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Donald Trump's Aggressive Foreign Message

Updated on April 22, 2017

Domestic Policy is Foreign Policy

From the instant his campaign started till the end, he preached strength; strength in himself, in the economy and most importantly America itself. But many of those who hadn't followed the news closely over the year and a half of campaigning, didn't catch on to how he was going to actually show strength. After all, he just vacated the seat of a reality TV show, where he became famous and made money by firing people. In that case, he only had strength in the words, "You're fired." But I question, is that any different from all the politicians who made a living out of public service? If we can even compare a career in reality TV and the position of commander in chief, what does that say about how much more Trump could offer if he ever did gain office?

  • On April 7th, President Donald Trump ordered a retaliation to the chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria; a rebel controlled territory with masses of innocent civilians and U.S. back troops. 59 tomahawk missiles were launch from a group of U.S. naval vessels, including the USS Porter, onto a Syrian airbase where it is believed the planes that dropped the chemical weapons originated from. With one fell swoop, 9 Syrian fighter jets, fuel and ammunition depots, a radar station, and a few more structures were utterly destroyed. 20% of Syria's air force capabilities was annihilated in just a few minutes.
  • On April 14th, President Donald Trump dropped a Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb on a tunnel and cave system that riddled a mountain side in remote Afghanistan. The tunnels were frequently used to supply, organize and transport ISIS troops. This was a prime target because the enemy was concentrated in one area and there were few civilians in the area. The 21,000 pound "Mother of All Bombs" as it is commonly called in the military, was the weapon of choice as it is the largest non-nuclear weapon in the United States arsenal. The bomb is not meant for ground penetration, but rather designed to use concussive air blast to collapse structure just like that in Afghanistan. 36 ISIS members were killed with no civilians harmed.

This decisive action could NOT be more effective. Here is why:

The missile strike not only showed the forceful and strong hand of the new president, but also that of America. It said that there will be no more appeasement on the behalf of war criminals who use illegal weapon on civilians. The quickness to act showed the well constructed and functional formation of Donald Trumps cabinet; to the dismay of senate democrats and liberals everywhere. In addition, rendered the tactics of the media establishment useless: their concocted story that Russia somehow has control over Trump and got him elected. Of course that was the effort that I and many others expected from the left in an attempt to delegitimize his presidency and to blame anything other than the truth that Hillary is a corrupt and controlled person who lacked a real message. The missiles that Trump ordered, hit Russia's primary ALLY, Syria. Now the democrats are saying that Trump is going to get us into World War 3, but if I may point out, how could the story previously been that the Russians controlled Trump to Russia is our mortal enemy and Trump is too much of a strong man. One only has to look about 3 feet in a pile of mud to see the real reflection of the democratic establishment. Last, with icing on the cake, literally, President Trump ordered the missile strike over dessert with the president of china: Xi Jinping. This display of quick action and military might will definitely leave an impression on him when considering trade deals with America in the future.

The strike on the Afghanistan ISIS encampment does nothing other than reaffirming the power and capability of America and Donald Trump. Only one week in between the two incidences clearly shows strength. The message Trump campaigned on for both domestic and foreign policy.

Video of Tomahawk Missile Strike


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