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Donald Trump- a dangerous man?

Updated on May 9, 2016

Republican US Presidential Candidate- Donald Trump

Trump- a force to be reckoned with?

Donald Trump, a transnational corporation businessman and billionaire, is standing for election in America in 2017. His 'policies' are nothing more than ridiculous- only really being racist and xenophobic. But yet his following is extraordinarily large. Why?

Trump, during a time of huge terrorist on-goings in the Middle East, as well as in Paris and Brussels, has blamed this on all Muslims. Not merely a distinct number of terrorist insurgents in the Middle East and parts of Africa, but all Muslims. This is similar to saying that Trump is of the same calibre as former Republican President- Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It is just wrong. Yet, despite all of his flaws he continues to be not only be supported by the traditionally Republican 'Deep South', but his support is spreading, at an alarming rate across the United States.

Can he be trusted with America's large army, navy and air force? Trump is known to be largely Islamophobic- recently saying if he became President he would ban Muslims from entering the US. This, undoubtedly is both wrong and goes against the UN's doctrine of trying to improve diversity and tolerance. But yet he is getting away with it. Can a bigot be given the free disposition to the most powerful country in the world's nuclear warheads? Trump, who recently referred to the 9/11 terrorist attacks as "7/11", is fast becoming the most dangerous man in the world.

Trump's rise to power from relatively humble (not!) upbringing is extraordinary. After getting a one million dollar grant from his father at a young age, he weaseled his way into the conglomerate world. Whilst working in the city making himself increasingly richer, his idea of his self-worth increased dramatically. Whilst making his billions in his ivory tower he became irrefutably disconcerted with the Democratic Government. However, he remained adamant he would not stand for office.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and look who is not only the Republican candidate, but also- highly likely to be the most powerful man in the world. Trump, having ousted other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Kasich from standing against him, (reminiscent of the Night of the Long Knives) is now facing up against Hilary Clinton (a Democrat) in order to become the next President.

Over the next couple of months America has to decide whether it wants to move a step in the right direction by electing its first ever female President, during a time of increased diversity, acceptance and multiculturalism. Or, whether it wants to vote for a candidate more reminiscent of the 1930s with his xenophobic attitudes.

Please America make the correct decision.

Should Donald Trump be allowed to become President?

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