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Donald Trump is the Teflon Man

Updated on February 28, 2016

Reality TV shows rely on ratings and Donald Trump certainly has turned the U.S. Presidential election into this. He is like a media wizard who knows how to capture the awe of the media, which covers him so much more than the other candidates. By the media do thing, it gives a sense that Trump is unbeatable, that everyone supports him, that, he can say anything and it does no harm to him.

Trump plays the media like a sly salesman. Is he a con man? He resembles one. He has made billions in real estate and his speeches cover broad national topics in a brush stroke with few details. Of course, all candidates do this, so the American people really do not know what they are getting when casting a vote. Trump plays to the audience and he has tapped into the blue collar- in your face- attitude that also includes many angry and frustrated voters from ALL backgrounds. The greatest prize for Trump is to be a U.S. president because when he began it was almost like a joke. He even said back then that if he does not win, no big deal, he would just return to making millions in real estate. After all, he does have everything a person could want but...the American presidency! Maybe he might be known as "King Trump" should he win. One can see this with his bullishness and as president he would be even far worse in getting his agenda HIS way. It is not science fiction. He could make things better and worse. By making America great again at all costs probably will cause other leaders of other countries to have the same attitude. This could cause many, many trade and foreign policy issues that are now not problems. Trade wars and real wars resulting from a uncompromising "holier than thou" attitude has led nations into real trouble.

Hitler came to power in the 30's, the German people were beaten and angry that their loss in WW1 created bad living conditions. Hitler won elections by making promises that he would make Germany great again, a power that no nation would challenge. Sound familiar? The German people gravitated towards Hitler's "in you face" bully attitude and he kept repeating that the German Reich would rise again! Because of poor economics, everyone in Germany bought into it at first- even Jews. However, once he was elected as Germany's new leader, he started his agenda slowly. He promised a stronger and powerful military and by 1939, their army invaded Poland because it is part of "Greater Germany". Until 1942 or so, the German people still believed their new leader was correct. Their lives had, indeed, become much better economy-wise (thanks to the military industry).

Trump is not a Hitler, but there are similarities. When Trump was asked to disavow the KKK organization, he said he knew little about it and would have to research it before doing it. Really??? Is he stupid? Wants their support secretly? Most state that not releasing tax returns using the excuse that he is being audited, is just BS. Of course, he can release them. And, BTW, being audited every year for 12 years, seems to be a red flag of some sort! The IRS must have cause, just saying.

While Clinton's email scandal could get her indicted if the Obama appointed General General had the guts to do it (with Obama's blessing), this will never happen until after November. Can you imagine the FBI indicting her before? This would hand the election to Trump. Clinton is either lying or grossly negligent for the private email server as Secretary of State containing many Top Secret and Secret communiques. She IS guilty.

Trump's appeal dates back to Hitler. Americans are sick and tired of being overly politically correct about A-Z topics, many are so stupid. They are sick of what they see as Obama's wimpy projection of power in foreign affairs and his downgrading of American values. Obama's agenda is not liked by many Americans, which seems to be to "weaken" and make sure America is not the leader, but a silent partner. With so many jobs being taken away by China and others, Americans want to get them back at all costs. Enter Donald Trump. His brashness, shoot from the hip, I don't give a damn what other's think, and America will be great again, could have been said by Hitler as he rose to power from 1930-35. The rhetoric was such that no matter what Hitler said, was accepted. Trump plays the media as a game show. They always cover him for ratings and attract more viewers. Yet, no matter what Trump says that offends or how he acts, voters like him.

Like Hitler, Trump has that same charisma. And, yes, I like him. But, I fear he will make things worse with certain policies. Do the American people really know what they may get if he elected?


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