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How Did Trump Maneuver to the U.S Presidency?

Updated on February 11, 2022
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Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics.

Former U.S President, Donald Trump
Former U.S President, Donald Trump | Source

Donald Trump is an American business mogul with a vast interest in real estate and the Hotel Industry. He is a married man with two children and his wife is from the Hispanic community.

The once considered rogue president used a number of tactics to become the president of the largest superpower, U.S.A.

During the campaigns he concentrated on elements the American community had being longing for, for quite a while. Mostly he dealt with the issue of Drugs, Economy, Corruption and the Immigrants at large.


He used the issue of drugs being smuggled in the USA as a very effective tool up to a point where he threatens to build a wall on the American border with Mexico at the expense of the Mexican tax payer’s monies hence creating an uproar with the Mexican community and creating a bad image in the process to the rest of world.


America is a superpower in the world in regard to its economic structure but some other countries have been coming up strongly to compete with it especially China.

Mr. Trump is of the opinion to scuttle the efforts of the G7 and to go it alone which could have very serious ramifications.


The FBI absorbed the Hillary Clinton from any wrong doings after using her personal server for government operations. Mr. Trump has been very critic of the Obama administration especially on his projects like Obamacare.

He says people are already over taxed and that project should not be in operation.

Upon his election as president in-elect he was invited to State House but objected to the invitation only to succumb to pressure following demonstration across America.


The economies of the south Americas are not as vibrant as the USA. Majority of the people interested to migrate to the land of opportunities and having no proper documents would use all kind of means to reach the USA. Most immigrants are the foot soldier’s in the US economy whether having proper documents or not. The US government has been approaching the issue of immigrants on a very sober mind taking into consideration the conflicts around the world and especially in Europe and Asia. The immigrants are composed of Hispanic, Blacks, and Arabs.

One comment that does not auger well with most of the population is expelling all the Muslims in the America having in mind the incumbent is a Muslim, he is a racist.

Just yesterday two students in Hijab were attacked in California and two others in another different state the police department in California is investigating the incident. These are Arab communities and they feel very isolated at the moment.

He made a series of mistakes during his campaign, so far there are so many demonstration’s in most states which didn’t vote for him. Shock among them being racist, sexual assault, mocking of disabled persons among many others.

He was voted by millions of Americans and this was a shock win. The question is, why did he win?


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