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Donald Trump's Stance Against Huawei Is Surprisingly Historic and Right!!!

Updated on June 5, 2019
Abdullah Askari profile image

I am a chemical engineer and following current and foreign affairs since childhood.Learnt a lot about cold war and following the coming one.

Trump: ‘No problem’ with UK over Huawei 5G debate
Trump: ‘No problem’ with UK over Huawei 5G debate | Source

Trump Finally Doing Some Virtue

You don’t listen this too often that trump has taken some good step because he don’t seem like a guy who intend to do so. He always want to be victorious in everything and left no stone unturned although it mostly ends in embarrassment because running America is responsibility not a contest. But in recent trade war with China and more specifically the conflict with Huawei he acted very sensible with a very good vision and strategy. This might be because he is not on the far side of this but American Think Tanks but that’s not our discussion. At least for me everyone is saying that America is culprit here and as china is progressing in technology and 5G will be a big boost for Chinese economy plus china might dominate the future of internet and America is bit behind on their 5G so they are pulling china back to buy their own developers some time. But reality is quite different. China is dominating a lot of economic sectors for over a decade now why America hasn’t done anything like banning the one of the biggest company in the world before? Why America is acting so strangely this time? Even though they knew that china can target American goods especially Apple products and this will be very fatal for economy. I can assure you guy’s one thing and then I will come to the topic that if Obama was the president of USA right know he would have done the same.

Huawei's Suspicious History in US

A lot of you guys may know that this is not spur of the moment thing America is tracking Huawei for couple of years. Those who don’t know I should tell them it really started in 2010 when U.S. intelligence officials began warning agencies, and then private companies, of what it said were clear-cut cases of the company serving as a proxy for espionage conducted by the Chinese government, according to CNBC. In 2012 American Intelligence released a report citing that Huawei has failed to explain their connection with china and firm’s decision making process (is it dependent or independent). As a result US government was banned to use any equipment from Huawei and another Chinese company ZTE in any official business, according to CNBC. Finally America come to the final blow when one of the Huawei executive Meng Wangzou was arrested in Canada. Charges were Business with Iran despite sanctions, theft of technology (few years ago America had arrested former Motorola employ smuggling technology to China) and bank fraud. Well America built there case here and then go to the charges on Huawei of spying through their phones.

America Should Not Trust Huawei with 5G, Why?

America’s main concern about Huawei is that like all other Chinese companies working under Chinese government and cannot be trusted with the information in their phones. As we have stated earlier that they refused to give their decision making process either it is dependent on Chinese government or not. And these concerns deepens when china move to the first provider of 5G in the world. According to experts they will have monopoly in 5G for couple of years. How many people were using Huawei phones? It is about 19%. So if china want to spy he can spy on 19% people and damage can be reduced by banning there phones in concerned areas and departments as Trump did. Problem is with 5G they would be able to control the whole internet traffic I mean whole! 100% of it. Isn’t it terrifying all of our data going through Chinese company servers and they can do whatever they want with it as they don’t come under your jurisdiction. Interestingly and a lot of people are pointing this out that this is happening for decades with America controlling the data so what’s the problem. Well problem is China. Some of you might have gotten my point. Japan, South Korea could have this advantage over America and I am sure America would not have any problem with that because it is not about economy not about privacy. America is a democratic country same is the case with other big countries like Japan, India and whole Europe. So if there government do something like that (and up till now they can) they are answerable to their people and laws. Or simply there is a check and balance (least you can do). They cannot do this on mass scale or I should say in a systematic way. They can spy on some individual and can take some actions. But what’s terrifying is what Russia has done with America. Allegedly they have just data from sites like Facebook and dictate the whole election. What if they had excess to whole internet data of world? They can drive us to next nuclear World war etc. Interesting thing is this was done by Russia which is country like China, full dictatorship. China is even worst then completely isolated, nothing comes out of that country. Imagine a communist country having full excess to everybody’s information with no check and balance. I don’t think I have to explain this. You might be thinking that banning was not the only option, you are right and America is moving toward final option but they want to play on their own terms.

America Will Lift the Ban From China but....!!!

I can tell you right now that America don’t want to ban Huawei either because it will affect their exports to China too. They just want Huawei to act under American or European restrictions (you will see in the coming days). If they have access to all that data then there should be some third party and government supervision on it. They cannot let Huawei to have the full control because this would be giving control the China of your privacy. And interestingly Huawei would have to do this and from that point onward china will be following Nations rules in which they are doing business and Chinese government control will be reduced. Huawei will be like all other normal companies. That’s what going to be America’s first major victory over China as they have anticipated it at the right time have played there first card perfectly.

So if America (biggest market of the world) and Europe bans Huawei 5G what lefts will be countries who cannot afford 5G. 5G is trillion dollar project and European and American Markets are key for its success they are going to dictate china this time. China can’t let their decade long hard work to go into waste (because this is difference between Russia and China). They are left with one option which is to negotiate with the world. To follow the American rules in which Richard Nixon have to resign when he violate privacy laws. So trade war will go on because it’s inevitable but ban will be lifted from Huawei but on the expense of their control on data.

Every country has this unimaginable control our data but they have their judiciary and media to prevent them from misuse but china was an exception I think this an historic and visionary anticipation by America which needs to be praised by everyone because that’s not trump vs Huawei its China (communism) vs world.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2019 Abdullah Askari


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