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Donald Trump's Fear of Knowledge

Updated on February 28, 2017

China has opened its doors to the embracement of global talent. Under the Trump administration, the stringent immigration policies have created an opportunity for China to leverage their economy at a more rapid pace than anticipated. China’s robust economy has turned the brain-drain into the brain-gain.

In the past, China has been plagued by brain-drain in the form of its brightest individuals in technology, science, and math leaving the nation to fulfill their dreams abroad. Most of these individuals go to developed nations rather than returning to China. China’s liberalization of policy regarding travel overseas led to an increase of talent going abroad. However, China is now establishing high per-capita income that increases an elevated amount of returnees.

The US government’s controversial position has discouraged the international community, but has presented an opportunity for China to recruit knowledgeable individuals from abroad.

Wang Huiyao of the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) indicated, “Trump’s Muslim ban has confirmed his attitude (toward immigrants), which has been received with great angst by the international community. The policy has caused a disturbance among immigrants in US, but it will be a good opportunity for China.”

The United States and China both suffer from an aging population, however the difference in polarity suggests that China has now become more open in terms of escalating their innovative capacity to work more efficiently and produce more for the world. The US has opted to take a pessimistic view regarding its quest for global talent. Their immigration policy is closing the gap of the sharing of new ideas and identification of innovative methods of thinking to calibrate innovation in making the economy more competitive.

When a society becomes more inward in its thinking, it may not be able to sustain scientific discoveries that the United States has been at the forefront for over the last century. In a knowledge-based economy, economic growth relies heavily on the importance of human capital. Immigration aims to increase this stock of brainpower, which the US has significantly restricted.

Imagine a room full of scientists. They will not necessarily stay in the same room in order to gain knowledge. They are free to take that knowledge and find kindred individuals that may not subscribe to the same logic that presupposes their scientific position in the world. The longer the scientists stay within the same confines of the room, the more likely that eventually like rats they will cannibalize their own logic rather than excelling their logic by migrating from the status quo.

The most effective design and implementation of knowledge is the travelling of intellectual knowledge that sustains the progressive nature of humans to master unknown worlds deemed of having potential to foster self-interests. The real goal for knowledge has always been based on the sustainability of providing a variety of routes to gather the brightest and most intelligent minds in uplifting the national character of a nation. Foreign specialists and professionals increase the productivity of a nation while simultaneously adding to their arsenal in the competitive battle for securing global innovators and thinkers in boosting domestic economic production.

The American Dream was never a closed door for international dreamers. The US reaped the benefits of immigrants by enjoying the dividends of the development of innovative technologies. According to a CCG report, a third of innovation patents granted in the United States are given to immigrants, while the nation itself attracts around 270,000 professional immigrants annually under their previously favorable immigration policies.

Trump has brought forth the narrowing of access to the US, and ultimately the narrowing of innovation. The traditional welcome is in the process of replacement after the Department of Homeland Security recognized the executive order from Trump. However, a plethora of federal judges across America stated that Trump’s ban was unconstitutional. The federal judges now have to make a stronger case whereby the knowledge-based American Dream is not dismantled as a result of recent flare-up of irrational ideals.

When a country fears people, they fear knowledge. The nation begins to turn inward and fears itself. That fear is taken as a tone for other nations to increase competition by attracting the best and brightest to move their nation forward.

American federal judges have their work cut out for them, it is work not based on fear, it is work based on America’s ingenuity to lead rather than crawling under a rock that offers a false sense of protection. American judges are not cowards; they will dominate the agenda for the American people, it’s their tradition.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      22 months ago from Florida

      I did not say that I agree with H1B, 2B, or any of the other visa programs.

      If they are replacing 'common' workers as they did for Disney and many other companies that were not on the cutting-edge of technological or medical research and development then you are entirely correct, those visas are only hurting American workers, wages, and the American economy.

      Our government has been hijacked by corporate leeches whose only concerns are for today's profits, most aren't even loyal to their corporation's long term goals... they are merely in it for the quick buck, or the few years that they plan on holding the position they are in.

      Sadly, all those who put their hopes and dreams into a certain political party or particular politician are clueless to the fact that it is the Banks and Corporations that control D.C. ... Trump may be the only person in our lifetimes to run for President that wasn't already bought and paid for, even if he owes someone(s), he has far more freedom from control (as he is already a billionaire) and owes far fewer people than any President since Ike + JFK.

    • Fiorenzo Arcadi profile imageAUTHOR

      Fiorenzo Arcadi 

      22 months ago from 1592 Bloor Street West

      The problem with H1B visa program, the law allows employers to hire foreign workers at less than market wages for jobs that could easily be filled by Americans. Most of the visa holders were Indian nationals. However, I would agree with your analysis.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      22 months ago from Florida

      Actually, one of the first meetings Trump had was with top performing IT corporate CEO and Owners, and one of the things they discussed was the importance of H1B (and other similar) visas and allowing for the continual flow of the best and brightest minds to come work here in America.

      This is an entirely separate issue from trying to stem the import of 'refugees' into the country as well as illegals who under Obama were encouraged to come into America, most of which receive welfare support as well as IRS kick-backs (money that wasn't even theirs).

      Your point that China is the #1 economy is valid, that they are now the #1 exporter, the #1 economic engine making the world go, and the #1 importer of the most elite minds... all of it is accurate, to the best of my knowledge, some of it has been that way for years now, while some of it is as recent as last year...

      But none of China's success has anything to do with Trump, his actions, or his rhetoric. Nothing changes that fast, 30 days out from the beginning of his term.


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