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Donald Trump Is Castigated by the Press and Many People, but They Forget He Has a Lot of Support

Updated on February 17, 2018

Rise of Trump

Just a year back a New York business magnate threw his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination. Nobody gave him a chance and many dismissed him as a one-time wonder and some even referred to him as a clown. His comments like banning Muslims from entering the USA and also his brazen statement about constructing a wall to keep out illegal migrants from Mexico were shrugged off as the rantings of a man who in any case was bound to lose.

But the press and the leaders of the GOP had not understood the disenchantment of a large number of people with the ongoing establishment and rulers. They had failed to fathom the people's mood and the fact is Donald struck a chord with these people who voted him to victory in primary after primary.

The old guard woke up at this spate of victories and saw their favorite candidates humbled. Cruz and party bit the dust and Mitt Romney self-styled leader of the Republicans was alarmed. They planned to stop Donald, but all their machinations failed as Donald knocked out all and sundry and the GOP had no option but to accept Donald as their nominee.

Having lost the nomination to Donald, this group decided on some method to stop Donald. They picked up his speeches on ISIS, Muslims and the like and with help from the press started a devious campaign that Donald is not fit to be the US president. The aim was clear to stop Donald from winning the Presidency, even if it meant breaking the party and supporting Hillary. Most of the reaction was out of pique as the old guard led by Mitt realized that in case Donald rose to power, they would be finished politically and also as decision makers.

The Plan to Derail Donald

Donald Trump is a man who sometimes talks without thinking. This is the trait of the man and he has been airing his views on many controversial topics for many months. He had once stated that Saddam Hussein did a good job in controlling Islamic Jihadi groups and he also was talking about having a wall erected to keep out migrants.His comments on Saddam and Gaddafi were taken to mean that the man was unbalanced. The press always opposed to Donald began to front page sporadic revolts by senators and women who announced that they would not mind supporting Hillary as Donald did not deserve to be president.

The press with editors all from the Ivy league made up its mind that Donald was a bad egg and began a slanted news to show that Donald was an unbalanced man who was unfit to hold the nuclear button and lead America. It's a surprise that most of the press is ranged against Donald.

The sad part is that these men and women failed to realize that much of what Donald says strikes a chord with a large number of Americans. Most Americans are worried about an Islamic attempt to attack America from Inside and feel that Donald is doing the right thing. This is where the support for Donald lies.

One can agree that the 27% Afro-Americans and Hispanics as well as Muslims are not supporting Donald, but that is to be expected as Donald is targeting them. He, however, has majority support among the whites and that can translate to something dire later on if Donald loses. He has already said that in case he is cheated out of the presidency then there will be a "bloodbath".

The opponents of Donald must worry about the people who support Donald and even if he wins or loses this large bloc will have to be faced and catered for.

Last Word

America has changed and the old gentlemen politics is over. Now the electorate knows what to do and it is also deeply divided. Donald Trump has by his speeches and the refrain " make America Great again" ignited wild hopes in at least 30-40% of his supporters. They will not rest whatever happens. In case Donald loses, this large number of voters will have to be accommodated. They are fed on a diet of Donald Trump and bombastic claims of action. Will they accept this dream being snatched from them? Thus Donald may win or lose but he has unleashed a pandoras box and America will never be the same again.

In hindsight, the actions of the old guard to stop Donald because they would become redundant politically is perhaps not the best thing and a divided America will have to exorcise its soul and that wont be easy.


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    • emge profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Manatita. Excellent comment. I had been missing you for long

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      Not usually my field, but you stress on some excellent points. It may be that people generally get what they deserve, and yes, the issue is much larger than any one man.

      That is why I'm here really, to raise the point that if an individual is popular, then one has to look beyond and into the reasons why that is so.

      People are disillusioned, yes, but America is a great country and the vision of the Seer is that it will again one day become great.

      So perhaps it's growing in a spiral. Excellent tea, are sometimes covered with leaves, but once they are strained or removed, then one is able to taste the delicacy of the tea, it's flavour too, is America. A great country which will eventually rise for the purpose for which it was meant -- the dreams and visions of a Lincoln, Jefferson, Emerson.... a oneness-Heart-Giver; a servant of America and the world.

      Excellent writing!


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