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Donald Trump Lies: 5 Cheats Revealed

Updated on July 21, 2016

Donald Trump referred to as disgusting by an entire country

The name Donald Trump makes people wince. In fact he is so controversial that all of the leaders in Britain had a meeting one day to discuss whether or not he should even be allowed in the country, according to the Hamilton Spectator Jan. 18. That doesn’t happen often. Half a million people in the country signed a petition and said, “we don’t want him allowed in.” Prime Minister David Cameron said, although he is “divisive” and “poisonous”, we can’t do that. Another Britain lawmaker used the word disgusting.

The Hamilton Spectator reported that ultimately the country could not ban him from entry, despite just how disgusting he is. Donald Trump has yet to retaliate against these accusations, but if he does, it likely won’t be very pretty. Whenever Donald Trump hears something that he doesn’t like, he strikes back with a lawsuit, a threat of one, a personal sling, or the use of one of his personal favorites and overused words, “lightweight.”

The strange thing is, most of the things he accuses people of being or doing, he is guilty of himself, as we have come to learn. What he thinks about Great Britain we do not know. But, as 2015 came to a close, he went personal against Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because her husband is a known cheater.

He thought he was being cheeky by bringing a campaign for the highest office in the land deep into the mud by talking about a 30 year old sex scandal. Which is interesting considering Donald Trump not only has a reputation for being disgusting, but also for being a bit of a cheater himself in some of the most unconventional ways. One can’t help but wonder why he would bring that to the light with Clinton, when it would only turn the spotlight back on him.
And indeed it has. The Washington Post just reported on one of these accusations Jan. 18.This is the infamous Taj Mahal bankruptcy. At the beginning of the Presidential campaign, Donald Trump came ahead of the Taj Mahal bankruptcy scandal, knowing he would be asked why he should run a country if he can’t run a company.

His response was clever. “I just used bankruptcy law correctly.” The Washington Post however published an insider report Jan.18 taking a deeper look at this infamous bankruptcy.

And before they did, Trump threatened to sue them if they went to print. In the story that did go to print on Jan. 18, the Washington Post describes a “legacy of bitterness” from the people that Trump cheated or broke promises to. The Washington Post also took a deeper look at a second accusation of cheating for Trump, one that would exponentially multiply.

This one was against Trump’s golf game last fall. The Washington Post reported that basically anybody that ever played golf with Trump, thought he was a cheater.

That story resurfaced at the beginning of this year for Trump’s third cheating accusation in 12 months. Samuel L. Jackson alleges he played golf with Donald Trump and he cheated.Donald Trump tweeted a response that suggests he was pretending not to know who Samuel L. Jackson is.

The Washington Post reported in September 2015 that Mark Mulvoy once accused Donald Trump of cheating at golf at the Long Island Garden City Golf Club. Mulvoy told the Post that Trump’s response was,

“Ahh, the guys I play with cheat all the time. I have to cheat just to keep up with them.”

Donald Trump has since denied that story. He also says he doesn’t even know who Mulvoy is either, according to the Washington Post. This is a favorite defense strategy of Trump’s.

Trump University Lawsuit: Another Fraudulent Oops of Trumps

The Taj Mahal Scandal, Sued by Aerosmith, and the "legacy of bitterness" of Donald Trump

The Post also reported that in an interview with Q Magazine, rock star Alice Cooper was asked who he thought the worst celebrity golf cheat was. Alice Cooper told Q Magazine,

“The worst celebrity golf cheat? I wish I could tell you that. It would be a shocker. I played with Donald Trump one time. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Trump’s response was that he never played golf with Cooper ever, and that this was a terrible thing to say. Yet, Trump will not hesitate to call anyone ugly, a lightweight, fat, pre-menstrual, or suggest they should be banned from a country due to skintone.

Alice Cooper, Samuel Jackson, and Mark Mulvoy are not the only ones that accused Trump of cheating at golf. Author Rick Reilly played with him for a book printed in 2004 called “Who’s Your Caddy?” He told the Post,

“When it comes to cheating, he’s an 11 on a scale of one to 10.”

Reilly says Trump “wrote down scores he didn’t actually achieve”, raked the ball into the hole during puts and “took the world’s first gimme chip-in.” Donald Trump was of course not to happy about that. And of course, went on the personal attack.

“I always thought he was a terrible writer. I absolutely killed him, and he wrote very inaccurately. I would say he’s a very dishonest writer…I never took a gimme chip shot. I don’t do gimme chip shots. If I asked his approval that’s not cheating, number one. Number two, I never took one.”

Well it can’t be both. Either you asked his approval or you didn’t take it. This is a very common strain of cadence you see whenever Trump is defending an accusation on cheating. It sounds a lot like, “Number one, I didn’t do it, and number two if I did he said it was okay.”

Not the best quality for a President. He said the same thing about Samuel L. Jackson. This brawl started when Jackson gave an interview and was asked who the better golfer was. Jackson said, “Oh I am for sure. I don’t cheat.” According to Variety magazine, Jackson also said about Trump that he was,

“More P.T. Barnum than politician. I don’t think he believes half the things he says.”

Donald Trump immediately pretended not to know who Samuel L. Jackson was. He did tweet him though.

“I don’t know @SamuelLJackson, to best of my knowledge haven’t played golf with him and think he does too many TV commercials – boring. Not a fan.”

Well which is it? Because if you don’t know someone, then you know you definitely did not ever golf with them. Again, it can’t be both.

While cheating at golf may not be a desirable trait for a President, golf skills are not on the must have list of job qualifications. Americans may not care if their President needs to cheat to win at golf. But they may care if this is indicative of a deeper character flaw.

Many lawsuits have gone to court, and are still in progress, where the Donald is being accused or was accused of cheating someone, out of something. America may care about that. It begs the question, if Trump becomes President, who will he take what from to get what he wants?

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is one of the latest, who alleges that Trump was cheating him out of the license fees to play his music. Last Fall there was some drama between Tyler and Trump over a song that Trump was playing at campaign rallies. The Wrap reported that in October Tyler said,

“This week I sent a letter to Donald Trump’s campaign asking to not use my music at political rallies. My intent was not to make a political statement, but to make one about the rights of my fellow music creators. But I’ve been singing this song for a while now. We need change. Songwriters, producers, and artists can’t survive on what they are being paid.”

Trump was given a cease and desist on the matter and from using the song. He stopped using it, and said he simply found a replacement song. But that’s only the third example of the many ways Trump has been accused of cheating.

The Taj Mahal bankruptcy of Trumps that is one that the Washington Post described on Jan. 18 as leaving a “legacy of bitterness.” Hundreds of “legal, regulatory, and financial records” related to the Taj Mahal bankruptcy. Their investigation revealed,

“The Post found that Trump’s statements during the campaign about his companies bankruptcies play down his personal role in the downfall of the Taj. Trump took extreme risks in a shaky economy, leveraged the Taj deal with high cost debt, and ignored warnings that Atlantic City would not be able to attract enough gamblers to pay the bills, documents and interviews show.”

The Washington Post also reported that the “legacy of bitterness” Trump left at the time included city officials, one time supporters, private citizens, and casino regulators. Casino Control Commissioner said simply, “He made promises he did not keep.” The Post reported, as the Taj Majal stumbled, so did Donald Trump.

Testing Donald Trump's Honesty

Do you think Donald Trump is honest?

See results

The Trump University Fraud Debacle

And that is not even the only legacy of bitterness that Trump has left. There’s a big group of angry students in New York State that led State Attorney General to say, Donald Trump “fleeced” some citizens of New York. Portions of this lawsuit can be seen here.

In this suit, plaintiffs formed a class action against an organization called “Trump University” alleging that Trump “ensnared victims” and “delivered neither Donald Trump, nor a University.” It was supposed to be a real estate course where students would learn at the rate of several thousand dollars, how to do real estate from the mogul himself.

The lawsuit alleges that the students never got what they paid for, and is still in the courts today. An advertising for the University can be seen here. In the lawsuit in the slideshow, other promotional materials included Trump saying,

“We’re going to have professors and adjunct professors that are absolutely terrific. Terrifc people. Terrific brains. Successful. The best. We are going to have the best of the best. And, honestly, if you don’t learn from them, if you don’t learn from me, if you don’t learn from the people that we’re going to be putting forward, and these are all people that are handpicked by me, then you’re just not gonna make it….”

According to the court documents obtained from the California District Courts, “almost immediately” after the “school” opened, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) contacted Donald Trump and said, you can’t use the name “University” without a license. What happened then? The lawsuit reads,

“Instead of complying, Defendant’s agents created a fictitious office in Dover, Delaware, and then Defendant continued to brazenly operate illegally out o fhis 40 Wall Street office in New York, New York, for five years.”

He even offered them a risk free guarantee. Because of course, any marketer will tell you that is the buzz word to use that will get people to pull out the wallets. And they did, because Trump said this,

“Some of you are still worried. You say: I’m convinced that Trump University is the real deal. I am convinced that Donald Trump can teach me how to make money in real estate. I am convinced that I don’t have a chance of recovering my 401 k losses unless I do something.”

In a separate blog about himself, Trump high fived himself and his honesty and integrity. The lawsuit reads that he wrote,

“I have to believe in whatever I put my name on, and it has to reflect who I truly am. To do otherwise would be a disservice to me, my loyal customers, and prospective customers.”

In 2010 the money grabbing organization dubbed a “University” halted operations after these allegations began. Trump said in a 2012 deposition on the matter however that “After this lawsuit is won and after we bring the lawsuit against your firm? I would say probably yeah”, when asked whether or not the school would reopen.

There are now two lawsuits involving this “University” setup. One is with one person named, and another that is a class action. Fox News reported Dec. 30 that thus far, a judge has ruled he is personally being held liable for operating a for profit school without a license. Watch the promotional video here where Trump says,

“At Trump University we teach success. That’s what it’s all about. Success. If you’re going to achieve anything, you have to take action. And action is what Trump University is all about.”

There is no action at Trump University. The only action at Trump University is now two class actions in the California courts, and one case in New York. All Trump has had to say about it is to ridicule New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and of course, call him a lightweight. You can see that in the slideshow.

It seems it is not the only lawsuit Trump has going, nor will it likely be the last. And so whatever cheating jabs Trump throws Clinton’s way now seem a little pale in comparison. Do you think Donald Trump is Presidential material?

The Trump University Scam


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