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North Korea Fears Trump's Mental State

Updated on October 17, 2017

Donald Trump’s approach to de-nuclearizing has adopted a more primitive realism as opposed to a pragmatic one and the rationalization of the perennial problem. Trump’s masculine toughness corresponds with Kim Jong-Un’s uncompromising position coupled with failed coercive diplomacy.

China and North Korea do share similar political systems and strategic regional interests. China condemns North Korea’s nuclear provocation; however North Korea’s identity may just have to do with their own principles and internal structure in solidifying security order. The order of territorial strategies developed by China has to do with economic means that offsets a nuclearized Japan.

Putin made it clear that North Korea will never give up nuclear weapons “even if they eat grass”. Nuclear capabilities in the Korean Peninsula deal with defensive and offensive weapon systems. Regional uncertainty also plays a role as it blocks the restoration of the balance of power. The mathematical equation started with Donald Trump himself as he stated, “No problem with Japan and South Korea having nukes, at some point we have to say, you know what, we’re better off if Japan protects itself against this maniac in North Korea.”

Trump denied the international community and its allies to restrain North Korea’s nuclear ambition simply because the allies are unable to determine the inner-circle and political decisions that come out of Pyongyang. The systematic problem is therefore the hypocrisy in denying the rights of regional countries in the Asia Pacific region to bear nuclear weapons.

If Trump’s rational behavior relies on respect then his approach has changed with his words and has now become a primary driver for state nations to seek nuclear weapons to assert their identity. The nations that have achieved nuclear capabilities rely on those assets to not only bargain with their security, but to bolster their strength economically.

If the United States wants to revitalize its power then the normative stance for countries is to shift their relations to an internal and external security environment. Trump feels that he’s running America similarly to the way he runs his own corporate environment. He can fire the individuals he doesn’t like, but the distain in bureaucracy will move his agenda at a snail pace.

Japan’s constitutional entitlement is to possess nuclear weapons for the purpose of self-defense. As long as Japan can rely on the United States’ nuclear umbrella, the equilibrium and structural order is maintained. Japan has enough plutonium to produce hundreds if not thousands of warheads. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, stated, “The constitution does not ban from acquiring nuclear weapons if they’re allowed as tactical weapons.”

Amid rising tension, United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson indicated, “The diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops.” That means America’s stable dimension of national power has aligned itself with Trump’s stewardship and his inability to subdue the enemy. The North Korean regime does play tricks with Trump’s mind; they attack his masculinity which makes his decisions more erratic and reckless. This may have had to do with Tillerson’s sharp statement. After all, Sun Tzu, author of “The Art of War”, made it known that it’s important “to break the enemy’s resistance without fighting”.

Operations of the US military allow North Korea to view and observe the United States at their doorstep. Rex Tillerson’s diplomacy should involve Russia rather than having Russia at arm’s length in order for America to gain a better understanding of the rogue nation of North Korea. Russian geopolitical analysts are the most knowledgeable and informed reporters of unfolding worldwide events shaped behind the secrecy of closed doors.

If the most important aspect is the inner-circle and North Korea’s political development, then it’s quite obvious that the nation wants to leverage their domestic assets for economic gain and to avoid the humiliation of punishment. North Korea has little economic prosperity towards its people. Their only hope is to throw military means and nuclear escalation as source of strength to undermine their weakness.

Now Trump is getting a little erratic. On October 17, 2017 he threatened John McCain after the Arizona Republican finished a speech of the repudiation of Trump. Trump stated, “Be careful, because at some point I will fight back.” I think Trump is being pushed over the edge and the reason why is because even Russian military think-tanks are giving us the likely scenario of what would happen.

Russian-based Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported that amid North Korean threats, Seoul was preparing to use a graphite bomb against their Korean counterparts. Furthermore, military expert Vladimir Yevseyev communicated that Washington does not intend on holding consultations with allies if it ended up proceeding with a decision to deliver a “disarming strike.” He continued that Japan and South Korea would most likely not be notified of such an attack, he noted, “Such a strike would be carried out against detected targets with the goal of destroying the missile and nuclear structure, including ballistic missile bases, as well as dismantling airfields, command posts and naval bases.”

This would result in a non-nuclear strike relying on the force of Tomahawk cruise missiles. Yevseyev indicated, “A response would be an artillery strike of Seoul, that means launching ballistic missiles into South Korean territory. Possibly, a strike would also be carried out against Guam. If North Korea has wrapped up its work on the Hwasong-14 missile, a strike against Honolulu is possible.”

Therefore, the Russian analyst has notified that the stage of a non-nuclear standoff is most imminent. However, if the existence of North Korean leadership is jeopardized, Pyongyang would be in a prime position of utilizing nuclear weapons. “This is the most severe scenario. South Korea would be the most affected side. It would experience the most significant damage, Seoul would be hardest hit”, the analyst indicated.

In war, no one wants to die like a dog. Kim Jong-Un has a low threshold of pain. As a spoiled nutcase, he can see what happened to Saddam Hussein. Donald Trump is a spoiled nutcase and can not allow his masculinity to interfere with 25 years of unworkable diplomacy with North Korea. The Russians picked up Trump’s mental equation with America’s military might. The Korean generals fear Trump and his mental state. Maybe the last straw is for these Korean generals to do the unthinkable, it is a game of first-strike and if it’s on the inner-circle, they may just survive.

I'd like to thank Michael Ambrozewicz for his contributions to this article.


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    • profile image

      Ulrich Johnson 

      17 months ago

      The Problem as I see it is that the current American President is running State Affairs like a CEO of a personalised Company, where it;s his way or nothing.

      International Public Affairs call for wide consultation,serious diplomacy and persuasive engagement, which qualities seem to be absent with the President of the United States.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      17 months ago from > California

      Observing his "Abhorrently Erratic & Disgraceful Public Behavior" & Proclivity toward Dishonesty & Corruption, everyone including congress knew he couldn't possibly win the General Election and if not for RUSSIAN Intervention in the form of 3,000 "Pro-Trump Facebook" ads which according to recent reports are now being TRACED back to the Kremlin, and Penetration of OUR Voting Machines as reported in several states including "KEY Swing States", it's quite conceivable he would have been DESTROYED Handily ~

      Even with all this Unlawful Foreign Assistance from OUR Arch-Enemy which includes ESPIONAGE in which Mr. Trump actually "Encouraged & Condoned" on public televison, he still lost the VOTE Dramatically by roughly 3 MILLION or perhaps even more ~

      In conclusion, all the evidence points toward the fact that he was "Embedded" by Vladimir Putin for several reasons and now CONGRESS dealing with the reality of a Dangerously UNHINGED 71 Year Delusional Man Roaming the Halls, must Act to Systematically Dismantle his EVIL Regime which is Severely Degrading the USA, her Working Class, Children & Senior Citizens not to mention his Maniacal, Self Gratifying Provocation of "Nuclear WAR" with Kim Jung Un which could lead to Global CATASTROPHE ~ "Time is or the ESSENCE" ~

      We are a nation of laws, and if they are still intact, we should see Mr. Trump stand trial for "Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering, Abuse of POWER, Collusion, Conspiracy, Constitutional Violations and possibly even TREASON etc ~ It's always a MIGHTY Struggle, but "Good always Defeats Evil" in the END & He should face justice if of course he's not REMOVED from OUR White House sooner for his Severe Mental ILLNESS which many Psychiatrists say is Debilitating & an X-Treme Danger to the WORLD ~

      Gregg Popovich, a U.S. Military Veteran & Head Coach of the San Antonio SPURS recently described Mr. Trump as a "SOULLESS Coward"

    • Fiorenzo Arcadi profile imageAUTHOR

      Fiorenzo Arcadi 

      17 months ago from 1592 Bloor Street West

      Tim is correct; Trump's verbal aggressiveness, history of sexual assault, incitement of violence at his rallies, attraction to violence and powerful weapons, provocation of hostile nations. Trump is cornered, and he will fight back.

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      17 months ago from U.S.A.

      I've seen senators planning to pass a bill prohibiting Mr. Trump from launching a first nuclear strike on NK. Why hasn't anyone seen this man's mental state before now? I'm certain, as he said, if he is cornered he will "fight back."

      Hypothetical: What happens when they find evidence linking him to some crime? DJT's thinking, I'm certain of it, "If I burn, the rest of you will, too."

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      17 months ago from > California

      Mr. Trump is a Complete FAILURE Dealing with Congress primarily due to the FACT that his Unlawful, X-Treme Right Wing AGENDA which Vladimir Putin I'm confident is Pushing Maniacally behind the scenes, is Unacceptable to a HANDFUL of Rational Republicans with a conscience such as War Hero John McCain, Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski ~

      "Deranged Donald" apparently finds the Abominable Act of SABOTAGING HealthCARE ACCEPTABLE and actually expressed eager intent to sign legislation that would have Terminated Health Insurance for 20 to 30 Million Americans according to the CBO ~ This is who AMERICANs are dealing with & struggling with Daily ~ Nothing less than INSANITY ~ Thank GOD the "Forces of GOOD" in the Senate Prevailed over his EVIL Intent ~

      Now, we're waiting and praying that a Federal Judge will REVERSE his Latest Unusually "CRUEL & Criminal" Exec Order which will Terminate HealthCARE Subsidies for Millions who need Medical CARE, all in the Corrupt Name of transferring our money over to Steve Mnuchin TYPEs & Wall Street ~ ABOMINABLE ~

      If Mr. Trump is taking advantage of SUSCEPTIBLE Senior Citizens like he apparently did at his "Trump University" as reported by several sources, he's a fantastic deal maker, but he's in way over his head on the "GLOBAL Scene" as expected with Kim Jung Un making him look like the FOOL ~

      The Good News? Republican Senators are Finally Expressing DEEP Concern about Mr. Trump's "Psychological Condition" which the world can clearly see via public observation, is Severely COMPROMISED ~ Let's Pray they take action to EXPEL him before he "PRODs" Kim Jung Un into a "FIRST Strike Catastrophe" ~

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      17 months ago from U.S.A.

      Nor can we afford looking over the fact that DJT sold the American people on the idea that he was a deal maker - (he cannot as of yet, work with the Congress held by his party for legislation, he targets and attacks anyone who has a criticism of him, etc.) - which deal did he mean?

      FDR gave us the New Deal, DJT may be dealing from the bottom of the deck. Nuclear war will take down a full house any day, and we will not get another hand.

    • srsddn profile image


      17 months ago from Dehra Dun, India

      Very well analysed, Fiorenzo. Let us only hope it remains confined to posturing only. The world cannot afford another nuclear war.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      17 months ago from > California

      Unfortunately, Kim Jung Un is "TOYING" with "Deranged Donald" in a Maniacal Game of "CHICKEN" involving Nuclear WAR-Heads ~ Kim is BAITING Donald & Donald is MORE than "DUMB, Ignorant & Mentally Unstable" enough to take said BAIT ~ This back and forth is nothing less than INSANITY which will eventually result in CATASTROPHE if not STOPPED and of course it's one primary reason WHY this Psychopath needs to be REMOVED from OUR White House ASAP ~

      According to Court Docs, Mr. Trump is ACCUSTOMED to "Manipulating, Conning & SWINDLING" Susceptible Elderly Individuals and the Un-Educated, just re-visit "Trump University", he has NEVER delt with World LEADERs of this Calibur ~ He's absolutely a "DANGER to the World", just look at his Radical ATTEMPTs to Sabotage & Undermine HealthCARE right here in the USA ~ I*N*S*A*N*I*T*Y ~

    • profile image

      Martin Cooper. 

      17 months ago

      Trump did not start this. He is stating what could happen if North Korea attacks the U.S of A.

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      17 months ago from U.S.A.

      Excellent article. DJT's mental state is also questioned by his own party and average Americans. It's interesting you mentioned we should communicate with the Russians on this topic - I completely agree. We can't tackle this alone. Nuclear war would impact the entirety of humanity. It's everybody's problem.

      Giving spoiled brats the ability to spoil all of our fun makes us aweful parents (to use an analogy.)


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