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Donald Trump feels Saddam Hussein knew how to tackle Islamic Terrorists

Updated on December 23, 2017

Trump's Views

Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for president. About 12 months back when he had entered the fray, nobody gave him a chance and many spoke of him in depreciating terms. Yet he pulled a rabbit out of the hat and swept his opponents away. This march to victory of Donald led to alarm bells ringing all over America as well as among the old guard of the GOP led by Mitt Romney. Donald however, is a tough man and states his views forcefully. He has made containing Islamic terrorism one of his major planks in his campaign. The fact remains that though there are fewer than 1% Muslims in the USA, yet many terrorist acts are committed by this small minority.

Donald Trump feels that Muslims must be policed. In the same breath, he says that he has no love for the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, but he goes on to state that Saddam knew how to deal with Muslim terrorists.Ipso fact it means that removing Saddam was a mistake. Though Donald has not stated this in so many words, but the fact is that he feels Saddam knew how to deal with Islamic terror.

The truth about Saddam

Many people wonder whether Donald has got his facts right about Saddam. It will be a good idea to examine the rule of Saddam. This man was a dictator in the true sense and he brooked no opposition. He was also a secularist and that made the Muslim extremists wanting to kill him. He was against the Burka and keeping women in the home. He also backed India on Kashmir and was the only Muslim leader to break ranks on this issue. Saddam was a marked man by the Islamic fundamentalists led by Al Qaeda. Saddam kept the peace by executing scores of his political opponents and in addition, he also hanged to death hundreds of Muslim extremists. So long as Saddam was there, the Muslim extremists led by Al Qaeda were not a force at all.

Saddam was a tyrant and one has to state it, but in case one has to say what Donald said then there is little doubt that Islamic fundamentalism had no place in his country. He was ruthless and Baghdad jails where tens of extremists owing allegiance to Al Qaeda were hanged to death are a mute testimony to his actions. One fact must stand out that so long as Saddam and Gaddafi were in power, Muslim extremism in the Middle East was not a force at all. So one has to grudgingly agree with Trump that Saddam was an efficient executioner of Muslim terrorists.

Last word

Saddam is dead and gone and one wonders whether there is any point in talking about it. Yet it is a fact that he did control Muslim extremism. Al Qaeda could only rise once Saddam was removed and one can see the state of Iraq now after the removal of Saddam. The ISIS has captured large tracts and thousands have died, many more times than what Saddam executed. There is anarchy in Iraq and one can squarely pinpoint it on George Bush. Saddam was a just a name but his removal opened the floodgates of Islamic terrorism. Nobody can deny that.

The UK has held an inquiry into the war and blamed Tony Blair. One wonders whether a similar inquiry against Bush can be done. Coming to Donald he has stated an obvious fact and that cannot be denied, but then Saddam is no more and Donald must give some other concrete plans to finish Islamic terror.


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    • emge profile image

      Madan 20 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Lawrence. Interesting info, I didn't know about the quoted book. If true Bush committed a blunder

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 20 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      This was interesting, I'm not totally surprised that Trump said that.

      Have you ever come across a book called 'Fist of God' by Frederick Forsythe?

      It's set at the time of 'Desert Storm' and one part has a warning that if Saddam is removed then Iraq will fall apart as a country with three groups fighting for supremacy (James Baker the Secretary of State writes to warn Bush senior not to remove Saddam!)

      The book was written in 1991.

      In my view the biggest mistake America made was not planning for the aftermath!

      It took them months to restore power and basic water supply to Baghdad, by then Saddam's lackeys joined up with anyone fighting America and they just happened to be Al Qaeda whom America had accused Saddam of being in cahoots with!

      (Saddam threw a party when 911 happened)