican politicians adhere to the values our country is based on. If they're not removed from power our country is in danger of being completely destroyed.


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 6 months ago from > California

      Another Positive SIGN 4 the "FORCES of Good" ~ While Hallucination Prone Mr. Trump Commits another "ATROCIOUS Act of Illegality" in an attempt to SABOTAGE our HealthCARE by what appears to be "COERCING" Law Makers into Terminating the ACA (ObamaCARE), an essential program which helps MILLIONs of Americans, the COURTs have Ruled that "WE the PEOPLE" can Exercise OUR "LEGAL Remedy RIGHTs" to STOP this Unstable "Putin-POODLE" from "Pulling the PLUG" on Critically Needed HealthCARE Subsidies ~

      Did Donald actually believe he could Arbitrarily TERMINATE your HealthCARE in the USA with IMPUNITY?? Without MASSIVE Resistance??

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 8 months ago from > California

      Wonderful Article Kathryn64 ~ There is no doubt, we have entered the "DARKEST Most DANGEROUS Times" in American HISTORY ~ It's a FACT that a SCRIPT which Chronicled the last 2 years of Mentally ILL Donald John would be "Ridiculed, Laughed at, & REJECTED by Hollywood for being a FANTASY which could NEVER happen here in the USA ~ A Deranged "Russian PUPPET" Subverting OUR Nation from the INSIDE??? It could NEVER happen RIGHT?? WRONG, I guess MILLIONs of Motion Picture Investment Money has been LOST ~

      Subsequent to Hitler, Donald John is indeed the CLOSEST Resemblance 2 the ANTI-Christ we will ever know ~ The RESISTANCE to STAVE Off his Apparent Destruction of the USA & the WORLD is "STRONG & Mighty", it is GROWING by the minute ~ Donald John's INSANE Actions must be "CONTAINED" until he & his accomplices such as Ben Carson, Rex Tilerson, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnel & Paul Ryan are FINALLY Removed from OUR White House ~

      P.S. ~ "GOOD Always Triumphs Over EVIL" and Donald will be rendered powerless by the "FORCEs of Righteousness" very soon ~