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Donald Trump ....The 2016 Candidate Explained

Updated on June 17, 2015

Donald Trump has been around for a long time. If you are 40 something you know him well, you know the tabloid history, you know the hair jokes you have seen the reality shows and even his feuds with Rosie O'Donnell.

Trump's appeal for many Americans is his lack of a filter to voice what frustrates him as well as all of us NORMAL people about the way the country is headed. This same trait also has the ability to bury him as well.

The PC police are stronger than ever and the Amercian public is as timid as ever to stand behind a guy like Trump. If you say one cross word about socialist policies you are on the local news. That is YOUR worst nightmare. Why? What has happened in the last 6 years to make you so afraid to voice an honest opinion?

Trump stands for the fed up guy who punches a clock...even though he hasnt punched a clock in years.......but he works under the same rules as us.

His fortune is a triubute to Capitalism. Capitalism is under fire with the current socialist movement going on today so, naturally, he's pissed....and so are you.

He's pissed about our borders being a slut for anyone who wants to enter. He's pissed because our government is a cash cow for any politician who knows how to work the system. Its turned into a money making scheme instead of a servant of the public and anyone who is elected in to change it is destroyed by the lifers who have been in place for half a century or more and are running the show. They wont let an honest guy in so what are we to do?

Elect Trump? Will that help?

Trump will have to prove he isnt another Ross Perot with an agenda. He will have to prove he can debate with the dirtbags to stand tall among a crowd of baracudas who are looking to shut him down fast. If a guy outside of the DC crime ring is able to infiltrate and make a difference....possibly exposing the corruption he finds...the holiday for 90% of our elected officals will be over. They arent going to sit back and allow this to happen. It will come down to his money vs theirs.

Trump's eccentric personality will probably be his undoing unless his passion and abilty to relate to the every-day Amercan can drown that out.

If you discard his boasting of being super rich from his announcement speech today, you have a good contender.

The media couldnt help but try to destroy him today, making him look like a nut because his frustrations echo ours and threaten theirs.

I will be watching. This will be interesting to say the least!


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    • TheWingless profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Exactly! And Saturday Night Live would re-live its glory days at the top of the ratings.

      He would supply them with endless material and best of all, Rosie might just leave the country.

    • kbdressman profile image


      3 years ago from Harlem, New York

      Well, at least we'd have entertaining state of the union addresses for the next term if he were elected!


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