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Donald Trump - President of the United Sates and His 5 Point Plan

Updated on November 7, 2016
clivewilliams profile image

As I see it I put it. I do not get involved directly in politics. It is a tricksters game. But if you plan to vote. Vote for me.

Donald "Insane" Trump
Donald "Insane" Trump

All the events that have lead up to America's 2016 election have been downright disgusting, deceiving, pitiful and how could I leave out extremely funny. The 2016 election has provided quite a comedy show for the world. Who would have thought that a crazy guy could actually become the president of the United States of America? It is funny how people view an insane person who has wealth compared to an insane person who has none. If a common man off the street said half the trash Trump said he would have been admitted in a mental institution; but who can argue with Trumps billions right? One really has to wonder, who is really pulling the strings in the background. Are you telling me that a great country like America has no better representation? Let's size up the two candidates and just take a quick synopsis of who they really are.


  • A very obnoxious open racist who exploits people and only seems to care about counting his cash than counting his blessings. A pitiful sight to be the face of such a great nation.


  • We all know that Hillary is only the front face for her husband who will be truly calling all the shots. Hillary is a fragile individual who probably may not last half a term in office. She is also a supporter of racist activist.

There you have it America, your two best bets. Sigh, I am certainly going to miss Obama even though he had no backbone and did absolutely nothing for Black America. But Obama's time is over and he has certainly made America great in some ways in my eyes. But with all that said, let us turn back to the colorful Donald Trump and look at what his 5 Key plans are for America to make it great.

Trump's Plans To Make America Great?

1. Grab 'em By The Nookie
I can tell you Mr. Trump, you have just made the day of millions of perverts in America and other nations day one of the best. Donald Trump's plan is to ensure that American men have little respect for their mothers, sisters and wives. He has no plans to sit down and properly court a young lady and let them know that they are equally important in this race called human. Instead when he see's a woman he believes he wants all he needs to do is grab 'em by the nookie, clobber them with his cave stick and drag them by the hair to his cave to boil potatoes, and blow in his outrageous hair piece. I have some sad news for you sir Trump, most woman who you see and just grab by the nookie and they go along with it may not be the type worth bringing home. This is the man whom American woman will put into power. Well, I know that the grabbing will certainly increase in America.

2. Put The KKK Into Power
We all know that the Ku Klux Klan has some pretty powerful members. Many of these members hold high offices in the public service. They are Judges, Doctors, Police Officers, Nurses and Politicians. They have been wanting to "Make America Great Again" for a pretty long time. Now that they have their desired leader in place they can put their ideas to him more easily and have them slip through and bills passed to eradicate America of the colored race. One thing for sure is that the white house will become even more whiter with all those sheets cut out with eye holes walking around.

3. The Great Wall Of America
Welcome to the year 2016 where technology is at it's greatest and America's government decides to build a wall to block out vermin from entering their country. Trump hates Mexicans and believe they are lazy nacho eaters who should simply stay on their side of the fence while the whites and their sleeping slaves stay on the other. By doing this he believes more jobs will be available for more Americans. But the truth is trump has no idea what jobs Mexicans do and that many Americans are downright lazy and will never take on some of the Jobs these immigrants do. The sad thing about his plan is that some immigrants like trump's plan, they believe that borders should be kept tight and only the select few must enter America to seek a better life. They endorse the Trump wall.

4. Block Refugees From Entering America
America I love you...well some of you really. But i just have to express my disgust on how America has helped fuel wars in the middle east, provided weapons of mass destruction to rebels and official armies. Then all hell breaks loose and women and children die. Homes and temples are destroyed and the countries little wealth stolen, then expect these people to sit in rumbles of stone and piles of dead and try to build back their nation. I believe the destroyer should be the builder. If you can not create, do not destroy. America has never rolled into the middle east with lumber, cement and blocks, but with bombs, guns and ammunition. Think!

5. Re-Introduce Slavery
Somehow, Trump seems to remind me of the Apartheid President Botha. I don't think it is the hair, maybe it is because they have the same ideology and indeed the same kind of policies.Botha was a former South African prime minister and president who maintained the racial caste system of apartheid. But let us not go head over heals though, the slavery Trump wants to re-introduce is not a whip, shackle and chain. But a mental and a financial slavery for black America. More black people will find it extremely difficult to live on the land captured from the Native Americans. They will have increased financial burdens which will lead many to end up in jail or pack up and leave the country. Racism will emerge extremely openly again. The black people of America will have bitter days.

Who will you vote for or who have you voted for in America 2016 Election?

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Election Is a Mind Game

Every election across the entire Flat Earth is a mind game and is simply designed as a way to control the masses. Let us look at things with a little common sense. If you asked your great grand ma or pa about an issue which existed back in their days that needed to be fixed you could relate to a same issue that needs to be fixed in your days. There is always something to implement, some policy that needs to be created. But at the end of the day nothing really gets fixed, it is just a game played by the elites on the masses which allows them full dominance over the majority by using one individual.

They run an election to make you believe that you have some sort of say in who really runs the country. But most of the times it really doesn't matter how you vote, it is who they the elite decide to place at the helm. This American Election 2016 is no different from the many we have seen in the past. All dirty laundries gets washed in the public. From Hillary's husband secret sex life and unwanted son scandal to her so called devastating email FBI investigation, to her maid scandal.Where was all this information before an election and why does it matter now? It actually doesn't, not to the top brasses anyway. It is just some dirt to get the public agitated and make breaking news.

Well grab out your pop corns everyone, make sure you have pizza and some soda. Set up your projector and watch the biggest comedy show the world has ever seen. America's 2016 Election.


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    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      2 years ago from Jamaica

      Yes always, she support the idea of a racist to eliminate blacks.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I can't believe you think Hillary is a racist. I am shocked!!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Interesting but I do not comment on such political types of hubs. ;-), oops I just did.


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