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Donald Trump and His New Reality Show

Updated on December 9, 2015
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Marc has worked in Radio for years, his folks having started a jazz station when he was a teen and he has been on WMUR, WNCU, and now WCOM

I have created a new theory about Donald Trump and his inane and sometimes offensive statements.

I have decided that he is not serious at all about winning the presidency, but is instead doing this to create a new reality show, something along the lines of So You Thought You Wanted To Be President.

Contestants will have to enter and run in all voting states, and have to go on debate shows. There they will be coached by past and current presidential candidates as well as media consultants, and will have to come up with a plan to win. Of course, they will have to talk about issues and make statements about their beliefs and thoughts. During the course of several weeks, contestants will be voted off of the Island, oops I meant campaign trail, much in the way of Survivor. And of course they will have to explain their decision to Trump and his kids much the way that they had to on the Apprentice...

And then when there are three contestants left, they will have to wait for the U.S. Public to decide who will be the winner, much in the way that American Idol handles their contestants. And, in the end, the winner will get to make a speech to the U.S. Public and also get to spend a week at the White House, even helping with important policy decisions.

Hey, remember this is the man that you brought the Apprentice which supposedly taught the world about successful business strategies, despite the fact that quite a few of his businesses went belly up.

And, also the man who told you that he came up by his bootstraps and was a grassroots kinda of guy, despite the fact that his father had already made a ton of money in Real Estate before he even entered the picture.

I fully expect to see this new show on ABC in 2017 and if it shows up, I want my cut since I recognized what was happening long before anyone else did.....


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      Pat Mills 2 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I would rather watch a test pattern than anything with Trump.