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Donald Trump, The Dumbest President

Updated on November 3, 2017

The Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak played a round of golf with Donald Trump, and of course when he came to visit the United States, he and his entourage stayed at the Trump International Hotel. When he got back to Malaysia he told his countrymen that they should not fuss over minor things even though he was not invited to stay at the Blair House, commonly referred to as the US president’s guesthouse. However, Razak did receive the acknowledgment and respect from the US administration inside the Trump Hotel.

Needless to say, who paid for these hotel guests? Was it the Malaysian entourage? Or the American taxpayer? Both men are billionaires but it seems like one is more equal than the other in terms of financing Trump’s enterprises. It was rather intriguing when Razak stated, “China, we were accused of selling our sovereignty, I wonder, are they going to say we sold our sovereignty to Saudi Arabia?”

Saudi Arabia recently confirmed that the generous $681 million donation to Najib Razak was indeed from the Saudi Royal family. Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir indicated, “It is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return. And we are also fully aware that the attorney general of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrong doing. So as far as we are concerned, the matter is closed.”

Adel al-Jubeir went on to even acknowledge that the money was a “genuine donation” when asked about the monetary transfer by Malaysian reporters in Istanbul. You think Trump wouldn’t want a “genuine donation” of $681 million from the Saudis? Of course the Saudis wouldn’t ask anything from Trump; however they may ask if they’re allowed to stay at a Trump Hotel franchise, as long as American taxpayers foot the bill.

Malaysia announced the Saudi Arabian oil giant Aramco is buying a hefty equity stake in Petronas’ petrochemical and major refining project. The Malaysian-owned Petronas indicated this $7 billion was Saudi Arabia’s biggest downstream investment outside the kingdom.

Aramco Chief Executive Officer Amin Nasser stated, “Malaysia offers tremendous growth opportunities and today’s agreement further strengthens Saudi Aramco’s position as the leading supplier of petroleum feedstock to Malaysia and Southeast Asia. To my knowledge, it is the largest single downstream investment made by Saudi Aramco outside the kingdom.”

This isn’t the first time Saudis have invested in Malaysia. The two countries continue to strengthen ties thanks to the generous donations of the Saudi Royal family. The sale of military equipment to Malaysia was issued as a press release by the defense ministry, Riyadh more than favorably agreed to “give serious consideration” in the sale of fighter jets and helicopters, and other surplus military equipment to the Royal Malaysian Air Force and Army Aviation Unit.

The problem with Donald Trump is that the Saudi Arabian King Salman recognizes that Trump is the weakest president since the birth of their nation. Saudi Arabia’s intentions include not only sales of oil in the Asia Pacific region, but to dominate the region itself against countries like Russia also looking to get in on the action. Salman’s future industrial diversity aims to get into the field of weapons manufacturing and defense. Under Trump, the United States rectified a multibillion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, signifying a solidification of the two countries’ decades-long alliance. The agreement was worth just over $350 billion and aims to provide the Saudis with 10 years of military equipment, with as much as $110 billion of it taking effect immediately.

The White House called the deal, “a significant expansion of the security relationship between the countries.” These security arrangements are based on Saudi Arabia becoming an arms dealer not only in the Middle East, but every country looking to do business with the kingdom. As long as the Saudi Royal family kicks in some hush-money to various leaders that require military weapons, the deals will successfully come into fruition.

Even Saudi Arabia’s old military assets are valuable for countries that carry high levels of debt, especially those situated in Africa. The Royal family is making the right moves and pulling the right strings in the geopolitical world. Their future is further solidified by the Economic Silk Road project which will strengthen its ties with many developing and developed nations in the Eastern part of the globe.

Saudi Aramco and Malaysia’s Petronas made sure that British Petroleum (BP), Chevron, and Exxon Mobil will have trouble gaining access to the Asia Pacific region. Trump’s investment in Saudi Arabia further undermines these American multinational companies and adds to the demise of their efforts of global expansion and trade.

Trump the miscreant President, fails to see long-term gains at the expense of his shortsighted manifestation of American nationalism. Trump’s short-term gain is only based on the American taxpayer picking up the tab for these dignitaries staying at his hotel franchises. Najib Razak simply told his countrymen to shut up; he had no problem staying at Trump’s luxury rooms and amenities at the Trump International in New York City. After all he did pocket $681 million, and that’s only Trump change in how the future will unfold.

I'd like to thank Michael Ambrozewicz for his contributions to this article.


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    • Fiorenzo Arcadi profile imageAUTHOR

      Fiorenzo Arcadi 

      11 months ago from 1592 Bloor Street West

      Brad, I did my work.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD


      Another comment with only emotion and rudeness.

      Where is your foundation, and where are your facts?

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      I dont think you need any facts for your article and I thank you for saying the obvious. You could be a moron and watch Fox news all day and believe it. So your next article should be a huge. When Trump is spewing his garbage on television, he still said it and it doesnt matter what channel he lies on.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Another flop emotional subjective, non factual article.

    • Sharlee01 profile image


      13 months ago

      So curious he has done so well in life. I guess we must agree to disagree in regards to President Trumps IQ....

    • profile image

      Jennifer B 

      13 months ago

      I don’t agree with most of what Trump does

    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 

      13 months ago from Mid West

      No matter the issue, his IQ is the eraser on the end of a pencil....duh.


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