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Donald Trump: The Political Anomaly

Updated on September 26, 2015

The emergence of Donald Trump in the realm of politics has taken America by surprise. Political analysts don't quite understand why it is that Trump is leading in the polls. He has not only been very rude, but he has made offensive statements to women and hispanics. No one thought that Donald Trump would make it this far in the race much less be #1 in the polls.

Donald Trump seems to be a new type of politician. People seem to overlook his blatantly sexist comments and admire his candidness. His success so far has been a sign of public dissatisfaction towards the government. There is also a flagrant lack of trust in our government primarily because politicians haven't seemed to uphold their end of the bargain. The people of America want a candidate like Donald Trump who is not afraid of what he says in front of the public. Traditional politics is all about the image of a politician that has to be carefully molded to perfection. Donald Trump seems to stray from these political norms, leaving everyone asking the same question. What does this mean for the future of America?

Trump did formally declare during the GOP debate that he would run as an independent if the Republican party did not put him on the ticket. The Republican Party must make a vital decision now. If they put Donald Trump on the ticket, they will most likely lose the election to a Democratic candidate. However, if they do not put Donald Trump on the ticket, he will run independent and most likely split the Republican vote, once again giving the election to the Democratic Party. This situation puts the Republican Party in a tight spot. The only way that they could win is if either Trump drops out of the election, or if Trump shows promise of winning the election.

Now we must all ask ourselves a vital question. Does Donald Trump have a chance of winning this election? The polls indicate that he is the leading candidate in the Republican field. How we explain his popularity?

1. Name Recognition

It is still very early in the primaries, and one way to explain the poll numbers is Donald Trump's fame from being a businessman. At this point, he is most likely leading in the polls because has name recognition among American citizens.

2. Media Attention

The media can't seem to take their eyes off of Donald Trump. To them he is a beefy story, and this is turn further increases his popularity. This media attention only helps his name recognition. Donald Trump has essentially made American politics a reality show for citizens. He has been the center of political comedy and satire. However, as it goes "all publicity is good publicity." Donald Trump stands out among the other Republican candidates that look bland and boring in comparison. The other Republican candidates get any media attention compared to Trump because they are not nearly as interesting and spontaneous as Trump is on live television.

3. Political Dissatisfaction Among American Citizens

Donald Trump's campaign exploits the American people's dissatisfaction with their government. He is gathering followers among angry, uneducated citizens that have been demoralized and need someone to blame. People are tired of conventional candidates and political correctness. They want someone that is honest and will tell it like it is.

4. Money

Donald Trump has the resources to run the kind of campaign that he does. Like Ross Perot, Trump is deep pocketed and has infinite resources to spend on his campaign. He doesn't need endorsements from the Koch brothers, because he himself can spend as much as he wants on this election. He doesn't have to please anyone and is free to say what he wants. This is another aspect that paints him as a candid politician that cannot be swayed by interest groups and powerful elites. This money is what is essentially buying his popularity. No other Republican candidate has the resources that are available to run Trump's campaign.


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    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 

      3 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      I think Trump could win - he is his own best friend and own worst enemy at the same time. A core group of people support him and he can grow that group with some discipline. I think the chance of a third party run should be something the Democrats worry about more than the Republican - Bernie Sanders may just get a winning feeling and if he gets shafted by the Democratic party could make his own run


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