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Donald Trump's Election: Results and Explanations

Updated on April 11, 2018
President Donald Trump meeting with Former President Barack Obama in the White House.
President Donald Trump meeting with Former President Barack Obama in the White House. | Source

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was officially elected President of the United States. This, after beating his opponent, former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Now, almost a year into his presidency, the public's opinion of the newly elected president is mixed. To say the least. Some feel he is an excellent president in that he at least kept a majority of his campaign promises. For the people who disliked the election results, Donald Trump is someone who is an embodiment of unfitness. But before people decide whether or not Donald Trump should be impeached, voted-out, or serve an eight year term, it is important to examine some of the factors that contributed to Donald Trump being sworn into office. Or at least the methods that we know actually happened and helped Donald Trump become president.

Make America Great Again!

The America today is different from the America from back then. For one thing, Civil Rights has progressed to the point where segregation for certain facilities was abolished. But for all of the good certain changes to American society brought to the nation, most people would say that the America of today sucks in comparison to previous eras. A lot of people barely have money, not everybody can get a good paying job, jobs that used to be a source of wealth for the nation have been outsourced to other countries, and societal norms have begun to be re-evaluated in a more negative light. Donald Trump, being someone who has voiced great displeasure with many events in recent history, like the election of former President Barack Obama and the conduct of the Obama Administration, decided to run a campaign where he promised to make America go back to its previous levels of prosperity. Hence Make America Great Again.

As shown in this video, Make America Great Again is a very vague interpretation. Slavery. Native-American persecution. The idea of women suffrage being portrayed as blasphemous. America has had some problems along the way. But for the more prominent Trump supporter, Make America Great Again meant going back to the days were life in America was simpler. A time in America where was not filled with minorities who took away jobs from real Americans. A time where being a part of the LGBTQ+ community was kept secret. And, for some irony, An America where a woman could never become President.

Even other women did not want a woman president. A fact that may not be emphasized enough.
Even other women did not want a woman president. A fact that may not be emphasized enough. | Source

This stubborn obsession for America to go regress to an earlier decade in regards to its values was seen as something to be celebrated within the Trump Supporter community. An obsession that Donald Trump used to elevate himself to winning the Presidential race of 2016.

Beautiful, Clean Coal

Energy Sources have changed over the years. Solar Panels harness the energy of the Sun. Wind turbines harness the energy of the Wind. And new, better discoveries are being made to integrate all sorts of alternate energy sources for public use. Unfortunately, America had a problem in this regard. Coal. Because of innovation, a majority of the workers in the coal industry were in danger of losing their jobs. Some did. And while Hillary Clinton campaigned on the promise that the Coal Industry would be replaced by Alternate Energy Sources, Donald Trump campaigned on a different promise.

Hillary Clinton campaigned for change. Donald Trump campaigned for preservation. Hillary Clinton campaigned on the idea that coal should be phased-out due to being the least used source of energy. Donald Trump emphasized how coal workers would go back to work in the Coal Industry. Hillary Clinton might have sounded condescending about replacing coal as an energy source in Swing States. Donald Trump promised the preservation of the Coal Industry in America, won the presidency, and then proceeded to get rid of regulations that were made during the Obama Administration that were seen as detrimental to the Coal Industry. Speaking of Hillary Clinton......

Lock Her Up!

By now, people are aware of the Benghazi incident Hillary Clinton was involved in. Long story short, Americans were trapped in an American Embassy in Benghazi and were forced to fend for themselves, without American aid. Needless to say, people died. And as Secretary of State during the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton gained some notoriety from this mishap. Especially during the 2016 Election.

It may have been because of Benghazi. It may have been because of misogyny or misogynistic rhetoric. It may have been the public's distrust in the Washington D.C. Establishment as a whole. It may have also been the exaggeration of secretive motivations that fueled Hillary's desire for the presidency. It could have even been the narrative introduced near the end of the campaign that the Democratic Party stacked the vote against Bernie Sanders so that Hillary Clinton would unanimously win the Democratic vote. It could even be a combination of all of these reasons. But the fact still remains. Donald Trump's populist and Nationalistic rhetoric, combined with various reasons to distrust and dislike Hillary Clinton, made Donald Trump's presidency a plausible reality for a lot of people.

Clearly a meme that will go down in history. Maybe.
Clearly a meme that will go down in history. Maybe. | Source

What Comes Next

So now Donald Trump is President. Maybe for four years. Maybe for eight years. Maybe he will be impeached along the way. But Donald Trump did introduce an unorthodox aspect in appealing to people's insecurities about America to become the 45th President of the United States. And if he can succeed in this way, someone else can, too.


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