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Will Donald Trump be President Trump and why are the american people voting for Donald Trump?

Updated on March 26, 2016
Donald Trump for President?
Donald Trump for President?

Donald Trump - the American peoples choice?

As one Trump voter in Manchester, New Hampshire put it: ‘He’s a mobster, sure, but what’s the difference between a politician and a mobster? A politician is just a 25-cent mobster. Trump is the real deal.’

Will Donald Trump make America great again?
Will Donald Trump make America great again?
Trump supporters say he tells it as it is.
Trump supporters say he tells it as it is.
Donald Trump with America's next first Lady?
Donald Trump with America's next first Lady?
Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly..
Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly..
Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Unless you live under a rock on the outskirts of the Moon you cannot have failed to hear about the infamous Donald Trump’s aspirations to be the next President of the United States of America. It seems just recently that every time I turn on the Radio or TV or check my Facebook that there he is, orange in tone, blond wisps of hair splayed everywhere and usually Donald Trump is looking a bit grumpy which is all part of the enigma that is Donald Trump. What initially piqued my interest in this billionaire was not the fact that Donald Trump is reputedly saying a lot of very politically incorrect and unorthodox things at his campaign Rally’s but more the fact that the Main-stream media all over the world openly despise him intently. What I found even more interesting than this was that despite the media’s persistent and on-going attempts to do a complete hatchet job on every aspect of Donald Trump, it is having no effect. Instead his vagabond stage show still seems to be steaming ahead unabated and now it is picking up speed and trundling along the tracks faster than ever.

As a student of Media and Communication studies I am looking at this current media and political debacle with analysis intrigue. Here we have a new situation in America where people of all walks of life are so disillusioned with the current U.S. political system and so fed up with the constant drivel that the media are feeding them that there is now an out and out revolt taking place. It seems clear now that more and more Americans are realising that there hasn’t actually been any free speech in the American media for many decades. As it stands today this censoring and cherry picking of world news has spread to most of the globe. Just to reiterate a small bit on this, back in the 1983 90% of the American media was owned by 50 separate companies today it has been consolidated down to six conglomerates who decide and control what 90% of all media in America does and says these days. In 2010 this gave the Super Six media giant’s profits in excess of €275.9 billion. That’s a lot of money and a lot of control. Their tentacles are now everywhere and what we see in the media today is more controlled more agenda driven and more untrue than ever before. The six media giants are Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., CBS Corporation and NBC Universal. These guys really do rule the world and are used to running the show, so for decades now they have been closely embroiled with all aspects of politics and strive very successfully to control everything regarding any agendas that may affect them and their business interests.

The Media War by Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly versus Donald Trump. Who won?

Younger Donald Trump
Younger Donald Trump
Donald Trump the author
Donald Trump the author
Donald Trump - love him or loathe him, he says hes not going away.
Donald Trump - love him or loathe him, he says hes not going away.
Donald Trump the billionaire
Donald Trump the billionaire
Donald Trump adds a new dimension to negative press
Donald Trump adds a new dimension to negative press
Hillary Clinton thinks America is great who's right?
Hillary Clinton thinks America is great who's right?
The Media and Washington do not want Donald Trump
The Media and Washington do not want Donald Trump
The policy that has caused the most controversy.
The policy that has caused the most controversy.

Trump smear campaign on-going

David Letterman destroys Donald Trump?

Are America losing the Media War?

In 2011 Hillary Clinton said that today there is an Information war going on and that at present the Media in the U.S. are losing that war. However it is also becoming very apparent now that there are now a large number of American people who no longer trust or believe what the Super Six News are telling them about what is actually going on in their country. Hence what we are seeing now i.e. the more the mainstream media berate Donald Trump and his supporters the more they rally against what they now perceive to be nothing more than a lies and Propaganda machine.

This is now a more battle weary and yet an equally more enlightened public. As these same Americans bought the 2008 ‘Yes we can,’ slogan from the Barack Obama PR-dream team, hook line and sinker. The people believed that Barack Obama was going to be the President to bail them out and that America was going to prosper under his leadership. The media loved him and he was their whole package. Suave, sophisticated, politically correct and seen by all as the perfect candidate for the American Presidency. However Barack Obama was not a billionaire so when he got to the White House he was also largely indebted to his sponsors who had bought him his presidency. Undoubtedly the interest of the Super Six had to be appeased through a lot of dubious laws being passed and although he was president it is questionable as to how much authority he really has had.

That is what is currently endearing these voters to Donald Trump. People don’t want another President who is being controlled by anyone. That seems to be a huge part of the appeal for Donald Trump because he won’t be swayed by the Super Six and he wants to be something America hasn’t seen for a very long time i.e. an unbiased, independent President. A leader who doesn’t have to get the money behind the scenes to authorize every decision and that seems to be another reason why the media is having such a hard time getting rid of Donald Trump. As the people who are voting for him have already lost all faith in the main stream media to actually report the news and are already listening to and watching alternative media sources so the smear campaign against all things Donald Trump is not reaching them.

This leads us onto Donald Trump and who are the large number of American people that are voting for him? Are they all racist, sexist and of minimal intelligence or is that just how the Super Six want us to see him?

A recent article in the states…

…Who are Trump supporters? Insofar as the Republican electorate goes, the answer, for the moment at least, seems to be everyone...

Therefore it is not just middle class white America that is voting for Donald Trump, he is actually getting votes equally from males and females of all classes from the very well educated to the minimally so. From the whites, to the African Americans to the Hispano’s, they are all voting for him it seems at the moment.

In the meantime the American Media looks like it is getting more desperate each day. All I hear lately is irate news anchors and show presenters asking in panic stricken voices; ‘How do we stop Donald Trump?’ Nobody seems to care at all about what Donald T rump is saying at all these Rally’s he is speaking at. All we hear instead is opinions on how Donald Trump is having people incite violence and hatred. We don’t see images like the one I recently saw on an alternative News Station and that was of a Donald Trump Rally protestor who had a slogan written on the back of their T-Shirt which read ‘If you vote trump you’re gonna get jumped,’ clearly an attempt to threaten Donald Trump supporters and intimidate them from staying away in the future.

Instead we are consistently shown clips of a silent and angry looking Donald Trump with some News Anchor berating his image and telling us what Donald Trump is saying or doing now but we never actually get to hear him saying it for himself. Consequently the only time the viewer is allowed to hear anything Donald Trump says is when he can be perceived as berating someone or losing his temper.

For a person that understands how the media works I can verify that usually if the media turns on you it’s never because you are lying but instead much more likely to be because you are trying to tell the truth. Yes Donald Trump has upset a lot of people, he is stubborn, conceited, tough and many would say Narcissistic. The media are using every ounce of these opinions to try and stop Donald Trump but whether they do or not personally I think it’s a very interesting time for American Politics and its close relationship with the Media. As undoubtedly we have now entered a new era of politics and media coverage in the U.S. Yet while the rest of the world is shaking its head and scoffing at the Americans for voting for a man who is being vilified in the media, we have never seen an American election quite like this one before. There has never yet been another Presidential candidate who refused to play the media-politics tango and instead insists on doing things his own way, because he can. Donald Trump likes it is true to tell people often that he is funding his own political campaign because he has the money and therefore by doing this he is beholding to no-one. This has seriously irked the Super Six who are genuinely panicked at the thoughts of an American President who isn’t bought paid for and controlled by them.

Definitely this is all new unchartered territory and the media is losing the information war at this stage undoubtedly. The American people no longer believe the drivel and the profit making PR concoctions that the main stream media is coming out with. So the more they take their talons out and snipe at Donald Trump the bigger his support will become because people are finally starting to wise up and understand that generally speaking the mainstream media is now a completely unreliable news source. Instead it main purpose is to keep the general population in line and to feed them the news items that are deemed to be politically useful to the Super Six’s interests and to ignore the stories that would be there for the benefit of ordinary people. That really is another big reason why people are voting for Donald Trump i.e. he is far from perfect but the U.S. thought they had perfect with Barack Obama and yet he failed them miserably, so now they will try a less politically correct president as this different approach might lead to meaningful change and despite what some people think of Donald Trump there is no denying the fact that he is infamous for telling it as it is, warts and all.

For me these seem to be the most obvious reasons why people in the U.S. are voting for Donald Trump. They want change and they played by the rules last time and voted for Barack Obama. But America is in much worse shape now than it was eight years ago and people are less easily fooled this time around. They see through the election PR Spins and the continuous blatant promotion of the interests of the sponsors to the candidates. It seems that the American people have just had enough of the lies and deceit. So because Donald Trump speaks the truth, even though it is often a very unpopular truth, that’s what the voters want now. Someone to give it to them straight in a way they haven’t had before. So whatever happens in the coming months it certainly won’t be boring or conventional so we all can do now is watch this space and wait to see if the Donald Trump train will continue all the way to the White House next November.


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    • Sgt Prepper profile image

      Gunny Cracker 

      2 years ago from Elkhorn, WI

      Not even birther-Trump can save us now.The unholy trinity of these last days includes False Prophet Pope Francis, Allah/Satan & Antichrist Obama. The most important information you people need to know is that Jesus Christ provides our ONLY means of escape. Prepare for martial-law and get ready for The Rapture.

    • thewritingowl profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Kelly Godley 

      2 years ago from Ireland

      Thanks for commenting Flourish Anyway and for sharing your view. Here are a few links to research I am currently doing for a similar article about Hillary. Have you any comment to add as a supporter?

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Donald Trump is a dangerous narcissist reminiscent of Hitler. I am a Hillary supporter so I simply watch the Republican Party crumble. I would love to see an innovative solution that would unite many, such as Clinton/Kasich but a cross party ticket hasn't been attempted in many years.


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