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Donald Trump's Greatest Enemies Are in His Own Party

Updated on March 30, 2017
DICESI profile image

We are part of the Resistance. We focus on issues based on Donald Trump and the United States foreign and domestic policy.

The GOP tested Trump and they won. The infighting just started.
The GOP tested Trump and they won. The infighting just started.

Not Politics as usual

Donald Trump is realizing who his true enemies are in Washington. In a normal political environment it would be a battle between GOP (Grand Old Party, i.e. Republicans) and the Democrats over trivial issues, sometimes policy, but never anything encouraging real change. However, ever since the rise of Donald Trump party lines have been blurred. With opposition to his presidency and his presidential decisions, it is no longer a battle fought by party lines. Both Democrat and Republican leaders and constituents do not like Trump.

The GOP do not like the fact that he cannot be controlled by them. They wanted a rubber stamping President who was disengaged from governance while they strip rights away from average Americans. While Trump has no idea what he's doing and refuses to realize he's inept at governing, still GOP didn't get a rubber stamping President. Instead, they got a President who attempted to bully some GOP members into voting for a bill against their better judgment. The bill failed to come to a vote and it is evident that Trump is enraged with his own party. Since that day Trump has tweeted about the House Freedom Caucus and his anger with them. He's carefully crafting his tweets but it's apparent he's trying to send them a message. He's throwing hints out that he wants to work with Democrats on fixing Obamacare (ACA), but he's not discussing working with the GOP again. While Trump's subliminal messages are very easy to decode, it's obvious he thinks that sending these tweets can be open to interpretation if they backfire later. But what Trump is saying about working with Democrats is going to offend and enrage the GOP and that was Trump's intent. He knows that his biggest resistance is in his own party.

GOP is not backing down

Despite the overwhelming power the GOP has right now, Trump is so reckless that he doesn't realize that the GOP could take him down tomorrow in response to his empty threats. However, Trump, in an attempt to bribe his own party, believes that GOP will be so afraid that he'll work with the Democrats that they'll do what he tells them to do from now on. GOP aren't stupid, they know that Trump getting Democrats to work with him is a nonstarter. Democrats know it's political suicide to work with Donald Trump in any way. Therefore, attempting to control the GOP and beat them into submission would require Trump to have an actual viable alternative to rejecting them - he simply doesn't. However, sooner or later those idle and veiled threats will become tiresome. The GOP tested Trump's negotiation skills with AHCA and refused to back down. Imagine what they will do if he actually tries to work with the Democrats?

Trump started his campaign insulting every person in Congress as stupid people. He's undermined their authority by going after them when they dare to cross him. He's not a true conservative or Republican, he has no core political convictions. He will be a member of any party that's most advantageous to him. He even acknowledged that in a Republican debate. The truth is, Conservatives wanted an ideologue and Republicans want a corporatist. Trump may be for big business, but he isn't "big business" nor is he an ideologue. The Republicans know it and have known it. That is why many of them publicly attacked him during the campaign season.

Your conduct, sir, is the distraction. It’s the distraction from the very principles that will help us win in November. You yourself, sir, Mr. Trump, have stated repeatedly that the goal, the objective, has got to be to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Trump, I respectfully ask you, with all due respect to step aside. Step down. Allow someone else to carry the banner of these p

— Mike Lee-10-2016
Trump is not the great negotiator.  He's not even a great tactician.
Trump is not the great negotiator. He's not even a great tactician.

“I’m gonna tell you what I really think of Donald Trump: This man is a pathological liar. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth, and in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook, his response is to accuse everybody else of lying.”

— Ted Cruz 5-2016

Rand Paul Eviscerates Trump - 2015

I’m out. I can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president. It is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine

— Jason Chaffetz -10-2016

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Trump's Real Enemies are the GOP

The above quotes are just a preview of the statements the GOP have made over time about Trump. People don't make the kinds of statements they made about Trump, repeatedly, unless they meant it. Nothing about Trump has changed or showed contrition that would warrant the sudden switch by all of them. They did not just magically grow to like him; no, they feared him because they thought his base would end their careers if he tweeted about them. They are sitting patiently taking small opportunities to challenge him. His true enemies are not the Democrats, even though I am certain they genuinely despise him. His true enemies are his own party. A party that despises him, but are, for now, afraid to aggressively challenge him because of his fierce supporters.

The Trumpcare vote symbolized the beginning of the end for the GOP and Trump's short alliance. The D.C. establishment is a secret club where only those who are corrupt, dishonest, manipulative, shrewd, unwavering intellectuals can thrive. Trump does not fit into that club only because he's anti-intellectual. He's not mature enough for their liking; he's not a snobbish political elite; he's not a sophisticated guy. He has done serious damage to the GOP and our country as a whole and has been immune from consequences because GOP thought they had a useful idiot. They thought Trump could help them get bills passed that would usually result in a stall. The Freedom Caucus has always been difficult, but they thought Trump was the best negotiator who could get the Freedom Caucus to capitulate. However, the Freedom Caucus exposed Trump as incapable of negotiating a deal he claimed only he could accomplish. Now that his signature legislation was defeated he has been rendered virtually useless to the GOP. He has no value to them if he cannot negotiate a GOP agenda. Now that he has no value to offer them it is almost certain that they are the biggest danger to him.

One of the biggest anti-Trump GOP members.
One of the biggest anti-Trump GOP members.

Trump Miscalculation could lead to demise

Trump is not completely naive. He is aware that his greatest defeat came from his own party. It wasn't just a small defeat too; it was public and on Healthcare - something he promised to repeal and replace quickly. He has been chastising the Freedom Caucus since the defeat, which they relish and anticipated. He believes that by stating he will work with Democrats, he can box the Freedom Caucus in; that is a huge miscalculation. The Freedom Caucus did not defy Trump because they were too gullible to recognize the potential consequences. They defied him knowing the consequences could be a backlash from Trump fanatic supporters. They used the AHCA bill as a way to distinguish themselves from Trump. They needed to show their constituents and the public at large that they were not puppets for Trump.

Trump is not used to being challenged without the person or persons facing harsh consequences. The Freedom Caucus actually hasn't received any backlash; contrarily they have become emboldened and hailed as heroes. They continue to stand up and fight back against Trump's comments and tweets condemning them. They do not seem like people who are willing to continue to be abused by Trump. They exposed him as incapable of living up to his campaign promises. They stole some of his political capital. They caused him to lose support amongst some of his supporters. They have done him the most damage by far, not Democrats.

The next battle Trump has is on Tax reform and if you think the Freedom Caucus was a thorn for Trump before, just watch them on tax reform. Trump threatening these members is literally political suicide. They will make Trump's time in Washington a complete nightmare without Democrats even having to lift a finger. Trump's true enemies are in his own party and if he doesn't figure out how to make them friends, they will destroy him!

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UPDATE 3-30-17

Since drafting this article, Donald Trump attacked the House Freedom Caucus, by way of a tweet, today (see the link below), again. Members of the House Freedom Caucus responded and called Trump a member of the Swamp (i.e. Republican and Democrat Establishment) and told him he needs to know who his true friends are - OUCH!. It is obvious that the tension between Trump and GOP is mounting. Trump does not realize that the GOP has more power, collectively, than he does. If he continues to chastise them then he will deal with consequences. The GOP are who Trump should fear.

We will keep writing on this topic.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      20 months ago from USA

      I agree that attacking the Freedom Caucus is not a smart move. I have a feeling he's met his match when it comes to people with long memories and lack of forgiveness. You don't cross some people. I will enjoy watching the show.

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      Who did not see this 3 ring circus coming? Decades a go, Why would anyone not a millionaire trust one? Three years ago Trump is running for election, your kidding the self loathing narcisist on the apprentice and grand puba of trump university. The election, every lie and ethical and moral standard was broken and still no red flags went up. Now you got what he sold you and you think we are better off? You really have to avoid reality and truth or just be stupid to keep believe this is going to work. This is what a weak dictatorship looks like. We are being governed by the sadest leaders ever elected and a list of criminals who avoid anything legal but pick what they are allowed to touch to make things worst.

    • DICESI profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from New York

      Yep! Did you see today he went after the Freedom Caucus? He doe snot know his limitations. He thinks this charade can last forever, but going after the Freedom Caucus is a huge mistake.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      20 months ago from USA

      It's better late than never. They should've shut this turd down long ago when he first announced for President. Or during the debates. Or when he was lying in the campaign. Now they see the emperor has no clothes and is as scared as he was trying to make others feel. It will be fun to watch him spend what should be his retirement years in sheer misery.

    • DICESI profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from New York

      I think many of us are very concerned about Trump presidency. I started writing about Trump because I felt that it was imperative that I do my part to expose him. I hope the GOP continue to oppose him at least until midterms. His policies will have damaging effects. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      I agree with you. I think the GOP doesn't have a need for Trump now that he can't do anything. He shouldn't have threatened the Caucus either because it's obvious they are mad. I really hope they stop him soon, I'm scared every day about what this man can do to this country.


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