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Donald Trump...Not Afraid

Updated on July 13, 2015

So you figure you are the average Joe. You dont lean left or right but the more you hear the news leaning left you are prone to going more right. You want to raise your family, go to work and live a normal life but you are troubled by the daily news infodump that your America is changing in a way you dont like. If you dare say anything about it, you could be subjected to public humiliation, besmirched and even lose your job if the comment you make gets media attention. Companies are so beholden to the PC police these days they will distance themselves from anyone speaking in tongues of what is considered bad joo joo. Even if that person reflects what you really believe....but are too afraid to admit it, you duck and root them on in hopes he gains traction and makes some difference.

Donald Trump is your guy if you want someone to take on the Politically Correct while having no fear of being downsized in the media. He doesn't need anyone's money so he can freely say what he wants, what he believes and maybe you agree with the guy. Dont be bashful! You are among ALOT of Americans who have put him 2nd place in the polls just behind the 3rd Bush guy.

Trumps message has caught on. His true message anyway. The message you are getting from the local and national news is not accurate and has been designed to discredit him and anyone who agrees with him in hopes of keeping you both silent.

With all his wealth, Trump will eventually have to fold if America ....grass roots folks dont get behind him.

You have always wanted a mouth piece, someone who isnt afraid to state the obvious. You have always wanted to be that crusader who has nothing to lose by speaking your mind but you cant these days without risking everything.

If you wanted to be that guy, but didnt have the resources to carry it out,...dont worry! You have that guy now. Hes doing it and succeeding at it.....but he needs your help.

Now that someone has stepped forward, YOU need to back them up. This could be the last chance you get to do it.

Trump's speech about the criminal element crossing the borders and being a threat to this country have already come to pass with the guy in California who has been deported 5 times and recenlty killed a young girl. Trump isnt anti-mexican, he is anti-criminal. If you cross the border illegally, 5 times, you have broken the law, 5 times. If you have nothing to hide, why not just come here the RIGHT way and fess up your identification and let us know you are here?

The current agenda is to open the borders to anyone who is sick of mexican justice and want to come here for a free ride, a democrat registration card handed to them at the border and a handshake from Nancy Pelosi.

Take a stand for the guy who is taking a stand for you.

Keep immigration ALIVE AND WELL, but legal. Welcome anyone who wants to come where and has done it the right way,. Vote to add funds to the immigration system so those who want to come here can do so without all the red tape they face today. But they have to follow the rules just like we have to follow the rules if we travel abroad as well.

As long as he stays consistent on his message he should be supported. As long as he reflects what you SECRETLY want to say but are afraid should back this man with everything you have.

The voice of one person is at stake here. The party who pretends to be tolerant of other opinions is taking out anyone who differs with them. I have a serious problem with that.

Shutting down the individual voice is not America. Bullying via news media is not Amercia and being afraid to express your opinion is not America. If you sense that this is happening now...and it is, you should support someone who is shutting down the PC Police.

If you go to a retail store tomorrow and ask for Trump will be told they no longer carry it. What does that say about the fear the current party has instilled in anyone who disagrees with them? If you ask for a Trump label necktie or cologne you risk having a local new station parked out in your front yard as the current regime seeks to make an example out of you in an attempt to silence the rest.

The ball is in your court, America.


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    • TheWingless profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      I don't think these stories are anything new. I believe Trumps comments are causing the ones that have been buried to surface.

      In Oklahoma two weeks ago, there was a TV sports anchor who had been on the air for years was killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported three times. He was driving without a license, cocaine was found in his vehicle. He decided to make an illegal U-turn and collided with the TV personality who was on a motorcycle.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Quite accurate, Wingless. How ironic as well as tragic, isn't it...that the fatal shooting of an innocent female bystander by an immigrant felon occurred in California just days ago? Trumps words have been given some serious merit.

      Suddenly the Politicians have lit up the headlines of talk about KEEPING THE CRIMINALS OUT OF THE U.S !!

    • TheWingless profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      People can call him what they want but the media attacks, the misrepresentation of what he truly said followed by the lobbyist calling retailers and threatening to picket their Stores if they don't pull his merchandise is intimidation and not free speech.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      3 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Wingless......Yes, it's true. We've waited our entire adult lives for that one brave, bold mouthpiece to TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Of course I am thrilled about this....(not that I have any great love for Trump, but he's the guy we're discussing) Personally, I am a point-blank, painfully honest, Politically incorrect person myself. It takes HUTZPA! It is to be appreciated and admired.

      Unfortunately this gets no one elected. The best Trump can do during this campaign is wake up Americans and shake up the lying, conniving, dishonest thugs we call our leaders........This is good, but will not be enough to truly save us.

      This is merely my humble opinion, but every human being I speak to has much the same opinion, to include what has been exposed in the media.

      Time will tell. We can only know what we know about this very high profile man. What I know is that if by some incredible FLUKE, he takes the helm.....his "crew" will absolutely HAVE to be the most powerful, Educated, Intelligent, Courageous & Pro-active individuals on the planet.

      Thank you for your share.....UP+++ tweeted, pinned. Peace, Paula

      (Josak) Trump may or may not be a cretin.....I certainly would not defend him. However, I would not entirely underestimate him nor try to 2nd guess the public. Stranger things have been known to happen....right?

    • Josak profile image


      3 years ago from variable

      So when Trump uses his free speech to express his views that is great but when others use their free speech to call him the cretin that he is that is wrong? Tiny double standard there.

      Trump isn't honestly running for president, he has pulled this exact stunt before he just uses it to stay in the media because he loves attention and advertising his products, he will never be president and he knows it full well, unfortunately for him he said something dumb this time and it backfired.


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