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Donald Trump is in the lead

Updated on March 3, 2016

US politics

The political terrain of the United States of America is one that hardly jokes. In recent times, prior to the soon-to-be American presidential election, presidential aspirants of the two major political parties in the USA, The Democrats and The Republicans, have been firing their political ballistic missiles on campaign platforms with the hope of winning votes from the citizens of the various states. This is commonly seen in most countries of the world as well.

Donald Trump, one of the presidential aspirants representing the Republicans, started his pursuit on a rather rugged note, getting most Americans and other fans of the USA to print the stamp of disapproval and disregard on his candidacy. In such a situation, most people may succumb to the pressure and bow out. However, Mr. Trump stood firm and always appeared unshaken.

Recent opinion polls have shown that Donald Trump is in the lead while the other aspirants in the Republican circles are struggling to gather up votes. From the polls, as shown on the Huffington Post website, Donald Trump received a 42.4% vote whilst Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and John Kasich received 17.5%, 17.5%, 8.5%, 6.8% respectively. This gives a clear indication of how far Trump has succeeded in winning the hearts of some potential American voters. Trump is in the lead for now, but, the question still being asked is - can he maintain the lead?





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