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Donald Trump is a Phenomena and Could Blow America away into Uncharted and Dangerous Waters.

Updated on December 23, 2017

The Beginning

Donald Trump is the president of the USA, the 45th if numbers have any meaning. when he commenced his bid for the US presidency he was not taken seriously and many led by the 4th estate dismissed him as a clown who would soon fade away. Donald continued his march unfazed by the criticism and to the chagrin of his opponent won the GOP nomination. This by itself was no mean feat as he was opposed by old veterans who were alarmed and they led by Mitt Romney tried their best to derail his candidature.Donald prevailed and began his campaign for the presidency. Again the press wrote him off, but they were wide off the mark. Donald won again and despite losing the popular vote won the electoral college endorsement.

One feature of Donald's campaign was the wild promises he made. Many did not take him seriously but the fact is his rhetoric was not just empty talk, but a deeper sinister connotation that hit the roots of American culture and ethos. Again many opposed him but he won. Now he has started putting his poll promises into effect and many are demonstrating against him, but the horse has bolted and he cannot be brought back.

Donald had proposed a strict ban on Muslims entering the USA, construction of a border wall with Mexico, doing away with Obama care, renegotiating NAFTA, friends with Russia, and a perverted sense of nationalism that could not accept a Muslim as a patriot even if he died for the nation. Most of these thoughts can be classified as fascist and ring true with the ideas of Adolf Hitler.

Fascist Thoughts

Fascism is one of the important theories of the world. It gained prominence in the early 20th century in Europe. This philosophy denotes a form of authoritative nationalism and extreme right-wing form of government. The racial profile is also a part of Fascism.

Donald on the election trail mouthed some statement which was dismissed as just rhetoric, but the man was in deadly earnest. He advocated a renegotiation of NAFTA, a border wall between Mexico and USA, a racial profiling of Muslims, banning of Muslims from coming to the USA, doing away with Obama's legacy and his pitch " make America great" was just not humanism and whites rallied to his banner as they assumed the whites would again have an upper hand. Many KK supporters flocked to him. He also advocated extreme punishment for Muslim terrorists and harked back to Hammurabi's code 'eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth". To say the least all this was bizarre but many thought this is just an election ploy and the man will sober down.

Trump in Power

Trump now sits in the presidential chair and what all he has done is no laughing matter. He has repeated some lies big and small and perhaps he may have taken a leaf from Hitler's book. Hitler stated and repeated along with his propaganda minister Dr. Goebbels that" A lie repeated 100 times becomes truth".

Trump repeated any number of times that his crowd on inauguration was bigger and the popular vote was won by Hillary with illegal voters being registered. He followed up and made good whatever he had said on the election trail. He banned Muslims from 7 Muslim nations from coming to the USA, banned refugees from Syria, Ordered that a wall is built between Mexico and USA, ordered stalled pipeline to be constructed, withdrew from the Pacific cooperation agreement and announced a renegotiation of NAFTA. All this in just a few days in office and one can see what will happen in the days to come.

These are fascist thoughts and trump is going against what the American founding fathers had believed in. Considering his grandmother was herself an emigree his diatribe and orders against Muslim refugees fleeing a war zone looks out of place. These I am afraid are the makings of a Hitler

Last Word

The similarity ends here as Hitler abrogated the constitution and set the Reichstag on fire. he assumed absolute power and this Trump despite all his admiration for strongmen like Putin and Saddam won't be able to do. The inbuilt checks are so many that Trump may try but he will not be able to have total power vested in him. This is the saving grace of the American constitution and Trump may well be a passing phase, but the damage he may do may be irreparable and that is the danger that America faces. I am afraid there is no escape from this. It will be like moving into uncharted waters and will require a very astute and seasoned helmsman to steer the American ship back. For all, you know, it may not happen.


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    • emge profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Sanxuary for commenting.

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      I have came to the same conclusion that this is an attempt at National Socialismn. Its really the only thing that explains this strange insanity. The verdict is still out there but something truly scary might be approaching. I think a lot of people are really blind and really need to reconsider whats going on. No real policies, plans or actions. The only real plan is to try and stir up race issues and be a bully in the World. He has all these plans but has not worked with anyone outside of the White House on any real issues.


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