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The rural White vote won't win Trump the Presidential Election

Updated on March 17, 2016


Okay. Maybe the Hitler thing is bit of a stretch. Some would say a distasteful characterization drummed up by the media to strike fear into the minds of the public. The comparison however is out of proportion: one guy fired people on a reality TV show, the other is responsible for one of the greatest atrocities in history. I'm not a Trump supporter, but I think this characterization demonstrated poor-class and irresponsibility on the part of his opponents.

However, I would say he's employing some Hitler-esque strategies by appealing to the hatred that exist within some rural white Americans that have a deeply rooted fear of losing their country to liberal and minority groups. Trump has been described by his supporters as a breath of fresh air; an opportunity for them to vent. And like mindless zombies, their acting off of impulse rather than rationale. So the 80% of empty promises that legally can't be fulfilled are nothing more than Propaganda spewed by Trump to appeal to his followers ignorance, passion, fear and hatred with complete disregard to rational thought.

Their just happy someone is representing their beliefs and how they feel inside, when the bitter reality is Trump is pro-green, and I'm not talking about alternative fuel. He knows, win or lose, his brand will definitely flourish and receive more publicity than anything he could do on television.

Just Sit Back And Enjoy The Show

Though the support he's garnered is growing exponentially, there's a cap on the amount of disenfranchised rural whites that will vote for him because the majority of white Americans aren't so quick to pick up a pitch fork and mob down the center of town with torches. The generalization may not be fair to all his supporters, but after watching a few of his rallies, you can definitely get a sense of the mob mentality as they forcibly usher opposition outside the door. Sometimes physically. It looks pretty scary and uninviting if your not from that demographic of people. There's a lot of intelligent liberal whites and conservative whites that can see this for the gimmick and promotional vehicle this has turned out to be.

The conservative, disenfranchised, mostly high school educated, between the age of 45 - 67 years of age, rural white American that makes up the bulk of Trump supporters won't be enough to win Trump the Presidency and possibly even the nomination, because he offended multitudes of other would-be supporters by using bullying tactics in his message: torturing people, banning groups of people, mass deportations? Really? Rational people understand that we do have an immigration problem, but I'm certain that most of us whom are decent people won't be okay with the government kicking down doors, yanking little kids out of their bed and dragging them out of their homes.

Will We Ever Evolve As A Country?

This whole ordeal has done one thing, and one thing only -- it has revealed a passive aggressive, disenfranchised group of white people who have harbored generations of ill and misguided rhetoric towards minorities and liberals. This group is fearful that that they're losing their country to change. Blacks, it would seem, aren't the only group that feels disenfranchised. Trump speaks to them much in the way the Black Lives Matters group speaks to a multitude of disenfranchised Blacks. The only difference is one group is fighting for social equality, the other is fighting to maintain its social privilege and traditions.

In contrast, Donald Trump is therapeutic to this country. At the very least, the passive aggressiveness phase is out in the open instead of being hidden in a smile in fear of being publicly shamed for being a racist or bigot. That in itself is good because the issues and feelings felt by this group of people are out on full display so, when it's all over, the healing can start. The undeniable truth is, we're ALL Americans and we shouldn't need a terrorist attack to make us realize that. White people are not going any where, Blacks aren't going any where, Muslims aren't going any where, and not to forget anyone in between. We're in this together for better or worse.

It's about time to do away with all these color categories. Improbable now, but at some point we must evolve beyond the 0.07 inch of skin that separates us because beyond that, we're made of the same stuff. We all want to be happy and enjoy life with our families -- America is built on the principal that all people should have the opportunity to live that dream. Not just a select few, while the rest of the people live mediocrely, or poorly. The opportunity provided by our Founding Fathers must be preserved: this is what they stood up for, fought and died for.

We all aspire to have a great life here in America. Lets keep to that dream, because once that dream dies, America dies.


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