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Donald Trump and That Wall

Updated on June 29, 2016

Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump, His Wall, Could it Work?

I am looking at the whole Brexit referendum vote, the implications it has for our nation, and not being one to wax on about immigration, the EU, or the economy, but I feel in this case I must since many of the pundits feel that what has happened there could lead to what might happen here since we do have one candidate who seems to have made his candidacy built on a wall.

It is no secret that many Americans across the US are angry, under employed, and fearful about their financial future with many feeling the effect of stagnant wages. However, until Brexit, and perhaps a number of financial indicators coming out of the Asian markets for the first quarter of the year might point to US decline, and with US Bureau of Labor statistics reporting unemployment of 4.7% is that an indicator of Trump, or a Clinton presidential win?

First let’s not concentrate on the election, or the economy in itself, but just this Trump Wall mostly because I myself enjoy infrastructure, and a large wall that someone else would have to pay for fascinates me almost to the point of titillation, and of course knowing it would be built by Donald Trump you would expect something like Trump Tower, or Trump’s Taj Mahal, but how exactly will Trump get Mexico to pay for it?

Could a wall work?

Could A Wall Work?

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Could a Wall Work?

According to a provision in the Patriot Act, section 326 there is something called 31 CFR 130.120-121 which is customer identification programs for banks, savings asssociations, credit unions, and certain non-Federally regulated banks, and also counts on the Know Your Customer regulations that goes along with banking, other financial institution regulations. It can also be blamed on why it takes so long to open a new bank account these days, but it is these regulations that the Trump campaign plans to utilize to help pay for The Trump Wall.

It might seem that Donald Trump has only taken Mexican’s into account, though that is where we do share a border, I tend to believe that if immigrants is what he is worried about we probably have just as many coming on planes these days then on foot, and even the ones on foot might not necessarily only be from Mexico, but I don’t work for border patrol myself, and I don’t have an education in Spanish, or even Portuguese dialects. However, I do know that our government does set a limit on how many foreign nationals can get green cards every year. What I do believe that if the premise of payment of the Trump Wall will be paid by Mexico through Western Union, or even if it was Money Gram it could still end up costing American citizens, and not just Mexican immigrants.

As it stands now there are still many ways to send money over the border using peer to peer apps such as Circle, where they advertise that you can send money anywhere in the world, or even Paypal. What I ask is are they going to start charging more for these currency exchanges to just Mexico, or for all foreign exchanges, and while they are at it will they then charge more for visas, such as student visas, and employment visas particularly?

Last, but of course, not least, how deep is the wall below Trump Wall going to be built? I mean considering that there have been times that there were tunnels going into Mexico that would have to be considered wouldn’t it? Then will it take less US Border Control agents to police the border once Trump Wall exists, or does that not matter? Downsizing does happen, but in the US government, and in the name of national security? Who are we kidding here?

I guess we shall see, but considering that the Clinton campaign is ahead in the polls right now I tend to doubt a wall will happen. It still would have been interesting to see what the wall would have looked like though. For right now I will be content with the one they built in China. I imagine there must have been a reason for that one.


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