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Donald Trump

Updated on May 12, 2017

The Americans who voted for Donald Trump should be sitting back deterring the faith of the man they voted for to be the president f the United States. They rallied around Trump thinking he had their best interest at heart. Donald Trump and his staff are now sitting on the hot, seat from lye's they are telling on TV with the public looking on.

Trump the president of the united states is coming unglued firing everyone who is not loyal to him he get angry and latch out at anyone who gets in his way.

It's up to the Republicans to do the right thing and do what's right for the people and our nation, they are standing behind a president who has involve himself to one of American enemies "Russia". The vice president is being made a fool out of he know what Trump was before he agreed to be the vice president, now he is in question.

Donald J. Trump is not fix to be president he is a liability to our nation and the people, he signs congressional orders daily because he can without the understanding of what he is doing. He refuses to show his taxes, make up lies daily and the Republicans still stands behind a man with no respect for others.

It's time for the democrats and the Republicans to come together and do what necessary to protect our country and the people from a reckless president who will deserve America.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 months ago from Boston MA

      It's a sad day for America when the leader of our country the president of the United States is being investigated for being in cahoots with Russia .

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 11 months ago from Boston MA

      It's hard to believe that so many American are rallying around a man who talks about women as if they are nothing but sex objects. Donald Trump got busted saying mean and hateful thing against women. How can his wife and daughter respect him? He's not sorry Donald Trump has never apologized for any in his life. Those are his words.