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Donald Trump Better or Worse for America?

Updated on December 12, 2017

Donald Trump

Most Americans have a very derogatory image of Donald Trump as their 45th president. Is a man with such a vivacious history of sexual assault and sexual harassment fit to be the forefront of America. Is Trump befit of such enormous authority and responsibility when we see he is not even capable of consummating his pledges?

2015, Barrack Obama signed a deal of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East after years of negotiation. Obama stated, that nuclear weapons were “the most immediate and extreme threat to global security” and made nuclear security the centrepiece of his administration as president. Donald Trump in his first year as president looked to undo the implications made by his predecessor Obama and has appeared to be poised in decertifying the Iran nuclear deal. He has stated in a speech “the nuclear deal is a disaster” which in many ways is ironic, as his actions have made potential for countries to backlash. The repercussion of his verdict could lead to a nuclear crisis.

The notorious yet ludicrous wall of Trump’s is another demonstration of an over-ambitious leader. In his pre-election campaign, President Trump demanded to build a wall that dissociates Mexico. The wall itself is set to cost in Trump’s eyes $10bn to $12bn. This money can be better spent by investing in infrastructure a development or for paying off the substantial gross national debt of $18.96 trillion.

Acknowledging the detriment of Trump why do people still support him?

Donald Trump was born into a pretty wealthy family, with his dad being a successful real estate agent. Donald Trump over his life managed to acquire a net value for $3.1 billion. Trump is an exquisite businessman with a mind-set to make “America great again” economically. Trump has more business knowledge than Obama for example and can considerably develop America.

In conclusion we can see that Donald Trump is on one side harmful but on the other hand helpful to America. WE all see Abraham Lincoln as the Great Emancipator the one who abolished slavery in the US, but do we still discuss his greatest mistake. In 1864, Lincoln nominated Democrat Andrew Johnson to be his running mate under a Union party ticket. After Lincoln was assassinated, his supposed dubious decision deteriorated into a catastrophe. Andrew Johnson was known to bet the worst president America has seen. This barely literate, bone-deep racist former slave-owner neglected Lincoln’s ideas for reconciliation and instead brought about a purposeful or accidental idea of white supremacy. I think we should give Trump a chance and maybe we will look back at him in history in years to come and really appreciate the changes he has made to America.

Was Obama a better leader than Trump?

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