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Donald Trump is Self Destructing

Updated on August 14, 2016
Is Trump the Anti Christ?
Is Trump the Anti Christ?

Trump is highly skilled in manipulation of media. He bans major organizations from his press core that covers his rallies. He backtracks his statements when they meet scrutiny or states he was being sarcastic. He thinks anyone is the scapegoat when criticized. Trump thinks the media is against him, yet without the media, he would self-destructing even more. The media prefers Trump because of ratings and because he is way more silly, stupid, and interesting to cover in the news cycle. Hillary is so bland one had to puke.

America has two really pitiful candidates to vote for. Surely, is this a sign of nation in decline? The only viable other choice is Libertarian. Americans should look at this party because they are the best of the Republican and Democratic party. Hillary is the only candidate to have two FBI investigations about her conduct as Secretary of State. The Clinton Foundation's shady business operations about foreign donations, both countries and personal, still is being uncovered that has already shown some "oddities". The major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, are clearly in Hillary's favor in limited coverage of negative press about her. Elements of FOX news are clearly in Trump's camp and spins negative press about him in his favor.

Still, Trump, the more time goes on and the more he tries to be presidential, the more he appears as a buffoon, an idiot with some good ideas, a rich guy trying to something he does not have a personality for. When his statements meet resistance, he refuses to acknowledge they are wrong and attacks those critical of them. If Trump becomes president, America will go further down the abyss than if with Hillary, at least, she has restraint. Trump spreads conspiracy theories about Hillary's health, really?

Trump acts like a man that was that bully on the playground. The leader of a group in high school that was demeaning to others not in his class.Far different than Hillary. The American voters are seeing what a poor choice he would be. His polls reflect this, they continue to drop between 5-10% of Clinton. Even many Republicans and others that are warning others about Trump and willing to go with the better of two evils. In this case, it is her, not him,

This November may bring a landslide burying Trump. She may win, but I fear, her presidency will be not for the better. Trump will just go on an extended vacation. Sometimes I wonder if this whole running for president really was just another thing for him to do. It began like a fluke and now that he is facing real criticism, he may have second thoughts about the whole noble idea. I mean, unlike Hillary, Trump was totally happy finding ways for his business to make money, he had zero interest is government. Of course, Hillary and Trump cannot be trusted once either gets into office.

This election is pathetic. .


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 18 months ago

      Agreed. I hope the Libertarians do enter the debate. But in the end, Clinton has it unless something else gets very weird.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 18 months ago

      Pathetic, indeed. Hillary is corrupt through and through; however, the advantage for her is that she doesn't act like a buffoon, the way Trump does. It's a sad state of affairs that the American public has chosen these two candidates among many others who would have been infinitely better. The American consciousness is in decline, and thus our nation.

      My only hope is that the Libertarian ticket is allowed to debate with Hillary and Trump, or that Trump. through some miracle, drops out and allows Pence to run for President.

      But, realistically, Hillary will win, unfortuntely. The Donald is handing her the prize.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 18 months ago

      Not if continues to say idiotic things

    • emge profile image

      Madan 18 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Hi Perrya, all I will say is don't be too sure! Donald may still surprise you.