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Donald Trump Shames the American Soldier

Updated on November 14, 2017

One thing about WikiLeaks is that sometimes its real purpose is to smear and destroy without any ethical framework in deciding what information should be published. The internet did not democratize the world; it polarized our sensibilities and deployed network models as an organization capable of a resilient form of attack. WikiLeaks is not in the habit to hide corrupt dirty laundry from the global community or any criminal violation that is instituted by the state.

WikiLeaks embryonic growth is reflected upon transparency and the freedom of expression based on freedom of speech and a globally connected community that becomes untamable with kleptocracy. Kleptocracy believes in its own digital and technological advancements that are far removed from the cultural beliefs that empower democratic nations. However, the integration of social media is not free.

Trump stated, “Globalization has made the financial elites who donate to politicians very wealthy … but it left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and headache.” As though Trump and his miscreant sons know anything about poverty. Even his daughter Ivanka may have second thoughts about her husband colluding with the Russians with the full authority of a royal father.

As though Trump knows what poverty and misery is all about from the confines of the golden washroom that he pridefully sits in. How many Americans have the luxury of going to a golden washroom? Yet despite this, the swamp that elected him feel abused every time the media or an individual attacks Donald Trump.

The individuals that make up the swamp behave like abused dogs that continue to rely on the social mechanism and belief that Donald Trump loves them. Even the Evangelicals that believe in repentance allow themselves to put Donald Trump as a shrine above God and then bow down to him. What God do these Evangelicals believe in?

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., secured a dialogue with WikiLeaks without any public thought or regard for security. The conciliatory note was sent to discuss the relationship with WikiLeaks and its cohabitation with the Trump campaign. The decentralization of the information environment became the prime component in allowing Trump’s son to implement the audience fragmentation to win the election at all costs.

Donald Trump Jr. had no inkling that the Constitution of America produced its own model that gave future generations the rights and freedoms secured by the death of American soldiers. It’s a fact that Trump’s son was directly communicating with WikiLeaks in the last stages of the presidential election last year. Trump Jr. sent direct messages using the official WikiLeaks Twitter account between September 20, 2016 and October 12, 2016.

Trump Jr’s lawyers and Atlantic magazine received copies of this correspondence provided to them by congressional investigators. The timing of the exchange of these messages came at a critical time in Trump’s presidential campaign and for WikiLeaks itself. The election was coming up in a few weeks and WikiLeaks was under attack for its publication of hacked emails of senior Democratic figures by the Russian government according to data gathered by US intelligence agencies.

Therefore it’s quite evident that Trump’s miscreant son decided to make a deal with WikiLeaks to advance his father’s agenda and WikiLeaks reputation. Trump, the royal highness who sits in his gold washroom, decided with his own conventional wisdom to mention WikiLeaks more than 25 times during his rallies leading up to the election.

So if Donald Trump did not know that his son was in collusion with WikiLeaks and that the information came from the Soviet Union, then how did the October election surprise come into fruition? It was Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, who went on national television and indicated that the American citizens are in for a surprise. How did Rudy Giuliani obtain this information? Was it Donald Trump’s son? Or was it the man sitting in the golden washroom looking to represent the common people of the United States?

When many American soldiers have given their lives for the Constitution that bears witness of a generation not yet born, then one must come to terms with the fact that they rely on the American people to hold that conduct in place. If Americans can not honor the dead then do yourself a favor and don’t honor the living.

Trump’s miscreant son feels vindicated to show Americans his dialogue with WikiLeaks via Russia. WikiLeaks’ sources of income comes partially from advertising, but it’s obvious that the majority of their revenue is provided by Russia. What did Russia want from WikiLeaks in order to release this information to Trump’s son? The answer is the promotion of WikiLeaks as some sort of national brand that comes up with all the information involving national security.

It’s safe to say Donald Trump laid a golden egg to the American people. This time however, his son decided to split the golden egg. One final note, these dead American soldiers have lifted their heads above ground and they're crawling out of their graves as an army for the purpose of achieving their legacy bearing witness to the United States of America.

I’d like to thank Michael Ambrowicz for his contributions into this article.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 months ago from Orange County California

      Donald Trump Shames the American Soldier

      No mention of DT only his son.