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Donald Trump is the REAL Fake News Story

Updated on February 21, 2017

Listening to President Trump is like trying to decide which planet does he live on. He truly sees his whole presidency through the "looking glass" of his own devise. He states facts are fake news and vice versa as if he is not sure himself which is which on planet Earth. In President Trump's world, everyone loves him, mostly. That, his Muslim ban roll-out proclamation was very well thought out and is working. Trump loves himself and wants all others to say only good things about what he tries to do and if he fails, if he does not like how the media bashes him, will claim that it is a fake news story in a sea of media that hate him.

Trump's self adulation just loves to continue the 2016 campaign in an endless loop of replay and sound bites that even ardent supporters are growing tired of. Time to move on, Donald, you did not win in historic proportions as you claim, you did win for sure, at least with electoral votes but not the popular vote. Yet, you claim this is another fake news story perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton sore losers and its left wing media. Donald loves alternate facts so it fits his own agenda. Devout and blind followers of Trump love his alternate facts and his attacks on the media about fake news. They are a like zombies.

When it comes to Flynn, which was fired for lying to the Vice-President, Trump uses nonsense. He fully supports him and is not sure if anything illegal was done, but because he did deceive the VP, he fired him. When he appoints a successor, that person rejects Trump, president or not. This person seems to be the first Trump man to say no to him (all others are mere yes men and cower to Trump).

The fake news Trump claims is that, is fake itself. Trump uses it to distract the discussion away from more hot topics he does not want to answer. Trump attacks the media and expects respect? Again, what planet is he on? Does he think he is a King and everyone else are subjects? Disrespect breeds more of the same. Attacking the media (the very people he wants) and calling them names will only create an enemy, or more enemies. The media can be a vicious hyena pack. They can be a force that is more influential and deadly than any single man. They can, over time, bring down a President and did so with President Nixon. Trump's nature breeds contempt. He is not a likable guy in appearance or personality. He is more like a General Patton, an idol of his. While 35% of Americans like this "in your face" approach, the rest of Americans feel the opposite. Trump plays to this 35% all the time in a cute manner while putting off all others. Trump could care less. His mandate is to his 35% supporters and that is it.

There is a propaganda war going on and will go on for the next four years. There are facts according to how Trump sees them and tells us, and what are REAL facts according to the media. Trump's ego is amazing. He continues to go out to Trump supporters as if he is on a campaign rally. All these cheering fans are soothing for him. Seeing all this fans creates a false impression and fake news, in that, they make it appear "everyone" just loves Trump. Then, Trump only tells the audience what they wish to hear and attacks all that oppose.

While I voted for him, I regret that I did not have a better choice. I believe very few things he states because I suspect the information is filtered. The media is tougher on Trump because it is they that will keep him in check. Thank God.


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    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      you have got to go on twitter, and type in "tiny trump"..

      this will make you laugh☺☺☺

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 12 months ago

      Trump says he is a "likeable" guy, he is asking for just a chance...LOL. I do think his main focus is jobs and if he can do this, many will like him. I think his foreign policy will be chaotic and messy when Iran and Russia do overt things that are more serious. This president is more personal to most. Just his demeanor appeals or repulses others. There is not much in-between with this guy.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      the thing is, he is putting people into place who will be yes people. you heard omarosa before he was elected. "they will bow to him". theyre not kidding. if you can believe the leaks, everyone is afraid of him.

      and their world view is terrifying. dominionist christian militants. rolling out their radical islamist terrorism creed that began after 9/11.

      this is the new inquisition, and just as terror inducing as the first one.

      and they better look around. most of us dont want it.

      they will lose this country if they keep it up.

      im not pledging allegiance to bigotry.

      calexit will be first. not last.

      they need an island of their own to live this ideology. they dont get a country to do it in.

      take up arms against an evil gvt....this gun hater might have to do just that.

      im not bowing on knee to this cruel idiocy.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 12 months ago from Australia

      Donald is a fake and a phony. He thinks no one can see it. It really is a case of the emperor's new clothes.